Saturday, May 24, 2008


omg i haven been here for an eternity.. haha.. thank goodness i survived all those horrendous papers that were out to kill me.. a bit disappointed though, n regret not studying earlier.. cuz din hv enough time for everything.. so did all last min studying n cuz of that, a lot of things dat i read i couldn't remember..well anyway it's over so i dun wanna talk bout it.. haha.. instead, i'm so happy im finally on HOLIDAY!!! well, i have lotsa things in mind for holidays... must go shopping.. haha.. den must watch movie.. dat oso gotta go a few times cuz gotta go wit different groups of friends.. den lis, phoeb n i gonna do gossip girls marathon.. haha..(hello, when are we doing it??)..den we gotta go ICE-SKATING!!! (wei, u better not fall 8 times again..).. jamming sessions n singing..(u heard me, esther??).. well oso gonna play volleyball, cuz ymca is coming up.. choir retreat.. laughing sessions.. lol.. well, these are the fun stuff la.. on a more serious note, i got physics extra class(huge sigh).. gotta train da primary sch choir oso..n got stupid latih tubi work to do.. insanity.. oh but the best thing is on thurs, my mom gonna bring me to carmelite to see da nuns.. she claims i can go there and "chit-chat" with the sisters.. is my mom trying to get me to be a nun?? haha.. i'll keep u all updated on dat.. mean while, dis is all, cuz im lazy n no mood to type so long.. so let da holidays begin n let it be THE BOMB!!!