Sunday, August 31, 2008

happy merdeka!!

  • Happy 51st Merdeka Day!!
  • Nothing to blog bout la just came to wish everyone Happy Merdeka oni.. Lol..
  • Yes I know, it's redundant work but wat to do la, I'll find any excuse just to get outta studying for a while..
  • Ok, gotta go now.. haha.. My books are beckoning!!
  • To all form 5, study, study, study!! TRIALS!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

the start of something new!!

  • I have a merdeka mission..
  • Ok, more like a lose weight/stay healthy for prom mission.. haha..
  • Actually it was Naim and I who wanted to lose weight for prom..
  • But Renu, Phoeb, Naim and I realise we have ALL been living VERY VERY unhealthy lives..
  • So, here we come, healthy eating habits!! LOL..
  • Starting from Sept, NO MORE fast food, especially Mcd, Kfc, Pizza..
  • Bad, bad processed food, goodbye to you!! haha..
  • Instead, we gonna opt for more natural food, reduce chili, oil and anything else unhealthy..
  • So during recess, no more sausages, tomyam, laksa.. (Omg, God help me and gimme the willpower pls!! haha..)
  • And I am now gonna follow my mommy's advice and jaga my skin..
  • Cleanse, tone and moisturize.. My new regime.. haha..
  • Must exercise more oso.. lose the fat..
  • Today Phoeb, Lis and me started edi.. morning at 9 we went cycling!!
  • I'm so proud of us cuz usually Sat we'd probably sleep till 11 or so.. haha..
  • Samore we slept at 3 plus so it's amazing that we din fall back to sleep.. LOL..
  • Everyone seems to think we'll die on our healthy campaign..
  • So we MUST prove them wrong.. haha..
  • Trials officially begin on TUES!!!! Wat am I still doing here??

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

hari koko and merdeka celebration...

  • Today was our Hari Koko and Merdeka celebration day..
  • Was actually pretty lazy to go sch, but wth la, dragged myself up SIMPLY JUST CUZ I wanna take my cert and sing (ok more lk scream) merdeka songs.. Lol..
  • Poor Phoeb couldn't come today cuz had to take her piano exam.. (I hope you do well, Phoeb!!)
  • We once again, managed to get FRONT ROW SEATS for the day.. the best view to watch the performances..
  • The first half of the day was pretty sweat la.. performances were boring.. Our "dearest good mother" delivered a speech that is so long I can fly to Mars and back and she won't be done..
  • Then like finally took our certs.. And they gave Sijil Gemilang to Kalaiyarasi.. Super all-rounder.. Her list seems to go on and on and on.. 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 4x100m, 4x200m, ya you get my point la.. haha..
  • Then they gave Kalai a anugerah khas.. And for some reason they decided it'll probably be good to tell us all what Kalai has achieved AGAIN!!
  • So we basically heard Kalai's list of achievements TWICE!! Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Kalai, I love that girl in fact, my fellow debate 3rd speaker.. It's just that her list is SO BLOODY LONG, to hear it TWICE, it's like OMG!!! Haha..
  • Finally then recess came.. I was RAVENOUS by that time.. And we got free domino's pizza.. hahaha..
  • Then came the 2nd slot, the MERDEKA CELEBRATION part..
  • also damn sweat at first, we heard a total of 4 patriotic choirs from form 2 and 4..
  • Then came the fun performance.. the form 4 sketch/fashion show..
  • It was like a Malaysian evolution sketch.. from the pra-sejarah zaman paleolitik people right up to now..
  • Those paleolitik people were HILARIOUS I tell you.. They wore leaf costumes and pranced around making "ahhhhhh" sounds, worshipping trees..
  • Then came Parameswara.. Nazeerah was doing so good, she looked so real, until she came to our side and we made her laugh, though she tried REALLY HARD to tahan..
  • Damn funny la their sketch.. then at the end Kalai came out dressed as a "rakyat" for the fashion show.. apparently she was supposed to look really pathetic and dying, but Naim and I found it too funny we laughed nonstop and poor Kalai lost her concentration and laughed too!!
  • Then came the part I like.. The "laungan merdeka" and singing part.. We literally shouted through every song and at the end, gave the deafening "ahhhhhhhhh" with extreme frequency and decibels WAY WAY above normal..
  • I can feel myself going hoarse now.. haha..
  • The day was made fun because I had my friends along with me.. to act crazy, to laugh, to talk to, and to kutuk people also (namely our "dearest good mother").. LOL..
  • I am going to drink some honey now.. hopefully it'll soothe my not-so-good throat..

