Wednesday, April 23, 2008

stress, disappointment, anger and frustration...

this is really amazing cuz so far i have NEVER updated my blog 2 days in a row.. but desperate times call for desperate measures.. today was not a very good day la.. it was so bad till i cried.. lol.. haven done dat in a while.. i know i can laugh bout it now, but wen i was in sch today, i was so angry n all.. just felt so upset bout everything dat has happened..
firstly, we just got our debate topics ystd.. n we found out dat all other schs got it almost 3 weeks ago.. amazing huh??it's so super unfair.. now we're lk at a severe disadvantage.. n i blame this all on our "AMAZING" PPD... every other PPD made sure their sch get da topics early so they can prepare.. but NOOOOO.. our PPD couldn't care less and i quote teacher, "we're treated lk 3rd class citizens here".. Best thing is, they wanted us to go at least to quarter finals.. but they dun provide coaches, dun give us da topics earlier.. super sucky la they all.. ish.. no9w they will not even provide us with accommodation.. they wan us to leave kjg at 5am on da day of da competition.. i'm not kidding you.. 5 bloody AM!!! something is seriously wrong wit them la.. brain damaged ppl.. After hearing all dis frm teacher, i feel really bad dat i pushed so hard for us to go to states.. I never realised she has to go through so much just to bring us there.. so i kinda feel guilty and bad bout it.. da way she spoke today, it showed dat she truly is under a lot of pressure n dat she has a lot to do.. In addition to all dis, there r ppl who just pissed me off today.. their inconsiderateness, their selfishnessness and two faced lying character.. it's so difficult to deal with da fact cuz those ppl happen to be frens.. so obviously, i got extremely hurt n upset.. with all da other things going on, i broke down n cried la.. it seemed lk da whole world was going against me.. n it's a very difficult thing to deal with at trying times lk this.. So ya da whole purpose of dis post is just for me to release my anger.. cuz at times it gets really difficult bottling everything up inside.. and i have been tahaning lotsa stuff for quite sum time edi.. so it felt good to let it go la after so long.. neway, im feeling much better now n dis really helps.. so will be back soon la.. on sumthing less emo.. lol.. take care..

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

randomness because of boredness...

I honestly dunno wat i'm doing here.. I dun hv anything to blog bout.. lol.. except maybe ystd's crazy lunch outing!! da we in ystd's lunch outing was wei, harvinth, esther, anne, phoeb, chris and me!! we wen n eat trans fat again, as usual.. dat's seems to be our destination every mon.. haha.. well, da laughter started wen harvinth n I spotted wei's angry writing on her screwed up day on da 14th of april.. then we read la.. n while we were reading, i dunno why harvinth n i found everything really funny, so we laughed.. which prompted wei to say to me "i dunno wat u all find so funny, it's not meant to be funny.. i was pissed wen i wrote dat".. but anywayz, harvinth n i kept bursting into fits of laughter.. then at 1 point, harvinth snatched da whole book frm me n refused to lemme read.. n guess wat's his explanation?? "U read too fast edi la, u laugh edi i haven read finish oso.." OBVIOUSLY, dat caused da entire table to erupt into fits of laughter la.. den wei proceeded to saying "ya manda, u read finish 3rd line he's still stuck at the 3rd word".. den after dat i had to struggle to persuade harvinth to lemme read da book oso.. den had to promise not to read so fast oso.. sigh.. haha.. den sumwhere in wei's book there was sumthing bout RO.. n obviously i asked la who izzit.. den chris answered "izzit R--- O-----?"den i told harvinth n he screamaed it at the top of his lungs for da whole of mcd to hear.. n we erupted into buckets of laughter again.. da icing on da cake was while we were still laughing, chris asked "so who exactly is RO?" which almost made me die again.. stomach was so super full and yet had to endure da never ending laughter.. haha.. i mean it la seriously, everytime we go out, it is impossible for us to not laugh.. haha.. it has become lk a never ending daily routine.. which is indeed good la cuz we can release stress.. lol.. anyway, i know dis is so long overdued, but i just wanna officially announce dat phoeb, lene, wei n me won da singing comp.. da solo wan was won by eunice.. comp was supposed to be today, but postponed to june... dunno wen yet but i'll keep u all posted..neway, i guess dat's it for dis post.. haha.. so will be here soon, i hope.. tata n take care.. lotsa love manda

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

kim in our dreams(imagination running wild)...

