Saturday, October 25, 2008

=not very stable at the moment=

  • Yup, I'm not feeling so stable la.. I think I'm having Pms.. There's just no way of running from Pms la huh..
  • As I type out this bloody post, I'm in tears..
  • I dunno la, maybe it's cuz I'm all alone at home, so everything is just getting to me..
  • No really, I wanna stress that I am NOT going through an emo time, it's just at the spur of the moment oni..
  • I was just going through my pictures, and I stopped when I saw the pictures of us..
  • I looked into our eyes in the pic and the tears just came flowing..
  • Life is never fair.. We never get what we want..
  • Nothing tastes as sweet as what I can't have..
  • I'm the only person who knows how much I want it..
  • Many may say that they understand, but as long as they don't feel the way I feel, they'll never understand..
  • At times even I don't understand myself..
  • So many say that I'm strong.. But I ask myself, am I?? Really??
  • I quote Gabriella from HSM3, "I ran out of goodbyes.."
  • I don't know if I have the strength to say that goodbye when it comes..
  • +Dear God, if you're not gonna give me what I want, then don't even let me see it.. Cuz when I get even a glimpse of it, everything becomes harder..To see, to know and most importantly to feel what that can never be mine.. It breaks my heart and it hurts a million times more.. And it's cruel to do something like that to me.. I beg you not to..+

A weekend alone...

  • Ya, the title says it all.. I'm all alone this weekend..
  • Well not exactly la cuz I'm with the maid.. But still!!!!
  • My family has gone to spend the night at Meridian Hotel.. But cuz of that BLASTED Spm, I'm at home la.. Shhheeesssshh..
  • Well, it's actually not too bad la.. Other than the occasional boredom..
  • And since I got pretty much nothing to blog bout, I shall talk bout a movie I watched ystd la..
  • Ya ok it's High School Musical 3.. haha..
  • And mind you, it is not that bad.. quite enjoyable actually if you like dancing and musicals..
  • Well one thing I must say really hit me in the movie were all the times they talked bout separating and graduating..
  • I kinda teared at those times, cuz ya, it's gonna happen to me pretty soon..
  • The future's unpredictable and that scares me a lot, cuz i'll be away from the comfort of having my friends and classmates with me..
  • It's a whole new journey that I have to go through, because it's part of life..
  • My dear 5 Intan classmates, I love you guys so much and really, I couldn't have asked for better classmates..
  • Well other than the occasional weird over-the-top hand actions while singing, the movie was fine la..
  • Songs are better round this time.. Lyrics more meaningful.. Until I actually felt touched by some songs.. Haha..
  • My fav for now is "Can I have This Dance"..
  • Reminds me of prom.. And reminds me also that I do NOT possess a date..
  • And I will most likely NOT have a date.. 2 yrs in a row.. Oh wow.. Lol..
  • Ya and it's reminding me that our plans for deco are NO WHERE near done.. (Do you hear me, Phoebe Lim and Melissa Ong???)
  • I have no idea how things will turn out.. Only time will tell..

Saturday, October 18, 2008

got tagged again.. three things..

  • three names you go by :
  1. Manda
  2. Amanda
  3. Alvin
  • three screen names you have had :
  1. AJ
  2. Amanda
  3. Manda
  • three physical things you like about yourself :
  1. my eye colour
  2. my hair
  3. my lips =)
  • three physical things you don't like about yourself :
  1. Gain too much weight too fast.. sigh..
  2. dry skin.. sobs..
  3. huge thighs.. ugly ugly ugly..
  • three parts of your heritage :
  1. Erm, chinese??
  2. Chinese??
  3. And Chinese??
  • three things that scare you :
  1. Losing my family and friends
  2. Dying
  3. Creepy crawlies
  • three of your everyday essentials :
  1. PHONE!!!!
  2. Lip balm
  3. Water?? Lol..
  • three things you are wearing now :
  1. Hairband
  2. T-shirt
  3. Shorts
  • three of your favourite bands or musical acts :
  1. Secondhand Serenade
  2. Paramore
  3. Daughtry
  • three of your favourite songs (right now) :
  1. River flows in you (Bella's lullaby)
  2. Lovebug
  3. When God Made You
  • three things you want in a relationship :
  1. LOVE!!!!
  2. Understanding
  3. Laughter
  • three physical things about the opposite sex that appeals to you :
  1. Smile
  2. Eyes
  3. Dressing
  • three of your hobbies :
  1. Msging ppl
  2. Reading story books
  3. Anything music related.. Especially singing..
  • three things you wanna do really badly right now :
  1. SLEEP!!!!
  2. Eat
  3. Dance.. haha..
  • three careers you're considering/considered before :
  1. Singer (this was when I was a small girl la..)
  2. Event Manager (Really I would LOVE to do this..)
  3. Journalist (I enjoy writing.. A lot..)
  • three places you want to go on vacation :
  1. Greece
  2. France
  3. Italy
  • three things you want to do before you die :
  1. Get married to the right guy and have my dream wedding
  2. Tell all family and friends that I love them and thank them for everything they have ever done for me
  3. Get a hug from all my family and friends
  • five people that you would like to see take this quiz now :
  1. Naim
  2. Renu
  3. Mark
  4. Flora
  5. Chong

