Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mandarin Oriental 2nd Day

  • Ok Ok I've abandoned my blog long enough.. Shall update la k.. Super late post but ahh screw it.. Forget out first day at Mandarin Oriental, nothing happened.. The 2nd day however was eventful.. haha.. Glynn and I arrived early at KLCC to meet some of the LnL people to hang out.. And we had lunch at Manhattan's Fish Market, where service was horrendous it took them more than half an hour to bring our drinks.. Sheeshh..
  • But anyways, after lunch, we got bored and just wondered around aimlessly, taking lots of pics obviously.. LOL.. And we all went a little bonkers and decided to buy reindeer antlers and Santa hats to wear in the spirit of christmas as well!! hahaha..
Glynn got runny nose, Joel being Glynn's maid, I doing "model" pose and Justin doing squats.. HAHAHA..
Glynn and I forcing Joel to face his fear of heights..
Centre Court with all its glorious deco..
Girls going gaga over candy.. lol..
Cinema.. Err my face.. I dunno.. haha..
Glynn Wong, the LnL sleeping partner.. Haha.. Sound damn wrong..
  • We ended up watching Zombieland and I had to sneak 3 17 yr old KIDS in.. And mind you the guards were all doing checks, so we got a bit worried.. But I guess it was our lucky day cuz the group in front us got checked, so the guards were all too busy to check us.. Plus, I look way older than my age so they just allowed us in.. Haha.. And gosh those 17 yr old kiddies *cough gary joel and christopher* they got damn excited.. and they damn bising.. Glynn, Justin and I were lk "errrrr wth" Oh and the cinema was damn cold I din bring jacket, Justin damn sweet lent me his.. =)
  • Well that night at Mandarin Oriental, we did quite badly la for our first session.. I can't reveal too much but let's just say we had a little bit of an argument during the intermission la.. Fortunately all the drama was worth it cuz we totally rocked our 2nd session and Mandarin Oriental already called us back for next year.. Haha.. And also, we had a HUGE crowd this time.. Thanks to all the LnL people.. Almost 30 of them came..
Our fabulous singing group.. (So proud of my brother his first yr joining)
Yes I can pose even while singing, so sue me.. haha..
My darling angel, Isaac.. He calls me his Mortal Baby.. hehe..
Martin, Auggy and Patrick looking so macho while Glynn and I, err looking so smiley!!
The LnL family that came that night. Thanks people. *hugs*
  • So I guess that's is for this post. Oh next year, remember come watch us at Mandarin Oriental before Christmas for caroling.. I will keep all of you posted, not to worry.. haha.. In the mean time, Happy New Year!! Let's end 2009 with a blast and welcome 2010 with joy!! lotsa love..

Monday, December 28, 2009

My new baby.. =)

Hahaha.. yeap.. that is my new baby.. A Canon EOS 450D.. I am so overly ecstatic bout it.. =) Can't wait to learn how to use it properly.. My daddy rocks, cuz he bought it for me.. haha.. Ok that's it.. I just needed to say that.. lol.. And yes I am aware that my blog is pretty abandoned.. Quite lazy la these days.. Besides been going out too much.. So, wait till I get my blogging mood back first la.. Till then, Happy New Year.. 2010 people!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Of Christmas Eve afternoons.. =)

  • Yeah baby it's finally Xmas Eve.. And gahh my blog has been pretty abandoned I know.. It's cuz this is like the busiest time ever in the year, I've out everyday.. Either shopping, practising or performing or meeting up with people.. Why can't we have 48 hours in a day huh? haha.. So anyways, our performance at Mandarin Oriental is finally over and they said we were really good, and we already got called back for next year.. *all smiles* All the drama was worth it after all..
  • Yesterday was AWESOME la.. Met up with some LnL 09 people at KLCC.. We camwhored, messed with Joel's DSLR, bought Santa hats and reindeer antlers and watched Zombieland.. It was so fun, I laughed like crazy.. Then we headed over to Mandarin Oriental to sing, and boy was I shocked because more than 20 LnL people came and they completely filled the lounge.. Damn touched that they all came k.. And that angel of mine, Isaac sempat shout my name loud loud samore.. haha..
  • I don't have the pictures with me la, all in Joel's DSLR.. So when I get the pictures maybe I'll post them up.. Maybe.. It depends on how lazy I feel.. haha.. In the mean time, have a very Blessed and Merry Christmas, as well as a fantabulous New Year!! *hugs*

Monday, December 21, 2009

Of Monday evenings and of LnL gathering..

