Friday, September 26, 2008

I am FREE!!! for now.. haha..

  • Trials are finally OVER and DONE with!!!
  • Today's last paper was hilarious I finished it in probably 15 mins..
  • Then, I disturbed Naim.. haha.. Played drums on her back using long rulers..
  • My dear retarded friend, naim, then attempted to "intimidate" me by spinning the apple on her table..
  • First try, failed.. it hardly spun at all..
  • Second try, the apple flew OFF her table..
  • And I just burst out laughing la.. hahaha.. who wouldn't??
  • The whole time I was just laughing.. That was how I ended my trials.. by laughing.. haha..
  • Nothing much to say.. Just wanna say that.. Naim cracks me up big time..
  • Speaking of apples.. My new fav phrase..
  • [an apple a day keeps the doctor away.. but if the doctor is hot, screw the apple!!]
  • Gonna watch Mamma Mia tonight!! cant wait, have been anticipating it for so long!! haha..
  • And tomorrow, the WEDDING!!!
  • Pls pls pls let me sing well.. May we sound really good in perfect harmony.. haha..
  • To Freddie, Flora, Mark, Lis, Sherie, Elena and Sandy.. All the best to us.. Let's go and blow people off their seats and make them cry cuz it's TOO touching.. haha..

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My summary of trials..

  • Finally, tomorrow is like the last day of trials.. I do NOT know how I survived the entire thing la.. haha..
  • I wanna blog but as usual got nothing to blog bout.. SO, I've decided to summarize my trials in this post la..
  • Well, my language subjects SHOULD be ok la.. haha..
  1. Except maybe Literature in Eng.. I cannot even remember the paper.. But Lit is always hard wan la..
  2. Bm I had almost complete tips courtesy of my amazing tuition teacher.. So it was pretty good.. haha..
  3. My Eng essay was interesting.. I drowned and almost died.. haha..
  4. Est was so so la.. Hard to say but can do la..
  5. Accounts was so sucky la.. I dunno wat i did half the time..
  6. I'll most probably fail my Bible.. Where Acts of Amanda was invented.. haha..
  7. History was......... I dunno la we'll see if I'm lucky.. Lol..
  8. Maths was ok could do la.. If I don't get A1 for my maths I'll kill myself la wei..
  9. Bio's screwed big time.. Tomorrow is paper3 and I don't care anymore..
  10. Chem was tough but still ok la.. (Thank you Mr Lim)
  11. Physics, hopefully can pull off an A2 la.. This was the ONLY A1 that eluded me during midterm..
  12. Add maths was a disaster.. There is not a single answer I was a 100% sure wan..
  13. Moral was ok except the fact that I had to INVENT my own aktas.. haha..
  • Ok that's done.. Now I got nth to blog bout edi.. sigh.. bye all..