hey, every1.. im here again to update dis lil page of mine.. once again, it's kim who prompted me to do so.. after her dead fish incident, now it's her refusal to sing dat started da story.. i decided dat u all deserve to know wat happened.. so here goes nothing!! we(chong, kim, wei, phoeb and me) wen n eat trans fat for lunch today.. ( meaning mcd cuz da fries are trans fat!!)lol.. so wen we were eating, wei, phoeb n i offered kim a triple scoop frm baskin robbins if kim will sing a duet with chong for tmr's singing comp.. sadly, kim ABSOLUTELY refused..she claims dat she'll sing for us; in our dreams.. so frm there we started imagining kim singing in diff scenes.. SCENE 1 Kim dressed in tight leather pants, complete with a corset top, holding a whip.. singing da famous pcd song "don't cha" kim: don't cha wish your girl friend was hot lk me.. AHHHH..(Cracks her whip) (we burst into hysterics after imagining this) SCENE 2 Kim with long blond hair in 2 pig tails, wearing a short cheer leader skirt with PINK poms poms.. singing now gwen stefani's "hollaback girl!" kim: it's bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!( Waves her PINK poms poms) (we clutch our full, full stomachs and could barely contain ourselves wit laughter) There are a few more scenes but i dun wanna bore u half to death.. to cut a long story short, we ended da day imagining kim with.......(drumroll)...... 1stly: jlo's BUTT!! 2ndly: pamela anderson's BOOBS!! 3rdly: angelina jolie's LIPS!! (i'm talking bout da real angelina jolie, not kim's still surviving fish) 4thly: gisele bundchan's long, long, long LEGS!! and dat ladies n gentlemen, was enough to make us laugh for a good half an hour.. cuz kim is so NOT lk dat.. haha.. well, imagining can be fun.. can't wait for our next victim.. kim suggested esther.. (hmmm... stares into space n ponders) n oh yea.. singing comp tmr.. phoeb, lene, wei n i are entering as a grour.. eunice, chong, n qian peng singing solo.. pray our group will win!!(fingers crossed) to others taking part, good luck.. to my fellow group singers.. we're so gonna sing our hearts out, rock da stage n hv fun!! i'll keep u guys updated on da results.. n oso if we imagine more stuff.. haha.. till den.. take care!! au revoir!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

BRAD PITT died!!!

ok u have not gone insane or read my title wrongly.. brad pitt did die.. except dat da brad pitt i'm talking bout is poh kim's fish.. order to tell da story with emotion, i gotta backtrack n tell u bout apparently, michelle's fishes laid eggs n gave birth.. so she gave 2 to kim ystd..n it was in dis star shaped bottle which was oh-so-cute!!n all of us kept oooh-ing and aaahh-ing at it.. n we passed round for each other to maybe it was cuz of dat, i dunno la.. but anyway, wen i was havin tuition ystd nite, kim msg saying 1 of her fish died.. n apparently it was fish B.. so she said she made it a coffin(u insane kim), den kept it in da refrigerator to "preserve" it.. lol.. so today wen we came sch, true enough da fish B came in a miniature coffin made frm manila card n colour paper..(i'm still truly amazed as to how kim did it).. den we realised since her fishes are fish A n fish B, they can actually be called......(drumroll) brad pitt and angelina jolie!! haha.. so kim decided dat we would hv a funeral for brad pitt after recess behind da lab.. so after recess, half our class, plus lotsa ppl frm other class gathered at a tree for brad pitt's funeral.. chris, naim, wei n i were da choir.. we walked round singing amazing grace.. den esther dug da grave.. n kim gave her final speech to brad pitt.. (sob sob) we were all in tears..(mind u it was frm laughter).. n we paid our last respect to brad pitt.. den kim lowered brad pitt's coffin into da grave n chong threw in "money" for brad pitt to use in his next life.. haha..n kim oso put in a cross which she made using a black ribbon.. n finally esther covered da grave n we put 2 yellow flowers on top.. it was by far 1 of da most AWESOME funerals ever.. da best thing was while we were having da funeral, there were form1 students there.. cuz they were gonna have choir.. ya so now God knows wat they think of their insanely mad seniors la.. who have funeral services for their fish.. haha..btw, im sorry i can oni explain it to u all through words.. cuz no1 had a camera therefore no photos are available.. so sorry.. u just had to be there.. we laughed till we had stitches up our sides.. den after dat chris, naim, wei n i went all crazy la during phy cuz teacher din come.. sumhow we started talking bout songs.. n sum1 mentioned gold digger.. i hate dat song n so does wei.. so we started doing horrible nasally imitations of da song.. again we laughed till we cried.. den we started talking bout white chicks.. me : eh da 1000 miles song is damn nice wei chris : ya and da show is hilarious (naim n wei comes frm toilet) naim :wat? me : no talking bout white chicks.. n da latrell spencer dude n da 1000 miles song wei :OH YEA!! dat dude is hilarious (we all break into his rendition of da song, complete wit head and hand movements) all of us : de de de de de de dum, de de dum de de dum de de dum de dum staring blankly ahead, just making my way, making my way through da crowd-owd-owd.. (break into fits of laughter n clutch each other) and despite dat, continue singing.. hahaha.. it was really funny n we continued all da way back to class.. ppl who heard us must hv seriously tot we were insane.. so anyway, dat was preeettty much all for today.. it was a funeral day, singing day, n laughing day.. well but den again, EVERYDAY is laughing day.. hahaha..(so much for being in mourning cuz brad pitt died)..