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

another bully naim day...

  • Today is another *Bully Naim Day*
  • Also, another redundant day..
  • Whole 2 periods of Chemistry spent doing Add Maths instead.. ( I don't think you can blame me, my teacher thinks VIOLET is ORANGE!!!)
  • During Est, Cik Besira asked for her work.. and amazingly enough, all the first 6 Intan students she called all had some form of excuse.. (this includes me la, obviously..)
  • Qian Peng admitted she din do, Afiqah din bring, Ng din come when she gave the work, Renu got confused with the arrows, Phoeb and I got stuck and forgot bout it.. Haha..
  • Thank GOD she was so cool bout it, she laughed along with us.. (i had better start doing my work la.. LOL..)
  • I'm gonna get Sijil Cemerlang tomorrow!!
  • Went to so-called raptai today after recess and waited for like TWO WHOLE BLOODY HOURS before teacher called us finally to "receive" our certs..
  • Then, all hell broke loose..
  • I was minding my own business swinging and catching my bottle..
  • Then, Lis decided it'll be fun to use the bottle as a volleyball and she "spiked" it towards Phoeb..
  • Whom, in return obviously did the came thing right back.. (Mind you they were using MY bottle..)
  • Then I also joined in the action by using Naim's bottle and succeded in whacking it towards her head.. Lol..
  • And the water fight started.. Naim was the victim, then she became crazy, Phoeb got it bad from her la..
  • After school ended, that Naim came to my class and poured water ALL OVER ME!!!
  • Phoeb and I retaliated by sneaking behind her outta school and attacking her there..
  • As a result, we were tired, soaking wet and outta water to drink.. haha..
  • Then during lunch, we were recalling things we used to do as a kid..
  • some things I did : Attempted to teach a parrot how to talk when I was at the zoo, Sing and dance to chinese new year songs, threaten to kick people who tease me.. haha..
  • Then we went on to things Phoeb, Lis and me used to do..
  • here goes the list it's super random..
  1. Stick 16 pieces of artblock together to do a huge modern art masterpiece.. ( it failed)
  2. Pretend we were detectives solving mysteries.. (too many story books la)
  3. Painting the grass in Phoeb's house..
  4. Painting the tree as well.. (the paint is still there till today!!)
  5. Building a doll house from scratch using cardboard..
  6. Swinging on palm tree branches like Tarzan.. LOL..
  7. Forming our own club, The White Unicorns.. hilariously funny as to how creative we were.. we had meetings, everyone had to wear a white ribbon, we collecteb club fees, even had a club rulebook!!
  8. Branched out into The Girls' Club.. This one we followed The Babysitters' Club.. Had 2 Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers and Alternate Officers.. Each of us has a name and a personalised signature.. I was Kylie Karlson.. Lol.. Phoeb was Daphne Dandeliht and Lis was Marine Matthews..
  • These are the few examples la..
  • Sigh I miss those crazy days.. we were so young and immature without a single care for the world and it's problems..
  • We're inspired to do something really whacked up after Spm now..
  • I heart my dear friends to the max!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

