Thursday, July 31, 2008

fun day out in cool shop

oh hi ya people of the world.. or at least those who read my blog.. haha.. well nothing much today, just random la.. sch was amazingly funny, thanks to Naim mcdreamy!!! her continuous rendition of one republic's say(all I need) is soooooooo good u can cry.. whenever you see Naim, ask her to sing it for you.. well, all I remember from sch today is that.. naim's singing.. LOL.. then we went to metro point cuz Naim was gonna buy phoeb, renu and me a piggy bank each since she bought ah wei one ystd.. haha.. so we went to the shop and it is superb wei!! there's like everything there.. adorable mugs, cute teddy bears and random looking things.. and we bought a Darth Vader mug for Mr Lim.. no particular reason, just cuz we found it funny.. haha.. then, phoeb and me bought our dear brothers, Aaron and Greg a R2-D2 mug each.. gonna wrap up nicely and give them.. can't wait to see the look on their faces.. HAHA.. and while we were there, we came up with this brilliant plan of what to give one of our dear friends for his/her birthday present.. so as NOT to spoil the surprise, the name of that person shall remain anonymous until after his/her birthday.. (notice that i am not even giving the gender away) haha.. so i guess that's it la for today.. fun, fun day with friends.. which is exactly why I love them so much!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

the moment of truth..

it's me!! after monthly test.. screwed up big time but oh well, my target is trials and spm and this is not something that matters to me.. haha.. to my "dearest" principal maybe but I really do NOT care bout her thoughts, opinions, comments or suggestions anymore.. LOL.. I promised Lene i'll put in more confirmation photos but I damn lazy now so maybe another day la..(that other day might never come if I keep procrastinating but oh well... haha..)
life has been pretty uneventful because of exams.. but how very typical of me to do something to spice my life up la rite?? even at the moments where it's not necessary.. well, I have my reasons la.. firstly I should probably say WHAT I did first.. I'll summarize the best I can la but I do not wanna reveal everything here.. well, despite my efforts of not telling the truth to someone, I did.. I do not know if it was the right thing to do, but it was just that at that moment I felt that I could and I had to.. this part might not make sense to anyone but myself, but this is how it is.. at that very moment, it seemed to me that God gave me every inch of strength I needed..I felt like at that very moment, I could take whatever that was going to be said to me.. and what truly prompted me to let it all out that night was that I was afraid I would lose the strength and courage if I waited.. If I wanted to, I could have continued keeping it all bottled up inside me.. but I did not wanna tell the truth on a day where I would not be able to take what was said to i made use of the strength on that night and told the truth.. so far, I don't regret it.. I'd rather regret something I've done then something I've not.. It was a good thing I did it that night.. cuz true enough, the next day, I lost some of that strength.. I kept thinking of how things will be and I did not feel as strong as I did the night before.. But, I thank God that he is constantly with me and I can always smile and truly say that my life is good.. Despite of what happened, I love my life and I would never trade it in for anything else or anyone elses life.. I cannot deny the fact that part of me wishes that he said something different from what he said to me that night, but I appreciate what was said and I know we'll remain great friends for as long as God allows us to.. God has great plans for me and I have complete and total trust in him.. If what I want isn't part of his plans for me, then I shall wait patiently for his plans to be revealed to me, whatever they might be..

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

ok I am sorry i know this is a bit late but I couldn't help it streamyx was down.. haha.. so anyway, I am officially confirmed as AMANDA JANELLE QUAH YU-LI!!! haha.. It was a great day and I did not want it to end.. so anyway i slept at lk 9.30 the nite before cuz had to wake up at 4.30 on sunday.. my new godmother, Aunty Alice came at 5.15 to do my hair..
my done up hair
full length look of me in my dress
ok then, we headed for church after getting ready.. (this proved to be difficult cuz my "dear" sister was throwing a tantrum saying she had nothing to wear) then when we were at the entrance of sg long, my bro said he left the camera.. so yea I got a bit worried edi cuz I was already LATE!!!
Thank goodness we did not exactly have to join the rosary so it was ok.. ended up taking photos outside the foyer.. harvinth, sherie, me, new godsis melissa, flora and freddie me and my family ok then we went in for mass.. right before anointing, I do NOT know why I blanked out and did not know what to say.. thank goodness there was the projection so I could refresh my memory.. It was a tremendously overwhelming feeling, and it took a lot for me to hold back tears.. I did cry, but it was controlled.. haha.. and after that, I could clearly see the smiles on everyone's faces.. we were all grinning from ear to ear and were all very happy.. then, after mass, there was the whole photography session in front the sanctuary.. took a lot of photos.. poor uncle joseph had to keep coming to all of us to tell us to proceed to the hall.. haha.. and now for some whacked up reason, I cannot upload any photos.. sigh.. well then, we received our confirmation certs at the hall.. after the fellowship, we went to metro inn for colin's lunch.. damn weird we had to go on stage to cut HIS cake with him.. haha.. well, then we took more pictures(of which I can't upload now.. sheeeesh).. haha.. then I came home and had to prepare for house warming.. no rest la whole day.. house warming was INSANE!!! there was probably 300 ppl.. the house was so super packed.. fred, flora and I were lk the usherers.. my job was to play the part of the hostess.. then fred and flora was supposed to take the presents.. fragile ones to fred and non-fragile ones to flora.. haha.. and then I got pissed la cuz of my sis, who was having her birthday party on the same day.. but after that, I cooled down and it wasn't too bad la.. especially our cake cutting.. where we acted like newly-weds.. haha.. the "we" is sandy, lis, glynn and me.. the 4 newly confirmed.. we fed each other cake, had a small cream fight.. haha.. then, was talking to choir ppl, joking, laughing.. after they went back I spoke to my cousin, who's usually very quiet so I'm amazed we could talk.. haha.. well, then I helped clear up then I was watching movie on tv.. hahaha.. and then FINALLY i decided to go to bed.. by that time it was already 2 so obviously i did not go to school the next day.. haha.. so yea, it was a great day, filled with many amazing memories to stay in my heart forever.. I'm gonna miss all the catechism classes and our hanging out before and after classes.. I am so glad to have went through this stage of my life with so many of my friends..especially my new godsis, Melissa Jadyn Ong!! and I thank God for everything because it is through Him that everything was made possible..