  • All I feel like doing is sleeping.. And I mean that.. I woke up at almost 12.. And by 2 plus I fell asleep on the couch.. Yes, I am a lifeless, boring person.. Depressing.. Utterly depressing.. I don't even know what to blog about anymore.. Before I went to Love and Life I had like a few events and outings I had to blog bout, but now, ahh screw it la k.. I damn lazy.. haha.. Ok I have thought and pondered (LnL 09 insiders' joke), and I decided that I shall blog about the night I ditched prom, and instead headed off to Mid Valley to meet up with some of the LnL people.. =)
  • So on the 17th of Dec, which was Thursday and a day after LnL 09 ended, Glynn and I were supposed to crash prom.. But due to some miscommunication, we decided not to.. Instead, we made a spontaneous decision to go to Mid Valley and hang out with some LnL people.. And I have to say it was SO totally worth it.. =)
  • I remember when Glynn, Andrea and I saw Tina near the escalator we were like "omg is that Tina, Tina ah? ohh omg it IS Tina!!!" And we reached there and started screeching and we saw Cheryl and Monica who told me she couldn't make it.. haha.. then saw Virginia and Kevin.. And after that we even saw the guy who said he couldn't make it cuz his grandmother pregnant *coughmartincough* yeahh den more joined us after that.. Jeff, Damian, Patrick, Gaius, Helena, Charles and a friend of the guys, SK..
  • We lepak and talked in front the cinema.. (Yes such stoners with no aim..) After that we headed to KFC for dinner/supper, and later on we went to Brewball for pool.. It was such a good night, it was totally worth it ditching prom for that.. There's nothing much to say about the night, nothing majorly fantastic happened, it's just that I had amazing company and I love those people I hung out with.. =) I'll let the pictures do the talking..
Helena, Ann and me on the escalator..
Gaius who can NEVER keep his eyes open at the flash.. LOL..
Charles aka Sergeant Barcode!!
I wonder where Jeff looking.. haha..
Biggest posers number 1 and 2, Martin and Damian.. =)
Jeff Jeff Jeff
Glynn's Pa-Pa-Patrick and me.. lol..
"Oh yeah we are the new Muscle Men.. Check us out!!" hahaha..
Glynn and Damian
Ann and Martin with some random pose.. lol..
Don't mess with the 2 Tai Kor ok.. haha..
Kevin George, the guy who calls me Bocor.. lol..
Erm, they wanna share brotherly love perhaps? =)
My one and only mortal, Damian.. *hugs*
Biggest poser of the night!!
  • Now let me show you 2 pictures I took with Martin that tells a story.. LOL..
  • Manda: Ehh Martin look at that!!
  • Martin: Manda check that out la..
  • Martin: Ehh what you looking at laa..
  • Manda: WOI nothing there oso wan..
  • So there you have it, "The Story of Look There, Look Here, How Also I Don't See What You See".. lmao.. sorry being very random here.. haha.. Ok now the last picture of that night, and also the last picture of my post..
Biggest posers ever laa.. People wanna go home edi they still can go
"Ehh ehh one more shot, Manda faster take.."
It was an awesome night.. Love you all.. *hugs*

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Of Love and of Life =)