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I've seen this tag like a million years ago, but I've never done it.. Now feel bored so gonna do it la k.. haha.. So here it is;
  • a. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc on shuffle.
  • b. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
  • d. Put any comments in brackets after the song name.
  • e. Put this on your blog.
1. If someone says,"Is this okay?"
  • Five minutes to midnight- Boys like Girls [Ok this so does not make sense]
2. How would you describe yourself?
  • It's you-Ryan Cabrera [Ok ya it is me la.. haha..]
3. What do you like in a guy/girl?
  • Pure shores-All saints [Ok this thing is really amusing la.. Pure shores got maksud tersirat ah??]
4. How do you feel today?
  • Innocent-David Cook [For real I din fake this.. Haha.. Im always innocent wat..]
5. What is your life's purpose?
  • The heart never lies-Mcfly [Ya that means my life's purpose is to follow my heart.. haha..]
6. What is your motto?
  • The last song ever-Secondhand serenade[Live my life like it's my last song??? huh?? haha..]
7. What do your friends think of you?
  • Me against the world-Simple Plan [They think I'm a strong girl?? haha..]
8. What do you think of your parents?
  • Inconsolable-Backstreet Boys [I have no idea what this means.. haha..]
9. What do you think about very often?
  • What I've done-Linkin Park [Oh yea i definitely do.. haha..]
10. What is 2+2?
  • Mercy-Duffy[My maths is so bad I need mercy for 2+2 apparently..]
11. What do you think of your best friend?
  • True-Ryan Cabrera [omg.. so true.. awww.. n it's best FRIENDS.. haha..]
12. What do you think of the person you like?
  • Do it well-Jennifer Lopez [OMG why is this thing so WRONG???]
13. What is your life?
  • I kissed a girl-Katy Perry [EWWWWW.. wth?? so so wrong..]
14. What do you want to be when you grow up?
  • The world I know-Collective souls [Yes.. The world I know is Amanda Land.. haha..]
15. What do you think of when you see the person you like?
  • Gone-Daughtry [Hmmm.. I got nth to say la..]
16. What will you dance to at your wedding?
  • wait a minute-Pussycat Dolls [So not romantic but nvm, fun song.. haha...]
17. What will they play at your funeral?
  • Whatever it takes-Leona Lewis [rite.. again I got nth to say la.. whatever it takes for me to go heaven?? haha..]
18. What is your hobby/interest?
  • like you-Ciara and Bow Wow [my hobby is to like you?? hello I got better things to do la.. sigh..]
19. What is your biggest fear?
  • Shut up-Simple Plan [Yea I'll die if I don't talk!! haha..]
20. What is your biggest secret?
  • You'll think of me-Keith Urban [My biggest secret is that you'll think of me.. haha.. isn't that YOUR secret??]
21. What do you think of your friends?
  • Stop and stare-One republic [Ya they're so HOT you HAVE to stop and a stare.. haha]
22. What will you post this as?
  • unfaithful-Rihanna [Ya my bloody unfaithful playlist which made me sound ridiculous..]
23. What song would you play during your first time having sex?
  • Hallelujah-Paramore [oh WOW.. haha.. so wrong wei..]
  • Eight people I tag :
  1. Mark Lim
  2. Flora Oh
  3. Nadzratun Naim
  4. Chong Yee Leng
  5. Renu Arethi
  6. Charlene Tan
  7. Grace Lim
  8. Anyone else who wants to do this..
(sorry if you've done this and I tagged you again.. Ignore la k.. haha..)

