Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ns 4=Malam Citra Puisi

Ok here comes part4.. Malam Citra Puisi..
  • My younger bro, Sumo!!
  • Mr 2nd tallest in camp, Lanun..
  • Sgt See Kai Jun all decked out in white!!
  • We're all amazed.. Vimal became white la.. haha..
  • Belia WEY!!! Aki oh Aki.. haha..
  • Our teacher calls him Sasabilah.. Syabil la.. haha..
  • Mi Chian..
  • The winning team, Rebana which presented Seloka Pak Kaduk and Sajak Oh Belia..
  • Pink and blue=Amanda and Azam..
  • Lian Ee and me..
  • Bi and me..
  • Hafis..
  • Iskandar the promoter/interviewer..
  • Xin Yi, Pei Fen and me..
  • Epul and me..

Ns 3=alpha jamuan

Ok so this is Ns photos part3.. haha.. well, this part specially dedicated to our Alpha Jamuan la k.. Though some photos might be repeated from before.. Can't remember edi which photo I upload and which photo I din.. So here goes.. I've got more ya btw.. Lol.. Many more parts to come..
  • Ong the Joker..
  • The super sporting, always make me laugh punya Cikgu Azman..
  • Sham the super silat guy.. I hv to be his postgirl all the time.. hehe..
  • This was supposed to be a Selangor and KL alpha shot.. But for some reason so many decided to crash.. So I guess that makes this a half Alpha pic la.. haha.. since not all are here..
  • My adik ipar, Anis.. She said Greg is cute!!! OMG.. haha..
  • Anis, Kila, Pqa and me..
  • KL boy from Negeri Sembilan!!
  • Super Clown, Nadin.. Raja Lawak la he..
  • Me, Jin Ping and Shet Chin..
  • I really, really love drinking Milo.. This was while I was on duty, mind you.. Lol..
  • Let's get the Jamuan started!!!
  • My Pk5 classmate, Zack..
  • The first Alpha guy I dutied with, Azam.. He always come class late wan.. Reason?? Solat.. Lol.. Dunno yes anot la..
  • Selangor and KL alphas.. But Song, Kai Jun and Azam sesat la.. Tak faham bahasa kut.. Hahaha..

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ns 2

More Ns photos for you guys to see.. So sorry I have to keep doing this.. No patience to upload the whole thing 1 shot cuz there's too many pics.. haha.. So I'll keep doing it lk dat.. Those who got myspace can go there n view everything straight la.. If not then see here la.. haha..
  • Baby, Me, Siew Ping, Chee Ling, Fui Lin, Gay Mei, Choi Kuan, Wei Feng, Yen Phing..
  • The winning group for Malam Citra Puisi, Rebana aka Alpha..
  • Corin Mommy!!!
  • Syaril from Pk5..
  • My really nice and cute Pk5 teacher, Cikgu Sue..
  • So called kutip sampah after wirajaya la.. haha..
  • Baby and me ready to fight edi.. Lol..
  • During Explorace.. Alpha B doing the hakka..
  • Cikgu Sue, we LOVE you.. Pls give us our clue!!
  • Syabil the new baby.. haha..
  • Vimal..
  • My malay dorm mates.. Oh and Lian Ee, the ketua wirawati..
  • I drink Milo everyday.. so I'm their newest promoter.. haha..
  • Wira-wira bergaya Alpha.. Haha..
  • The Chinese Alpha Chicks.. Lol..
  • Sanisha, Zack and me..
  • Iskandar and me, book promoters!!
  • Now Lanun and me, mamee promoters.. Lol..
  • GEMPUR ALPHA!!! Love all of you.. We might not have won best company, but you all were the best company mates I could hv asked for..