mark's birthday

  • this is the only way I can actually space my bloody blog so I'm gonna blog this way la..
  • Today we, the chemistry tuition mangkuks, namely Naim, Renu, Lis, Phoeb and me, celebrated Mark's birthday..
  • Not exactly celebrate la, more like gave him his whacked up, hilariously cute presents..
  • We were supposed to write messages on his present, but as usual all procrastinated..LOL.. (I swear guys, we have to SNAP OUT of that habit..)
  • So din even wrap cuz msg didn't write..
  • We ended up bringing wrappers to school, and the best thing was that they were ALL super girly wrappers..lotsa flowers, hearts, and pink backgrounds.. (I guess it brings out the "Claire" in mark la huh? haha..)
  • Last minute wrapping the whole day, even up till balik all thanks to NAIM who left phoeb and me to do EVERYTHING for her!!
  • After school, headed to pizza.. waited for mark.. Renu had to go tuition, din get to wait for mark..
  • As usual laughing session the ENTIRE time.. Except usually it's *Bully Mark Day* but I think today cuz was his bday, it became *Bully Naim Day*..
  • I almost choked like a million times beacuse was eating and laughing!!
  • Gave Mark his present after eating and he certainly had trouble opening them.. Thanks to Lis who "mummified" the presents..
  • Mark now has 5 cutely-distorted animal piggy banks to save money.. haha..
  • 1 for college, 1 for uni, 1 for before work, 1 after work and 1 more retirement.. Quote from Mark.. Lol..
  • last but not least, Happy 19th Birthday to the birthday boy Mark Lim once again!!
  • The next time he celebrates his birthday it's gonna be with the big 2 at the front!!
  • hahahahahahahahahahaha.. i still cannot stop laughing from this afternoon's events..

Sunday, August 24, 2008

my pathetic list..

  • I am bored..
  • I do NOT wanna go to school tomorrow..
  • I do NOT want holidays to end..
  • I miss my chemistry tuition mangkuks ~Renu, Naim, Phoeb and Lis~
  • They are the only reason I'm going to school tomorrow..
  • They are also the few people who can make me laugh these days..
  • I need to start studying for trials..
  • I need someone to FORCE me to study..
  • I MUST stop procrastinating..
  • I hate my life..
  • No freedom, no say in anything, no control over what happens..
  • Complications always happen..
  • Overthinking makes things worse..
  • Wrong decisions causes regret..
  • Staying the same brings about hurt..
  • If I know all this, WHY do I still do everything I'm not supposed to??
  • I need a psychologist, a professional one..

Saturday, August 23, 2008

1. If you could spend one Ringgit in 5 minutes, what would you spend on? junk food 2. What is your most favourite thing to do? read story books 3. What kind of news do you read? Sports, Entertainment and things that catch my attention wen i glance through 4. What would you give up in return to eat all you want in the world and not get fat? can i give up studying??LOL.. ok i give up my phone for 2 weeks.. 5. Is there someone in your heart right now? maybe.. i guess.. 6. Do you believe you can survive without money? i'll probably die.. 7. What are you afraid to lose the most? my friends 8. What do you feel like doing right now? finding someone who'll understand me 9. If there’s someone that you love, would you confess to him/her? I have done it before, so why not?? 10. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you. Grace Lim.. nice, helpful, friendly 11. What are the requirements that you wish from your other half? love n care for me, understands me, more inportant stuff too long to list.. 12. What is the thing that will make you think he/she is bad? breaking promises and backstabbing.. 13. Do you feel like killing someone at the moment? Yes...myself ! 14. If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? baskin robbins ice cream!! 15. If you had a choice to be rich or happy, which one would you pick? nothing beats happiness!! 16. If you have a chance, which part of your character you would like to change? my pessimistic thinking 17. Who is the person that you can share all your problems with? i share different problems with different people.. friends la generally.. 18. Name one song and why. For you I will by Teddy Geiger.. Love the song and it reminds me of someone.. 19. What is the one thing you love about yourself? I am able to get generally good grades despite da lack of studying.. 20. If you have a million ringgit,what would you do? shop, shop, SHOP!! donate to charity some, buy house and car, set up a huge music studio in my house!! I tag Flora Oh, Chong Yee Leng, Nadzratun Naim and whoever else who wants to do this..

Saturday, August 16, 2008

manda's back!!

