Saturday, January 31, 2009

going back to NS!!!

ok, i am officially going back to ns tmr.. Kinda excited.. haha.. But after spending so much time with all my friends back home, got a lil weird feeling la.. I feel torn.. Miss the people here, but also miss the people there.. I dunno la.. Haha.. Neway, Cny was interesting.. Fun to be back with family n friends.. But tmr my real life comes back.. NS man!! Haha.. I am going back to PK5!! haha.. c u guys wen i get back la k.. Bye all, bye blog!! (For now la)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

nothing much to say..

hey everyone!! Happy Chinese New Year.. I am currently in Cameron, sitting in Starbucks.. Cant update much la.. Nth much has happened oso.. Lol.. But neways, I am a year older.. haha.. I'm officially legal!! Dun needa sneak into cinemas anymore.. Well, just now on the way up here, I lk had MASSIVE car-sickness and vomited twice.. so pathetic la.. haha.. never b4.. I am missing my NS camp now.. ironic huh?? I know.. haha.. I miss my class and my classmates!! PK5 Sempoi Layan!!! And my dorm mates too.. And the P5 ppl.. Not forgetting the baby.. Cant wait to get back.. This holiday seems a lil too long.. haha.. Shoot me, I know I'm not supposed to be loving NS so much.. haha.. till my next post, tata!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I am back.. Temporary..

Uh huh.. It's me.. haha.. I know u all missed me and I missed u all too!! Im back for Cny till next Sun.. Not bad la at least got lk 1 week hol.. Haha.. So I hv so much to say, but so lil time.. Cuz going out for reunion dinner edi la.. So I'll just do a really short summary la k..
  • Ns is really fun!!
  • First few days I cried lk siao finding ways to get home..
  • But after getting to know every1, im kinda loving it wei!!
  • A lot to tell la.. Now im closer to carolyn wong.. neva knew she's so lk me wan.. Siao.. haha..
  • My dorm mates are really cool.. All of us are lk 1 family.. haha..
  • Im in alpha company.. (there are 4 companies.. alpha, bravo, charlie and delta..)
  • A few significant things dat happened la k in Ns..
  1. I was 1 of the 10 who presented my company's Kontrak Kita Janji..
  2. I am trying out for camp's netball team for da competition between camps..
  3. I twisted my right ankle..
  4. My left big toe nail became blueblack..
  5. I'm semi known for my laughter edi..
  • Amazing rite? I know.. haha.. Ok I gotta dash soon.. For more Ns news and photos, kindly go to Carolyn's blog..