~Graduation Lunch!!~

  • Finally, today's event.. graduation.. after 4 posts, i survived and got here.. haha..
  • At this point I don't really feel like typing anything.. So once again, just short descriptions la k..
  • But I must say, the teachers all said they enjoyed our sketch..
  • Though it was SOOOO spontaneous, we pulled it off..
  • Seriously we made a million last min changes this morning itself.. Haha..
  • Still we made everyone laugh.. Well what can I say.. 5 Intan rocks!!!
  • ~Phoeb, me, Lis, Lynne and Lilian..~
  • ~Wei and me.. (If you scroll back to the wedding post, you'll see a pic of me and wei.. Notice that for some reason we had da EXACT same expression as in this pic!!! Freaky..)~
  • ~The Chemistry Five~
  • ~Tun and Me~
  • ~Today's birthday girl, Reen and Me~
  • This is how I interpret our faces!!
  • Esther Me
  • This is so amusing it tires me.. Why am I here again??
  • If they don't give me the food now, there's gonna be trouble!!
  • ~Mastahh Kim and Manda aka Honey~
~Nazie, Tun, Me, Wei and Renu~
  • ~5 Intaners.. Lene, Phoeb, Me, Lis, Naim, Lynne and Lilian~
  • ~"The bloody speeches are SOOOOO boring!!!"~
  • ~Miss Ecstatic, Miss I-Am-Thinking, Miss Drunk..~
  • ~Debaters unite!! (I miss my debating days, Renu..)~
  • ~Now believe it or not, ALL these food for 4 people.. Haha..~
  • ~Intan and Rubi.. Naim, Jhen, Me, Ann, Lis, Abby and Renu~
  • ~More Intaners.. Naim, Shob, Chris, Me and Renu~
  • ~My discipline teachers and Me, the not-so-good-ex-prefect~
  • ~My form 1 and 2 science teacher, Cik Azizah and me~
  • ~Our sketch director, Chong and Me~
  • ~The teacher whom I fear the most, Cik Besira and Me~
  • ~5 Intan class teacher, Puan Sakuntala and Me~
  • ~My amazing debate teacher, Puan Nirmala and Me~
  • ~The superb, kick-ass, a lil crazy, one and only 5 Intan!!~
  • ~The teacher who calls me Quack, Puan Pushpa and Me(Quack)~
  • ~Jeeva and Me.. (This fella sat beside me in std1.. we introduced ourselves by writing our names on the table.. Lol..)~
  • ~The add maths genius, Wendy and Me..~
  • ~My amma, Mishan and Me.. ~
  • ~Ahem, Lilian.. you can tip-toe but I am STILL taller than you!! Haha..~
  • ~Sampat one and Sampat two~
  • ~I gave Guga the pleasure of being taller than me la.. ~
  • ~Future mafia leaders, you guys?? Haha..~
  • ~The retarded acts of my classmates and me..~
  • ~The next singing sensation, Eunice and Me..~
  • Now, please undersstand that Phoeb and I got bored in the car on the way back..
  • So when boredom hits, this is what happens la.. Haha..
  • ~A normal, civilised picture~
  • Then, all hell broke loose..
  • Phoeb and I unleashed our "camwhoring" demons.. Lol..
  • ~Let's see who pouts better??~
  • ~Omg, AHHHHHH~
  • ~Uh-huh, the GIRLS are in the hood.. haha..~
  • ~The failed mafia what's up look..~
  • ~Yay me, I killed Phoeb!!~
  • ~You see our hands more than our faces.. haha..~
  • ~Blur but I like the whole effect la.. haha..~
  • And this picture concludes my blogging for today..
  • Read all and enjoy!!