Sunday, September 21, 2008


  1. Perfect: no one but God is ok!!!
  2. Tall: For a girl my age in M'sia, yeah!!!
  3. In your pajamas: Hello I just got back frm church.. NO!!
  4. Left handed: noppety nope...
  1. ►Friend you saw: Flora? Is she counted friend?? haha
  2. ►Talked to on the phone : Renu
  3. ►Person to text you: Mark
  4. ►Is today better than yesterday?: erm, too early to tell.. only half the day has passed..
  1. Number: 27
  2. Color: black, white, purple, blue, pink and red
  3. Food: Too many to be listed.. eg Br, Starbucks, Cakes.....
  4. Place: My bedroom.. comfort.. haha..
  • Q: What was the first thing you did this morning when you got up?
  • reply people's message..
  • Q: Do you have anything bothering you?
  • my trials lk DUH!!!
  • Q: What's the last movie you watched in theaters?
  • really pathetic but I believe it was Dark Knight..
  • Q: Where is the last place you went?
  • church..
  • Q. Do you smile a lot?
  • yeah I do.. Smiling is important k..
  • Q: Do you wish upon stars?
  • Used to.. haven't done it in a while.. *hmmmmm*
  • Q: Are you a friendly person?
  • I believe I am but you people tell me la k?!
  • Q: Where did you sleep last night?
  • At someone else's house?? haha.. Obviously not.. On my bed la..
  • Q: Why did you sleep there?
  • Cuz it's my bed?? Hello??
  • Q: When was the last time you cried?
  • hmmm.. dunno but probably 2 weeks ago..
  • Q: What do you hear right now?
  • Lifehouse's everything playing from my computer..
  • Q: Does anything hurt you right now?
  • Ya screwed up trials..
  • Q: What's your favorite month?
  • JANUARY!!!
  • Q: Are missing someone right now?
  • Ya I am.. not someone but many someones.. haha..
  • Q: Are you single?
  • Yes I am.. Quite proud of it in fact.. But I'm not available la for now.. haha..
  • Q: Are your parents still married?
  • Erm... Ya...
  • Real name? : Amanda Janelle Quah Yu-Li
  • Age? : 17
  • Eye color? : Brown
  • Zodiac sign?:Aquarius
  • Male or female? : Female
  • Single? : Goodness did I not just answer this.. YES!!!
  • Crushing? : ya I'm crushing my trials into pieces..
  • Smart? : I hope so.. Haha..
  • Hair color? : Black la.. but the slightly browned by the sun also..
  • Sweats or Jeans? :Jeans anyday..
  • Phone or Camera? : Phone phone phone phone.. Do I make my point?
  • Health freak? : Trying to be.. Living healthy..
  • Righty or lefty? : Right..
  • First best friend?: I think it was probably Sandy Bernadette Chin..
  • First award?: Full attendance for 6years old Catechism class.. haha..
  • First enemy?: Errr... no idea la..
  • First vacation?: Langkawi when I was 3.. That's as I remember la.. haha..
  • Eating?: Surprisingly, I am not.. Lol..
  • Drinking?: Nothing also..
  • Listening to?: Gotta Find You from camp Rock..
  • Plans for tommorow?: Taking my bloody Physics papers la..
  • Lips or eyes? : Eyes for sure..
  • Shorter or taller? : Taller..
  • Romantic or spontaneous? : Spontaneous.. I think.. haha..
  • Sensitive or loud? : Somewhere in between.. Appropriate..
  • Hook-up or in a relationship? : No hook-up all k.. relationships that are genuine..
  • Lost glasses/contacts?: ohhhhh yes.. twice.. But found back the 2nd time.. haha..
  • Ran away from home?: erm no I'm not like that la k..
  • Broken someone's heart? : sad to say but yes.. sighs...
  • Do you like someone? : I'm not too sure myself.. Maybe yes maybe not..
  • Are you seriously happy with where you are in life? : ok this one I wanna talk longer a bit la.. Honestly, I know I have my ups and downs.. But even at times when I insist that I hate my life, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world la.. Where I am right now, I believe I am happy.. I might not get everything I want, I might not have that special someone, but what I have is a very supportive family, and true friends who love me for who I am.. My dear "family"... ~Fred, Ash, Flora, Sherie, Mark, Shaun~ then my insane chemistry buddies.. ~Renu, Lis, Phoeb, Naim~ Besides, I haven't screwed my life up la k.. And most importantly, I have God who's with me all the time in my whole life..
======================================= TAGGING TIME!!
  1. Naim
  2. Renu
  3. Lis
  4. Reen
  5. Flora
  6. Chong
  7. Mark
  8. Lene
  9. Glynn
  10. Eunice
  11. Lilian
  12. Sammie
  13. Whoever who is bored like me!!

randomness again...

  • Another random post.. I just feel like it..
  • Bible paper today really sucked la.. But I din really care oso la.. knew I was gonna screw it..
  • I had to invent my own facts.. Instead of Acts of the Apostles, it probably became like Acts of Amanda.. Lol..
  • OK la, I vow to study for my Spm.. I cannot be doing this right..
  • Church today was so fun.. Only Fred, Ash, Flora and I were at the choir to sing..
  • Despite there being only 4 of us, we so totally rocked wei.. Everyone said we were good.. Haha..
  • Singing makes me happy.. Been feeling happy the whole day.. *despite screwing my bible paper*
  • The really weird thing is that I have been quite happy although having trials.. Hmmm..
  • I feel very much better as oppose to my emo week.. sigh.. thank goodness it's over..
  • Hopefully I stay lk this all the time, with no emoness, no jealously, no anger..
  • Then I'll be capable of spreading joy to people!! haha..
  • Gonna end this post with a short line I found nice..
  • ~If you get a chance, take it.. If it changes your life, let it..~

Friday, September 19, 2008

Lady with issues..