I cannot believe I haven been here for almost 2 weeks la.. stupid bro of mine la, use the computer until it died.. LOL.. well anyway, I'm back now!! nothing much has happened la I guess.. my new class sucks, I still wan my old class back.. But at least I'm still standing and surviving.. And I conclude that our "good mother" is definitely senile.. I can find not other explanation as to why she is how she is.. haha.. Well, the very latest news that I have is that I got chosen for NS.. damn la I did NOT wanna go, did NOT wanna get chosen.. Yet I am "the chosen chipmunk", as melissa ong puts it.. But oh well, there's a reason why God allowed this to happen to me, so we'll see what happens la k.. As of now, I officially have nothing to blog about.. In fact, I should not be blogging.. Trials are in 2 and a half weeks.. Sigh.. And I have NOT started studying.. It's high time I get to it.. So, I'll be back some other day if something interesting happens.. Till then I shall not blog nonsense la..

Monday, August 4, 2008


well, I truly got nothing much to say today la.. except that it was an ok day la.. I think we all managed to cope with it.. But we were re-streamed again.. stupid norlia.. apparently they re-did it according to our science and maths subject aggregate.. really dumb la.. so now, poor naim is semi alone in the 2nd class.. Cuz reen, lene, lilian all went to 3rd class edi.. other than the fact that my new class is very very quiet, it's still bearable for today.. But really freaky la, when teacher give karangan to do, everyone immediately started doing.. renu, phoeb, lis n me yacking nonstop.. haha.. But that's who we are and that's who we'll always be.. The chatterboxes.. so typical la.. you can move us anywhere, but we'll still be like that.. and that's exactly why I love all of us!! So far, we're surviving.. hopefully we'll last till the end of the year la.. And that God will give me, and us the strength.. well, that's it for today la.. keep it short and sweet.. Oh and by the way.. I am loving songs like "one step at a time, I'm yours, damaged and 7 things I hate about you".. I know the songs quite old la.. but recently i keep singing them.. Love the lyrics in 7 things.. ~and the 7th thing I hate/like most that you do, you make me love you~...

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Find the strength...

Hey, everyone.. Thank God!! I found my sign.. I really did.. I cannot believe I doubted God's plans for me.. This goes out especially to all my 5 Intan classmates.. Be strong you guys.. Know that we'll always be there for each other.. They can separate us physically but mentally, we always have each other in our minds.. God has his reasons for everything.. He does not cause them, but he allows them and if he is going to allow things to happen, he definitely knows what he's doing.. which is why, God knows that this is happening to us and he has his reasons..True, we might think that he's teaching us a lesson.. to appreciate our friends and the times we have.. and we might want another chance.. but if the chance is not here, God has his reasons.. We have to trust him and whatever he has in store for us.. I thought I don't have the strength to accept everything that has been thrown at me this past week.. I even thought that maybe I lied to myself and everyone in the world saying that I'm strong and that I'm ok.. I prayed for a sign, that God is with me.. and he gave me the sign I need.. however little it maybe, it's helping.. It's from the song "Shout to the Lord".. the 2 very lines.. "my comfort, my shelter, tower of refuge and strength".. that lines made all the difference when we sang the song in church ystd.. It opened my eyes and I realise all my strength came from God.. All I need to do is turn to him and ask for it.. then I was oso worried bout what to do it the future.. saying that I'm scared cuz i dunno wat's it.. and I cant control it.. but today again in church, father's homily cleared that up for me oso.. We cant always be so sure in life.. We want to be but we cant.. God is the one in control of it and it's all up to him.. So we gotta surrender ourselves to him.. and he'll decide what we do in our lives.. Jeremiah 29:11 "I know my plans for you, plans to save you and not to harm you.. Plans for your future and plans of hope"..