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

recaping previous happenings.....

ok this is really stupid.. i suddenly realised i never talk bout so many things in my blog.. so now hv to do a recaping post.. haha.. bear with me.. certain things just hv to be spilled out..hmmm let's c.. i dun wanna backtrack so much la so we'll start of frm vball competition.. which was on 25/03(tues).. not dat long ago rite?? haha.. neway, dat was my last vball comp.. n it was quite good la.. at least we all wen out n had fun.. din really stress ourselves so much.. n managed to get 3rd.. quite good accomplishment considering da fact dat we din really train DAT much.. haha.. da funniest happening of dat day was during our 2nd round match against sg long.. n i blame da incident on MELISSA ONG ZHU WEI!!! our team was doing service, wen suddenly dis happened... wei : hey manda look.. OMG rainbow so damn nice seriously never c rainbow lk dat b4.. me : (turn to look) ya wei, damn nice.. it's lk 1 ring round da sun.. so cool!! wei : nice rite?? amazing wei it really looks nice!! (ball lands in between wei n i on da floor. we look at each other) may yee : eh, wat happened to both of u?? manda : all melissa's fault she ask me to c rainbow wei : eh dat's cuz it's da 1st time i've ever seen anything lk dat k?? nice wat.. (we all laugh den wei n i pull ourselves together to focus on da match) P/s: it really was a very unique rainbow.. cant blame wei n me 4 getting distracted.. haha.. 2nd funny happening was wen we were playing yu hua(da match dat we lost).. 4 sum reason a lot of our digging kept going to da net.. so ah wei tried to save them la.. but it was all in vain cuz she ended up hitting them towards her nose instead.. happened bout 2 or 3 times.. finally wen wei couldn't take it, she turns to me n says "damn manda, dis ppl seriously have sumthing against my nose la".. so me being me, obviously i burst out laughing.. but da funniest thing was, da referee overheard her n he freaking laughed oso.. lol.. other stuff dat happened during dat match.. we had to stop da whole game cuz halfway through the doa was being recited.. all of us stood there on da court lk a bunch of idiots..haha.. plus there was may yee's whole "i'm so full" thing.. n there was me n my undecided thinking on whether to do tapping or digging.. position hand nicely all to do tapping but chicken out n ended up digging oni.. drove da whole team to fits of laughter.. lol.. overall, it was a good day n im glad to hv shared it wit my fellow teammates n seniors aka coaches sook may n xue er.. haha.. n especially my dear ah wei.. our beloved setter n my crazy fren who's always there for me.. wouldn't hv wanted any other team OR coach..(i bet sum noe wat im talking bout).. btw msg specially for wei, "we are so gonna go back next yr n watch da guys finals.. i din hv u wit me dis yr for da finals.. next yr we gonna go n gush TOGETHER bout how amazing their spiking is".. haha.. ok dis is a long long post.. next dat i'll blab bout is once again wei n me.. haha.. dis happened da week after vball.. for sum reason, wei n i had crazy cravings for mcd da whole week.. so we wen on tues for lunch.. we stayed back to play netball 4 yellow hse.. n guess wat!! we freaking lost our 1st match.. it lasted lk 11 mins n we lost.. so in conclusion, wei n i stayed back to play AN 11 MIN NETBALL MATCH!! lol.. i noe, so ridiculous.. den we tot instead of sitting round, y not go mcd?? so ya, we wen again after da match.. hehe.. da next day even better.. it was drizzling but wei n i wanna go oso.. so took wan ying's umbrella den wen la.. but guess wat.. wen we wanna come back, da umbrella wasn't really working n it started raining lk there was no tmr.. wei n i din hv a choice so we ran all da way back.. yup u saw it right we RAN BACK UNDER DA INSANELY HEAVY RAIN!! den in da car both of us shivering lk mad cuz sooo cold.. haha.. warning to ppl out there:never attempt our insane stunts.. haha.. i really feel lk i got more to say.. but now hand lazy wanna type edi le.. haha.. so i guess dis is it for now la k.. i'll do another "recaping previous happenings" next time.. till den, take care ppl!!