  • Seriously, I dunno wat prob does that lady have against me..
  • Like maybe I had to take my Chemistry paper 2 and she just had to get on my nerves la..
  • I came in same time with Lis in to the exam hall..
  • When I sat down, I realised I did not have a question paper..
  • So I very POLITELY raised my hand, and that lady DID NOT ACKNOWLEDGE me!!
  • SO I proceeded on saying "teacher, i don't have a question paper.."
  • And that lady says this.. "Oh, that's cuz you came in late!!"
  • LIKE HELLO, den how come Lis has a paper and I don't??
  • Arul who hasn't even come in yet ALSO has a question paper..
  • And I was only lk wat, 5 seconds late??!! shhhheeeessshhh...
  • Then she walks over in that pathetic way of hers to hand me my ques paper..
  • Pls la lady, can you pls just admit you FORGOT to put a paper on my table or LEFT OUT my table??
  • Don't blame me and say I came in late that's why no paper..
  • A real lady with issues who cannot seem to understand the fact that I already as it is got no chemistry with my chemistry paper..

Sunday, September 14, 2008

super hooked on the songs

  • Gotta go study soon.. Sigh..
  • But just wanna say a bit of nonsense here la.. As usual..
  • I am SUPER HOOKED on the songs "This Is Me" and "Gotta Find You" from Camp Rock..
  • They are the only two songs playing over and over again on my computer..
  • The tune is damn nice, the lyrics so meaningful..
  • An update to my previous tag.. ways to win my heart.. haha.. sing "Gotta Find You" to me.. Like how Joe sings to Demi in the movie.. sighs..
  • Signing out from this post with a line I really like..
  • *You're the missing piece I need, the song inside of me*