  • I always feel like blogging in the wee hours of the night I really don't know what's my problem but yeah.. I know I'm supposed to blog bout Love and Life 2009, but in order to do that I need like a full day, a lot of time and no distractions.. And these days, I don't have that luxury all right.. but I can't just sit here and not blog at all, I mean I still love my blog too much to let it just die k.. SO I have decided to make this a somewhat appreciation post..
  • Love and Life 2009 really changed my life.. I kid you not.. If you read my previous posts, you'll know that it killed me just to go.. I did not wanna go.. But I'm comin back, fully not regretting I went, and now asking everyone to go as well.. Because I learnt so much there, made so many new friends and felt so much love.. It's not like I don't have love before Love and Life la k.. It's just that, sometimes, the people around you can get complacent.. You've been around each other so much that sometimes you neglect to make the other person feel loved.. So yeah at camp, it was totally different.. I woke up each morning to people saying "Good Morning" in the brightest tones, smiling ever so brightly and giving me tight bear hugs..
  • From my dorm mates, to my group members and the facilitators, I felt the love from every direction, at times it was just overwhelming.. And having the whole angel mortal thing, it was so brilliant.. I felt really good having someone to take care of, like someone under my responsibility and when I bring him food and all, I feel that glow in me.. =) It makes me happy to make someone else happy..
My dear mortal, Damian Emmanuel.. *hugs*
  • And of course I had my angel as well.. And just as how I felt a glow in me by being an angel to Damian, I felt really good also to have my angel taking care of me.. Simple notes each day can make me smile.. And then not having to line up to get my food cuz my angel took it for me already.. Having a glass of water ready at hand after being drained out.. All these simple things made me feel so loved and taken care of..
I love my angel, Isaac George!! =)
  • And of course not forgetting my greatest teman in the camp, Glynn Wong.. As well as my childhood friend Andrea Chin.. I love both of you a lot k? I may not show it I may not say it but I do.. =)
Spastic heads.. =)
My "sister" la kononnya..
  • Then of course there's my group members.. St, Benedist of Nursia, although we were few in numbers but we still did our very best and we rocked!! Thanks for being such awesome group members.. =)
  • And ahhhhh the people who made it all happen.. The awesome Father George, Sister Yvonne, the advisors, and the facilitators.. You guys were really great, a job really well done.. The camp was so well organised and I enjoyed every minute of it.. Thank you for always being there for me, and for allowing me to be a part of such an amazing camp.. Thank you for being such comforts and such pillars and for being great friends.. Love you all loads!!
  • Everyone, I am missing you guys so much!! It's like now I wake up every morning and I got no one to hug me and no one to make me laugh the way you all did.. Can we please turn back time so I can relive it all over again? haha.. We really have to meet up.. 23rd people, in KLCC.. Cuz Glynn and I are performing at Mandarin Oriental at 6.30pm.. Try to make it, so we can lepak and see each other.. =) I miss you all sooooo much.. Love ya'll.. *hugs*
The girls doing our "flap flap" pose..

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm back from LnL 2009

Yes dear readers I am back from my one week of hiatus.. But believe it or not, I have no regrets.. It was awesome and superb, I wish I could turn back time to live it all over again.. And now, I got no mood to blog also la.. Haha.. Nothing to blog about except Love and Life 2009.. But that's gonna have to wait till I have the pictures from all the poeple.. So till then, bye!! =)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Couldn't resist..

  • OK I still have not completed my packing.. But I couldn't resist.. And I figured, instead of leaving my blog with a super wordy post for a week, I might as well leave my blog with a "pretty" picture of me right? hahaha.. Ok I know I perasan, but I really like this shot.. So yeah nahhh.. Credits to Kah Vong
the photographer.. Photo was taken with his Nikon D90..*green with envy*
  • Ok I am officially signing out now for a week!! =)

A week long hiatus coming up

  • Gahhhh I wanna cry.. Yes I'm not kidding I will be on a week long hiatus.. In less than 2 hours I will be off to somewhere in KL for Love and Life 2009.. To those who don't know what it is, to be perfectly honest I also don't know, all I know is that it's a week long camp whom I've been told is really good.. LOL..
  • I guess I can't complain much.. I chose to go for the camp.. The main reason? I've been feeling very detached from God and I miss going for camps like these so I thought why not, I shall give it a shot and maybe I'll find something in me again the way I did after Confirmation Camp last year..
  • But now I don't feel like I wanna go.. sigh.. My baby internet.. No facebook, twitter and msn for a week!! Wanna know what's even worse? We're not supposed to use or have phones during the camp.. It's like a complete cut off from the real world.. I know to some it is no big deal, but this is ME we're talking about here.. Amanda Janelle.. The girl who is online for almost 10 hours each day, the girl who brings her E71 everywhere and tries to use it to go online no matter where she is.. This is also the same girl who sends out more than 1000 smses per month.. So yeah, this week might be a bit of a problem..
  • And oh not forgetting my poor poor blog!! It's going to be abandoned for an entire week.. I can't even look at it k, this is really sad.. Dear readers, please please don't abandon my blog k, know that I'll be back in a week with lots n lots of updates.. In my absence, feel free to say hi in my chatbox, take my poll and click my nuffnang ads k!! =) lol..
  • I think I really am too technology dependent.. And I rely too much on all the social networking sites.. It used to be just facebook, now it's twitter as well.. haha.. Hopefully the camp will be good and it'll all be worth it.. =) Ohh I'll pray for you people over there.. LOL.. And *cough* bout not having the phones.. Anything just msg me still ok, don't worry.. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to see your msges.. My phones and I got err, telepathic powers.. hahaha..
  • Ok I have about an hour plus left to finish packing and to bathe.. No joke I can't procrastinate anymore.. I love you bloggie, and I love you people!! Till I get back, *hugs and kisses*!!! loves..

