Saturday, November 22, 2008

  • ok seriously.. I know i should not be doing this again..
  • But this is now a necessity la..
  • So i've posted this before, but in case there are people who missed it.. here goes..
  • Prom!!!
  • To all those out there who're interested, we are organising a prom and it's gonna be on the 5th of December 2008..
  • It'll be in Palm Garden, IOI Resort, Putrajaya..
  • Tickets are priced at RM80..
  • Ok now before you go complaining saying it's expensive, you listen to me first.. haha..
  • Firstly, it is only 5 bucks more than last year'a prom.. What with the economical crisis and all, it's pretty expected OK!!!
  • Secondly, we have an amazingly awesome DJ who will be providing songs for us to dance all night long..
  • Thirdly, we are gonna have better bands this year.. (To those who went last year's prom, I BET you remember the weird bands that either screamed or sang on 1 single note throughout their ENTIRE performance.. LOL..)
  • This year, we're bringing back the rock n roll band, who were the BEST band last year..
  • In addition to that, a NEW BAND who we guarantee will get you on your feet and get your hearts pumping!!
  • And we'll go ALL OUT with the deco this year.. I'm not gonna give anything away but let's say the plan now involves lotsa cloth, lights.. haha..
  • And what's a prom without the crowning of the Prom King and Queen!!
  • AND.... not to forget, a chance to meet new people and flirt to the max if you dare!! LOL..
  • So start paying up for tickets, and COME!!!
  • You wouldn't wanna miss something that's destined for

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

SPM is killing me..

  • Oh my poor, abandoned, deserted, desolated blog.. Haha..
  • I blame it ALL on Spm..
  • Can't do this, can't do that.. Know why?? Spm, spm, SPM!!!
  • It's lk a BLOODY DECOY trying to deter me from doing the things I love..
  • Like choir prac, watching movies, hanging out with frens, jamming..
  • Well, so far I really do not know why, but I don't seem to be THAT scared bout Spm..
  • I expected to be really freaked out, worried, n crying cuz I got no time..
  • Haha.. I guess in a way it's good.. I'm not that stressed..
  • So far, I think I pretty much screwed a lot of my papers..
  • history, add maths, moral..
  • What's done is done la.. can't reverse time..
  • Time to face the tough weeks..
  • Chem, Bio, Phy, Est, Lit and Accounts left..
  • Then I am officially blogging with photos.. haha.. bout Melissa Ong's bday..
  • Wish me all the best..
  • GOODBYE BLOG!!! For another 2 weeks..