Friday, July 18, 2008

the little things in life that make me happy..

this is amazing.. 2 updates in a day!! haha.. well, this shall be a more happy post!! since I now feel better after venting out my anger towards "it".. haha.. ok so for this, we shall talk bout things that are making me smile today despite the whole drama of "it's" EVIL plan.. haha.. well, tonite at 11 gonna go watch DARK KNIGHT!!! I'm so excited cuz I've been wanting to watch this show since an eternity ago.. and finally, I'm going tonite!! plus going in a big group, with family and friends.. it's gonna be pure fun!! haha.. well, in addition to that, I am happy cuz confirmation is only 2 days away.. and tomorrow is already our rehearsal.. I'm looking forward to sunday so much.. the only downside is that suddenly a lot of friends cannot make it.. sighs.. instead of just reen and phoeb, now chong, lilian, renu, and lene also like not coming edi.. (horrible la you guys...sobs).. well, other than that, I am so hyped up bout sun.. I really wanna feel something on that day, and I wanna remember what I'll feel forever.. Hopefully, it'll be a day that'll have an impact on me and be an important point in my life.. I'm certainly praying that'll happen.. Life in this past few weeks have been really good.. I can truly say life is good when people ask how izzit.. I no longer answer my typical "sucky" or "normal" or "so-so".. even Renu mentioned ystd and spoke to me saying she enjoys the new me!! I am happier, easier to talk to, less likely to blow up.. even I like the new me!! haha.. truly, God does wonders in yr life if you allow him to.. I finally understand that now.. never doubt Him and he'll work things out in His time.. so yea.. besides that, I have a great family and extremely supportive friends who see me through everything whenever I need help.. so I am really good and my life is in perfect bliss!! To all whom are going through a lot at the moment, I'm praying for you.. trust Gos and things will work out fine.. so people, look on the positive side and live life to the fullest and be happy!!

I hate my headmistress!!!

To all Convent girls who see this, i am sure you will all agree with me.. especially my form5 peers.. Norlia(that's my headmistress) is seriously whacked up!!! I agree with Kim and I quote Kim "Norlia has too much time so what she does is that she goes online and she looks for WAYS OF HOW TO TORTURE STUDENTS!!!" that insane woman has hatched up her EVILEST plan yet!! she is streaming all form5 students!! n she's naming us cemerlang, gemilang and terbilang!!! what kinda STUPID names are those??
well, is not the names that are creating an outrage amongst us.. it is the fact that she wants to SEPARATE us!!! i absolutely cannot deal with this.. i refuse to be put into the bloody class "5 terbilang"!! once an intan, always an intan.. she(or rather it, cuz she has NO EMPATHY for us) simply does not understand that it is going to be very difficult to just adapt to our new classes now, when SPM is only 4 months away.. it's a bit too late to be streaming us now.. if she wanted to, she should have done it at the beginning of the year..
and i DO NOT wanna be in the 1st class.. seriously.. I would die if I have to spend the last few months of my schooling life in a pathetic class where I don't have my friends and I am supposedly to be in the "good" class so I cannot laugh and make noise as I do now!! That's like asking me not to be me.. and that's not being true to myself.. I love myself the way I am and she is NOT changing me.. stupid so-called teacher who "sayangs" her students... *gag, puke, vomit, barf, throw up* BLEGGGHHHH!! She is so fake and she acts like she cares about us.. but she does not.. at all.. well, now we are going to attempt a PROTEST against her RIDICULOUS idea.. if that fails, then fine she'll stream us.. but I am going to BEG my mother to see "it" and put me into the 2nd class.. gosh, I seriously dislike that woman la!! if only I could kick her back to high school.. sssshhheeeesshhhh!!! neway just wanna kutuk her here la.. really can't tahan her.. pls pray that our protest works!! 5 Intan, we have to stick together, I love our class too much!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