Phoeb's 17th Birthday!!

  • So it was Phoeb's birthday.. And we din wanna go sch, but was FORCED to.. Cuz had to prac for our graduation performance..
  • So we basically sat in the pavilion the whole entire day..
  • And smart me brought camera la.. So took pics almost all the time wen we were not practicing..
  • ~Naim aka Ratatouille and Me!!~
  • ~Renu and me..~
  • ~Now the 4 of us were not in the 1st scene of the sketch.. And they took an ETERNITY trying to get it right.. So it led to this la.. (Look down.. Lol..)~
  • ~Yellow and red t-shirts=Melissa Ong and Amanda Quah!!~
  • ~The birthday girl for that day(16th Oct) and Me..~
  • ~More stupid stunts la.. Told you we were bored k.. haha..~
  • ~In case you cannot identify the faces.. Catherine, Phoeb, Lis, Renu, Naim, Celine and me..~
  • Now I really should tell you bout Kim's hamsters.. They're called Cream and Puff.. Cream is the light-coloured one and she's the female..
  • Puff is the dark-coloured one and he is the male..
  • According to Kim, the night before Phoeb's bday, Puff tried to "rape" Cream.. Haha..
  • Even hamsters wanna have fun la wei.. Lol.. omg..
  • And oh ya.. Phoeb is Godmother num1 to the hamsters.. And I am Godmother num2..
  • ~My Godchildren, Cream and Puff..~
  • After a long, long day of practicing, we finally headed for Pizza and arrived..
  • And it took so long to organise everyone to sit down.. Cuz Pizza was pretty packed and there were 13 of us..
  • After settling down, Naim started her alien work la.. Claims that she is psychic and can predict the future..
  • ~Naim at work.. Predicting Phoeb's "future"..~
  • Everything in between was boring, we basically ate oni la.. Den the fun part came.. Cake time.. Wei and I were the ones who went and got it..
  • Wrote a very interesting wish for Phoeb on her cake.. Lol..
  • ~Choc banana cake.. It says "Happy 17th B'day Dear Phoeb (V-Smack)! It's an insiders joke.. If you don't get it den come ask me, I'll see if I feel like telling you.. Haha..~
  • ~Phoeb's 17th birthday cake.. All the lighted candles up this time..~
  • ~Aww, bday girl looks so happy..~
  • ~Bday girl made her wish and is seen blowing off the candles..~
  • ~Bday girl cutting her cake..~
  • ~And of course, we made her do this.. Bday girl taking the candle out of the cake with her mouth..~
  • Finally, no birthday would be complete without the cream la..
  • Wei and I started this time.. She took Phoeb's left, I took the right..
  • Then after that Phoeb spent da whole 10 mins chasing us..
  • We were running round and round the table..
  • Finally, I kena from Naim, I hit back at her.. Haha.. Kim kena from Phoeb..
  • Then we realise Lis and Renu were really clean, so they also got it la.. Lol..
  • Halfway through Mark came to drop off Phoeb's present..
  • And I believe we scared him la.. haha..
  • And by the way, Lene, Chong, Ng, Eunice and whoever else who were so clean.. You wait la you gonna get it soon.. haha..
  • ~Creamed-up birthday girl~
  • After all that fun, Phoeb, Lis and I sadly had to go for Accounts tuition..
  • Mr Wong made fun of da hamsters saying they stink.. (They did not, Kim bathed them edi wan)
  • The hamsters were with Phoeb cuz she's babysitting them over the weekend..
  • We got bored at tuition as usual..
  • ~Simon, Alvin and Theodore.. The singing "chipmunks"..~
  • ~I apparently became the centre of attraction.. Haha..~