another tag

Ok i know i should be studying BUT I am bored, AGAIN, so here comes another tag since I dunno what to blog bout.. haha..
  • My top ten most favourite food(in no particular order)
  1. Baskin Robbin's ice-cream
  2. Caesar's salad
  3. Starbucks coffee
  4. Chocolate of any sort
  5. Fettucine Carbonara
  6. Secret Recipe's chocolate and cheese cakes
  7. Sushi
  8. Dunkin Donut's croissant sandwich
  9. Mcflurry cornetto chocolate
  10. Dim sum
  • Ten things I love doing (no particular order also)
  1. Reading storybooks
  2. Blogging
  3. Playing piano
  4. Singing
  5. Playing volleyball
  6. Laughing
  7. Hanging out with friends
  8. Talking
  9. Eating
  10. Listening to music
  • Five types of guys that I adore (random and on the spot)
  1. Musicians
  2. Volleyball players
  3. Those with that dimpled smile which melts my heart.. Lol..
  4. Those whose voice makes my heart beat 10 times faster.. haha..
  5. Those with the hot abs.. haha..
  • Five things I love doing when I'm emo
  1. Listen to music
  2. Read storybooks
  3. Cry
  4. Hide myself in my room
  5. Write songs
  • Five things I love doing when I'm happy
  1. LAUGH!!
  2. Talk to my friends
  3. Sing
  4. Disturb people
  5. Play guitar(although I can't really play) and piano
  • Ten ways to win my heart
  1. Be a genuine friend
  2. Understand me
  3. Serenade me.. Lol..
  4. Smile
  5. Stick around and wait for me.. (it's possible)
  6. Try buying me 99 white roses.. (I dunno if it'll work.. haha..)
  7. Bring me out on a romantic stroll by the beach in the moonlight
  8. Cook for me and feed my stomach!! Haha..
  9. Write a song bout me!! (so narcissistic la.. Lol..)
  10. LOVE me for ME!!
  • My five top most favourite junk food (before i answer this I need to know if Br, Starbucks and Dunkins counted junk food not.. Cuz now I assume they're fast food k.. Haha..)
  1. Chocolate
  2. Sour cream and onion Pringles
  3. Mentos sour mix and berry blast
  4. M&Ms..
  5. Cottage fries
  • 5 things I wish could happen
  1. I have this Amanda land that I can run to anytime I want
  2. I don't have to go NS
  3. I will know what I have to study after Spm..
  4. I can eat and eat and eat yet NEVER gain weight
  5. I don't have to take the bloody Spm..
  • Ten ridiculous things I wish to do before I die..
  1. Start an amazing, fabulous line of clothing.. haha..
  2. Model for famous designers in Milan, Paris, New York.. Haha..
  3. Release my own music album
  4. Make a movie
  5. Go on a date with Joe Jonas
  6. Then get married to Joe Jonas.. haha..
  7. Go straight up to all the people I dislike(Like my "dearest good mother) and tell these bloody people that I've got issues with them..
  8. Own ten thousand pairs of shoes
  9. Learn how to play the drums, bass, guitar, violin, flute and more instruments REALLY well..
  10. Go to America and join "who wants to be the next superhero?".. haha.. well, it is ridiculous ma..
  • My top ten recently most addicted songs
  1. This Is Me from Camp Rock
  2. Gotta Find You from Camp Rock
  3. Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade
  4. Vulnerable by Secondhand Serenade
  5. Thunder by Boys Like Girls
  6. Check Yes Juliet by We The Kings
  7. I'm Yours by Jason Mraz
  8. Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat
  9. What About Now by Daughtry
  10. 7 Things by Miley Cyrus
  • Ten person I wish to tag
  1. Nadzratun Naim
  2. Chong Yee Leng
  3. Renu Arethi
  4. Flora Oh
  5. Mark Lim
  6. Melissa Ong
  7. Charlene Tan
  8. Leong Sue Reen
  9. Glynn Wong
  10. Anyone else who is bored and wants to do this..

Saturday, September 13, 2008


  • Damn la I got tagged again.. sigh.. So here goes la.. the rule of the game is to list 15 weird habits/things/little known facts bout myself.. Then to tag 10 other people.. And no tags back allowed!!
  • So here goes..
  1. I like looking at my own eyes in the mirror..
  2. I enjoy laughing, on and on and on..
  3. I am NOT obsessed bout my weight but I do wanna lose some of it right now..
  4. When I am truly depressed, I go to the kitchen, find a huge bar of chocolate and eat the entire thing.. If there is no chocolate, I melt cooking chocolate then eat it..
  5. I have imagined my wedding and how it's gonna be like..
  6. I HAVE to read a book every night.. If I don't it feels like my day isn't complete and I cant sleep..
  7. I have this thrill in me when I get something new.. Be it new shoes, new towel or even new erasers.. haha..
  8. I have this tremendous fear of losing my friends, especially the ones whom I'm really close to..
  9. When I'm free, I sit down and look for split ends in my hair..
  10. I fall for guys for no concrete reason, but yet find it difficult to get over them.. Ultimate weirdness.. Haha..
  11. When I don't blog after a few days, hand like itchy pulak.. haha..
  12. I got this habit, must snooze twice each morning before waking up.. Lol..
  13. I like putting on nail polish for myself and others, except that when I'm not satisfied I'll take the whole thing out.. haha..
  14. I always wonder how I'll look with brownish auburn hair.. Let's see if I have the courage to do it next time.. haha..
  15. Finally, I sing in the shower k.. (i'm running outta ideas.. haha..)
  • Now the tagging part.. Naim basically tagged everyone I would tag, so what the hell la I tag again thus, you definitely have to do if you're tagged by both of us!!!
  1. Renu Arethi
  2. Melissa Ong
  3. Chong Yee Leng
  4. Charlene Tan
  5. Flora Oh
  6. Eunice Tan
  7. Cher Poh Kim
  8. Leong Sue Reen
  9. Mark Lim (you got blog edi.. this is part of blogging.. haha..)
  10. Freddie Wee (Time for you to go GET a bloody blog!!)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Studying session!!