hi all.. it's me.. who's bored.. and has nothing to do.. so i decided to come here.. and allow you glimpses of my life.. my oh-so-wonderful life.. at this moment, at least.. haha.. ok that was meant as a joke.. just thought of starting it a little differently.. well, I feel very sleepy.. But I do wanna just come here and say that I am absolutely dying waiting for sunday to arrive.. to those who do not know, sunday is my CONFIRMATION!!! and I know it is gonna be so completely breath-taking it'll be one of the best events in my life.. last sunday, went out shopping with fred, ashley and wei.. and we bought my shoes!! haha.. so happy.. despite my claims that I will NOT get another 4-inch heels, that's exactly what i succeeded in doing.. the shoe was from nose.. there were like 8 other pairs in vincci BUT they some how all did not go with my dress, looked weird or just wasn't right in anyway whatsoever.. lol.. so yea, that one in nose was our choice.. welcome, my 2nd pair of 4-inch heels.. haha.. freddie claims that he is going to come to my confirmation in 5-inch heels.. just to stay taller than me.. haha.. shaun lim on the other hand, kindly said that he's willing to let me be taller than him for a day just to make me happy.. haha.. by the way fred, I cannot WAIT to see you in 5-insh heels.. hahaha.. good luck finding one.. well, i am all ready for this sunday.. clothes, shoes, open mind and open heart.. lol.. n i know our awesome HOLY FAMILY CHOIR will make the songs amazing.. especially "days of elijah".. I love the way jude, bernard, lourdes, rozanne and shaun is playing it.. super musicians.. haha.. plus my friends are also coming to witness the special occasion.. except people like LEONG SUE REEN and PHOEBE LIM.. ( i want baskin from both of you.. payback for not being there.. hahaha..) so, i guess that's it for now.. the next time i'll be here, it'll most probably be to tell you bout confirmation!! haha.. so till then, love u all!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

singing competition..

well people i'm just here to announce that lis, phoeb, lene and I managed to get 3rd place in the singing competition.. although we were not expecting much from it, it's kinda a disappointment.. simply because the sch dat got 2nd completely did not deserve it at all.. a lot of ppl said we were better den them and even I myself honestly thought we deserve to beat them.. oh well but that's life and we gotta live and learn how to deal with it.. sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.. besides the whole point of us going was just to have fun together.. which we kinda did la i guess.. a little.. haha..
well moving on.. i really dunno wat to say la.. i'm still not used to da not emo me yet.. but despite not being emo, my mind still works like crazy.. it's constantly thinking, wondering, pondering.. wat decisions to make.. wat are the consequences that'll follow the decisions.. confusing u know.. really.. worst of all, at times i myself cannot figure out what i'm thinking or wat i wan.. haha.. funny i know.. but whatever i do, obviously i dun wanna regret my decision lk so many times before.. so yea, mind is thinking and thinking and thinking.. haha.. neway, b4 i go just wanna say thanks to phoeb, lis, lene, esther n eunice.. it was fun to have shared the experience wit all of u.. thank you for making it all possible.. it was only possible cuz each of us were there n we helped each other n took part.. so thank u guys.. for tolerating me oso.. n all my nonsense at times.. haha.. sorry for everything that might have gone wrong.. love u guys loadz k!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I honestly need to just talk things out.. n cuz i dunno who to talk to, i'll talk to my blog la.. If u are reading this now, unless u're involved in it, i suggest that u do not ask me anything k.. cuz i wouldn't know what to say.. well firstly, i believe that confirmation camp might have altered me for the better..i'm proud to say that for this whole 1 week plus, i have not uttered the "F" word.. haha.. everytime it almost comes outta my mouth, i remember da bible verse proverbs 18:21.. not oni me but even wei n chris are doing a really good job at avoiding the word.. haha.. well besides that, i seem to have forgotten how to be emo.. it's really amazing.. bout 2 days ago, i was in deep thought bout my past n how it's resurfacing but unlike da old me, i did not cry.. da freaky thing was that i can smile n was happy samore.. n this is NOT a lie.. well on a more serious note, things have happened.. n this is the exact reason why I was so worried in the first place.. in order to protect privacy, names shall not be mentioned..let's see, i am like placed in the middle of a tangled web of confusion.. Guy A likes girl A, but girl A doesn't seem to like him.. but at the same time, Girl B likes guy A, but he obviously is waiting for Girl A.. n in between all this here comes Guy B who likes Girl A too.. n u know wat's the worst thing, Girl A and B are really good friends.. n da next worst thing is that i am stuck in the MIDDLE!!! everyone tells me stuff and I know everything and I'm being put in a very difficult position.. sighs.. why me?? and in addition to all this, I myself seem to have completely gone bonkers.. Either i'm too happy or i'm feeling empty but cannot cry.. i'm not complaining, don't get me wrong, i just feel weird cuz i'm not accustomed to this different me yet.. n also, i started thinking bout my past again.. and this particular someone keeps popping up into my mind.. but there is no way anything can ever happen.. n now i've to figure out a way to push him out again without jeopardizing our friendship.. hopefully i succeed.. There's a lot of people i just have to eject outta my mind if i wanna be happy n full of laughter.. well, i guess that's it for now..