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Melaka Trip

  • Ok as promised I shall now blog about my Melaka Trip with Freddie and Flora.. This was on ermm, 28th of November.. Yes I know so long ago, sorry la k.. I was busy.. haha.. So neway, the trip was supposed to be like a birthday thing for Flora.. Originally there was supposed to be like at least 6 people going, but all bailed.. Sherie cuz working, Mark cuz busy, Kris cuz sick.. So YEAH Fred and I were the only ones left to teman Flora..
  • We left for Melaka at bout 9 plus and reached bout 11 I think.. Straight away headed for those chicken rice ball thingy.. *yummy* While walking there I snapped some shots of the err, scenary.. haha..
  • We actually had to line up for food ok.. But I must say we were lucky, cuz after we got in line, the line became even longer.. haha.. Took da food a while to get to us, and mind you we were all starving so once the food came, it was silence.. All to busy eating to actually talk.. Plus all still damn stoned.. haha..
Camwhoring while lining up for food..
Our chicken rice ball.. =)
  • After that we headed to Jonker Street to have Cendol and it started raining.. Yeah, lucky us I know.. Luckily the shop wasn't that far and the rain wasn't that heavy, YET.. The cendol was really good.. They put a lot of santan in I think, and made it very nice and thick.. It was totally worth it, bracing the rain..
The bowl of cendol which I shared with Flora..
We dropped it on the table by accident, and look what it formed.. =)
  • Then the rain became heavier and we actually borrowed the cendol shop owner's umbrella because we has to walk further down to go eat Durian Cendol and also to get pineapple tarts.. Imagine 3 people, under an umbrella, on a narrow pathway while it's raining really heavily.. haha.. I got drenched all over and my flats were completely soaked.. Halfway through, we actually stopped to buy another umbrella.. Sadly the Durian Cendol wasn't that good, got soaked for mediocre cendol, sighhh...
Durian Cendol that we shared..
Godsisters.. =)
  • After that we had to go get pineapple tarts, and fortunately the rain subsided.. Fred called his Melaka friend and I made a huge joke about a shop called Lim Win.. LOL.. Finally found the dang shop and got the tarts.. Pineapple tarts yeah.. haha..
Check out the huge-ass tart at the entrance of the shop..
  • Then we walked back to the car, and on the way obviously we took more pictures.. lol..
1 2 3
I couldn't resist posing with the Mister Potato boat.. LOL.. Reason? Go read THIS!!!
  • Then Fred insisted on getting his crepe cake, and we had to brace the jam and plus we din know where it was so had to keep calling Fred's friend.. And there was no place to park so Fred and I went down while Flora waited in the car.. Had to walk damn far to get to the cakes but I have to say they were DAMN good.. Too bad I din get any pictures of the cake shop or the cake.. haha.. (sorry ah, I forgot k)
Fred and me
  • We were supposed to head to pd after that to take sunset shots but we decided against that cuz we din wanna go back so late.. So we went to Seremban instead to have naan.. But we went there at 4 , the shop was closed and they said open back only at 6.. So we wondered around town aimlessly trying to find Seremban Siew Pao.. After we got it, we waited in front the shop for an hour.. Flora and I slept.. haha.. Finally when it opened we got to eat, and boy was it good.. =)
Half eaten tandoori chicken..
Kashmiri naan.. so pwetty.. =)
  • Finally after all that eating and all that food we headed home.. Was tired but it was quite a good trip.. Would have been better if we were in a bigger group though.. Nvm.. Next up Penang guys!! =)