  • Ok just few hours ago I was at Lis's place with Phoeb and we were doing ACCOUNTS cuz our trials is on Mon.. *gasps at the lack of studying time*
  • So we decided to do a group study..
  • The first thing that happens is that Lucas, Lis's bro, asks if he can tell us a joke..
  • So we being nice people, we say yes.. Here's the joke..
  • A rabbit goes to a stall and asks the stallkeeper "Do you have carrots?"
  • The stallkeeper says no..
  • The next day, the rabbit goes there and asks again "Do you have carrots?"
  • The stallkeeper says "No and if you ask that again I am gonna cut off your ears!!"
  • The third day, the rabbit goes bask there and asks "Do you have scissors?"
  • The stallkeeper says no..
  • Then the rabbit asks "Do you have carrots?"
  • The stallkeeper goes "............" (Lucas actually drew this out.. Lol..)
  • I really dun find it funny but Lucas is just so cute.. haha..
  • Lucas telling his joke..
  • Then we started studying, except that Phoeb spotted this lil thing which Lis and I hid in her pencil box earlier this afternoon.. Haha..
  • The thing from Czip Lee..
  • Somehow, Lis and Phoeb started throwing it at each other.. NONSTOP!!! I innocent person also got hit!! Hmmph..
  • Then Phoeb came up with this theory that Lis should keep it!! See for yourself why!!
  • It matches her t-shirt!!! Haha.. Orange and black!!
  • Then finally, we started studying.. Mind you we, really did ok!! I have proof!!
  • Saw the amount of accounts books and papers?? Haha..
  • For once we tried doing without discussing..
  • All felt very insecure and unsure.. haha..
  • I dunno how we gonna take our accounts exam on Mon.. DAMN!!
  • Good news though.. I managed to imbang my account!! WOOOHOOO!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My random friends..

  • Phoebe Lim, Miss I-forget-all-my-properties..
  • Miss Nadzratun Naim, Miss I'm-too-blur-to-get-anything..
  • Renu Arethi, Miss I-never-study-Moral-before..
  • I really do love my friends you know.. haha..
  • Even at times like these, namely trials, they can STILL find ways to provide me with laughter..
  • The specimens...
Renu Arethi
  • This oh-so-amazing friend of mine has probably never studied moral in her 5yrs of being in secondary school..
  • We were memorising moral nilais this morning..
  • Renu Ah Wei Me
  • Eh, what's the definisi for sikap keterbukaan ah??
  • Bersedia memberi dan menerima pandangan, pembaharuan dan kritikan selaras dengan kebenaran fakta
  • *butts in* Isn't it kebenaran takhta?
  • NO, it is kebenaran FAKTA..
  • NO, it's kebenaran TAKHTA..
  • It's fakta la!! Kebenaran takhta does NOT make sense..
  • But the PAPER says that..
  • That's a bloody typing error la, there is no such thing as kebenaran takhta..
  • *Wei and I bursts into laughter*
Phoebe Lim
  • This one pulak, always leave her stuff EVERYWHERE and forgets wan samore.. LOL..
  • We were all going home and I spot her bottle on my table.. She is already out of the class..
  • So I decided to go " AHEMMMMMM"
  • She turns, sees her bottle, and WALKS AWAY!!! (phoeb, I am NOT yr maid, I'm not obliged to take your bottle k)
  • Then Naim does it on my behalf, except with higher frequency.. "AAAHHHHHHHHEEEMMMMMMM"!!!
  • But Naim's tune a bit whacked up, so Wei and I proceed to laugh again..
  • Then Phoeb finally walks back in, and despite the fact that Wei and I were in tears, she goes "So can we go now?"
  • Phoeb, Phoeb, Phoeb...
Nadzratun Naim
  • This one is the weirdest of the lot la.. haha..
  • She somehow had a picture of her when she was smaller.. so she showed us during lunch..
  • She really did look very cute and adorable.. So UNLIKE her now.. Lol..
  • So I said, "somewhere in the middle, disaster struck"
  • Everyone else laughed, she looked at me with this "I have no idea what you just said" look..
  • Naim, Naim, start working on UNDERSTANDING me la k.. haha..
  • So that was what happened today la more or less.. Wei was pretty sane today, so she's not in this post.. haha..

