Monday, March 31, 2008


ok u must be thinking i'm insane naming this post after renu.. but seriously da whole thing is gonna be about her oni.. cuz she seriously kena frm me today.. hahaha.. sorry dear renu but i gotta let da world noe.. firstly was wit reen.. reen kept doing sum "errrrrrrr" sound.. den renu asked reen to do it to me because i miss da sound.. frm where renu got dat line i dunno cuz i DID NOT say that.. haha.. anyway i say i dun miss da "errrrr" sound cuz i miss da intellectual conversations dat i hv wit reen.. den i said oni renu misses da "errrrr" sound cuz she's unable to hv any other conversations wit reen.. because her low intellectual level does not allow it.. hahaha!! den da next incident was after sch during lunch.. we(phoeb, naim, reen, wei, renu n i) wen oldtown for lunch.. den renu ordered tuna toast noe.. cuz she say she ate rice dat morning n kinda full.. den wen da food came, renu took phoeb's nasi ayam rendang.. n she say they give kurang edi.. until i told renu she din order rice den she wen "oh ya oh ya, sorry phoeb".. haha.. den after dat still got u noe.. her tuna toast came n she started eating.. den she muttered sumthing to reen.. i assumed she was complaining dat they put too much vegetables in da toast.. cuz i heard too much celery.. obviously, i wondered y is there celery in da toast.. so i asked.. n den renu said "no, not celery.. salad leaf".. HAHAHAHAHA!!! den phoeb gently pointed out dat it's called "lettuce".. so obviously we made fun of her da whole time.. even during chem tuition.. n our teacher oso laughed at her.. n jack her.. haha.. poor renu.. so dis is y my entire post is titled renu!! haha.. a msg to renu: i still love u.. haha..

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

very first post!!

omg, my very 1st post on ma new blog.. was using friendster's blog b4 dis.. well anyways, allow me to enlighten u on da name of my blog.. infinite laughter n craziness.. haha.. well, it's simple, really.. cuz that just simply reflects me..i'm a girl who just laughs n laughs n laughs.. n that leads to craziness.. haha..well neway, today was da day my dear seniors took their spm results.. congrats to all u wonderful over-achievers.. haha.. looking at them makes me feel really scared.. cant imagine myself taking MY spm results next yr.. gotta study.. must must must gonna make it a point... haha..well, it's hols now.. but it doesnt feel lk it.. i've been sooo busy wit debate.. districts is on tues.. in bout 5 days time.. i've been busy wit volleyball too.. sumtimes i wonder y do i get myself involved in so many things?? haha.. i dunno la.. maybe cuz im crazy.. hahaha.. well, life in form 5 is no fun at all.. it's all work n no play according to teachers.. homework piling up lk crazy.. sumtimes i really do hate my life.. there is not 1 moment where i can just sit there n do nothing.. my brains just hv to go on thinking.. bout lots of unnecessary emo stuff.. now for example.. suppose to be doing debate research.. instead, im doing more thinking..hv u ever lost someone n u cannot get over it?? im not talking bout da dying sense, more lk wen a person u really noe suddenly changes..sometimes things lk dat hits u so bad, it's difficult to forget it.. part of me is always always wishing he'll change back n i'll get da old him back.. glimpses of da old him come n go, n leave me wit broken hopes.. anyways, moving on.. jealousy.. big big word.. exactly wat im feeling now..i dunno wat prompted dis jealousy la.. first thing is im sooo jealous of those ppl who hv time to enjoy their hols properly.. who can sit down do nth.. sigh.. i wan dat too evry once in a while.. im tired of runnin up n down frm here to there going back n forth.. next, im jealous of those ppl who hv dat special someone who's there for them.. to hv someone who'll help u, talk to u, be there 4 u.. haih.. anger.. another 1 of da 7 deadly sins.. another 1 which im feeling now oso.. im sooo angry at those idiots who lie to me.. wen i ask, just gimme da truth.. i can handle it.. way better den i handle yr lies.. u noe who u r.. i still think u're lying to me.. not 1 of u but both of u.. plus, im oso angry.. cuz i realise im losing a lot of ppl to a lot of other ppl.. dun get me wrong i dun mean dis da wrong way.. but just dat, i feel it's unfair.. ppl whom i care bout go off 1 by 1.. maybe im meant to be a nun.. haha.. oh well, it's a really long post.. n i think i should stop.. so.. till da next time.. tata!! ~manda~