Saturday, August 2, 2008


as you all know, I was not in a very good mood yesterday la.. well, I really was in bad shape.. I cried while blogging, while bathing, while lying on my bed.. that's how bad things were ystd.. what with me being so emotional edi, so obviously every little thing just pushed me beyond my limit.. I was strong before because I had the strength, but ystd I lost it.. I lost every bit of strength that I had for the past week.. So whatever happened came back to haunt me and for the first time ever, I wondered if it was the right thing to do..was it?? I could take it then, but can I take it now??will I be able to keep myself steady and live life like I'm supposed to?? Can I smile everyday like how I always do?? Then I think about my friendship.. (If you read this, I dunno if you will know it's you.. But if you do, and if you want to, come and talk to me bout it k..) well, I realise she and I have grown apart.. and it tears me up inside cuz I really do not know why.. to me it feels like she's isolating herself.. or maybe she feels that we don't welcome her.. It's weird la, and hard to describe.. But now that the streaming is on, I feel really bad cuz we did not get to talk it through and clear things.. and now we're being separated.. and it hit me that maybe, we really wasted our time, using it to grow apart instead of being closer.. and it's a ridiculous thing to do considering the fact that we're usually so comfortable with each other!! well, as if thinking bout all these isn't bad enough, I started thinking on who I am and who I'm gonna be.. At certain points in my life, I wonder.. Am I truly like that?? Or am I showing only 1 side of me?? Am I really as happy as I perceive myself to be, or am I lying to the world, even to myself?? what scares me the most is that I dunno the answers to those questions.. I really don't.. And what's to happen to me after high school?? Where do I go, what do I do?? Right now i feel as if I have no direction in life and it scares me.. I wanna be prepared, and yet I cant.. Am I really as strong as i say I am?? Can I really take all this?? Friends, family, future, past, present.. I pray and I pray that God will give me a sign, from anywhere, anything.. To tell me, that there's a reason, his plans exist and they're good.. I'm trying so very hard to make myself believe this.. thank goodness I still semi do, even if it's not fully at least it's something.. I realise that I've not appreciated time, I've taken things lightly and I've wasted time.. As a result, I'm left regretting in the dark now.. There were so many things I should have said, but I never did.. Now I cant bring the time back.. And I'm not sure if it's too late, but I think it is.. How very sad those three words are... IT'S TOO LATE...

Friday, August 1, 2008


Despite the fact that I very much do NOT wanna say this, but I have to face reality.. we lost our battle.. Form 5 Intan, Berlian and Zamrud are officially streamed into 5 Terbilang, Gemilang and Cemerlang.. Despite our continuous protests and explanation, our "Amazing dearest good mother" principal still went on with it.. It was a very, very emotional day.. We were called down to the pavilion and Pn. Munawirah told us our new classes.. the look on everyone's faces was clear.. we do not wanna spend the last few months of our school life like that.. but what can we do? We are directly below her "reign" and are unable to say anything..
When we went back to class, it finally hit me that that half an hour or so was the very last that I would have together with all the 5 Intaners.. and that very fact just completely shook me up and I cried.. And for some the reason the minute I started, so did Renu, Wei, Reen, Naim.. I did not wanna part with my classmates, I'm sure neither of us did.. we all went round hugging each other.. I was actually still pretty controllable until I hugged Reen.. she's being streamed into Gemilang.. I hugged that girl and cried my heart out.. the very same girl who has sat beside me for 4 and a half years.. So much has changed and happened since we were innocent first- formers.. And at the time where it's our last times together, we're taken away from each other.. Many things have happened and we have changed a lot for sure, but she's still one of my best buds.. and I love her a lot.. then it was Naim's turn.. My fellow master..(insiders' joke)..I knew this girl since last year.. But how I've become so very close to her.. My physics buddy.. I'm gonna miss all her insane acts in class, all her lame attempts to make me laugh.. And despite their lameness, she still makes me laugh, simply cuz it's so lame.. And I'll especially miss her singing Say(All I need) to me everyday.. But most importantly, I'll miss her because she is who she is and she is a great friend.. Well, it's not only these two, it's every single one of my classmates.. Especially the close ones like Kim, Chong, Lilian, Charlene, Chris, Ferlynne, Eunice... sighs.. I was truly amazed today.. So many people who I never thought will be so emotional about this were actually crying.. It showed me that many of us actually value our friends a lot.. I know I should be open-minded and try to adapt to the new environment and fit in.. But without all my classmates whom I love so much, it feels like a part of me is missing.. I guess in a way, God is showing me that at times I do take even my friends for granted.. but now that we're gonna be separated I realise how much they mean to me..and how things will be different without them.. Sure, we may quarrel a lot at times and disagree bout a lot, but at the end of the day, These are the very people who coloured my high school life.. So I'll definitely miss them.. To all 5 Intaners, I love you guys a lot.. Always and always.. We'll always be THE 5 Intan to me.. once a 5 Intan, always a 5 Intan..