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Egoistic guys..

  • I actually have something to blog bout courtesy of Miss Cher Poh Kim..
  • So, thank you Kim, my blog was becoming too filled with random rubbish.. Lol..
  • Well, we din have paper today after recess cuz the agama students had their agama paper..
  • So, we were left downstairs.. And... I had every intention to study..
  • But again we got caught up with talking.. Haha.. And for some reason, the topic of GUYS came up..
  • Then, Kim started saying that guys are egoistic.. And sorry to all guys la, but I do have to agree with that up to a certain extent.. AND, da whole table agreed also!!!
  • And Kim proceeded to saying that even guys who are ugly never think that they are, simply because "they are not as bad as those who kena langgar lori"
  • HAHAHAHAHAHA.. That's how egoistic guys can be..
  • Now I'm gonna be hunted down by the entire population of guys who is going to read this..
  • Well, too bad and sorry we girls need to have some form of conversation to make ourselves feel better after that INSANE history paper la..
  • ok that's it this for now.. Haha..

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Exam sucks..

  • I hate exams la..
  • They were made to torment and torture "innocent" students like me!!
  • It's bad enough that everything seems to involve tons and tons of writing..
  • They have la to go and lump all the writing subjects in the same week...
  • Bm ystd, Eng today, History tmr, Moral on Thurs..
  • Like HELLO people, we poor, pitiful Form 5 students do NOT have iron hands k!!
  • My fingers now look distorted.. the right hand la obviously..
  • My 2nd finger has like a flat slanted surface now.. 3rd finger is swollen..
  • And tomorrow is the DREADED history paper.. *I hate history!!!*
  • On the bright side, I think I did QUITE ok for my papers so far la.. At least I managed to finish everything especially my Literature..
  • Well, enough bout exams for today la huh..
  • Let's talk bout something more interesting!!!
  • Prom!!!
  • To all those out there who're interested, we are organising a prom and it's gonna be on the 5th of December 2008..
  • It'll be in Palm Garden, IOI Resort, Putrajaya..
  • Tickets are priced at RM80..
  • Ok now before you go complaining saying it's expensive, you listen to me first.. haha..
  • Firstly, it is only 5 bucks more than last year'a prom.. What with the economical crisis and all, it's pretty expected OK!!!
  • Secondly, we have an amazingly awesome DJ who will be providing songs for us to dance all night long..
  • Thirdly, we are gonna have better bands this year.. (To those who went last year's prom, I BET you remember the weird bands that either screamed or sang on 1 single note throughout their ENTIRE performance.. LOL..)
  • This year, we're bringing back the rock n roll band, who were the BEST band last year..
  • In addition to that, a NEW BAND who we guarantee will get you on your feet and get your hearts pumping!!
  • And we'll go ALL OUT with the deco this year.. I'm not gonna give anything away but let's say the plan now involves lotsa cloth, lights.. haha..
  • And what's a prom without the crowning of the Prom King and Queen!!
  • AND.... not to forget, a chance to meet new people and flirt to the max if you dare!! LOL..
  • So start paying up for tickets, and COME!!!
  • You wouldn't wanna miss something that's destined for