Friday, May 29, 2009

last day in 197U..

Boredom, boredom, boredom..
Just finish packing and shifting everything down to Phoeb's place, which is 195U.. Officially gonna stay there on Mon.. Which makes this my last day in 197U.. Still waiting for dad to pick me.. So nth to do now.. That's y decided to randomly blog now.. Haha.. Went to Sunway today cuz Maths teacher din come n that made our lunch break 3 whole hours.. So us being us, any chance to go Sunway, sure go la wei!!! haha.. Deiva went and met her fren there, so Chew Ling, Vee Yong, Xin Yi and I had lunch at Italiannies.. it was REALLY good.. We keep saying we wanna take photos of the food, because we wanna start a food album on facebook for PE7.. Lol.. but EVERYTIME a dish came, we just started eating like hungry pigs.. so managed to take photos, but all half-eaten ones la.. haha.. Then, I went to MNG and bought a new white bag.. Lol.. nice big and white bag.. Finally la got a bag.. But again, dunno how to tell mom man.. hahaha.. Neway, REALLY DUNNO WAT TO DO NOW!!! Maybe sleep a while.. Lol.. Till the next post, tata all my little sun-shiny people!! (boredom is making me insane)...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

posing as
Amanda Quah Yu-Li
hello. my name is Amanda. i am super genius. i like flowers and ponies and meadows and luvssssss hugs and kissy! muak! lookie the graph i drew for chem presentation using very very very professional and grown up software called Paint! oni grown up professional ppl like me can use it u noeeeeee..... =P

isnt it the most fabulous, professional graph u ever seen. its coz I, AMANDA QUAH am totally fabulous. n thus capable of oni dng fabulous awesome things. luvs. peace . outtttttttttt. like woahhhh~~~.... =P

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

the mysteries of life..

  • The mysteries of life.. People go around looking and finding, wanting to know the mysteries of life.. But in actual fact, the mysteries of life is life itself.. Life holds many unexpected surprises for us.. Some pleasant, and some not so pleasant.. Life may make you smile at one moment, then reduces you to tears the next.. Then, life sents important people to you.. And just when you're comfortable, life yanks the person away from you.. You'd be a fool if you don't realise all these, but you'll be an even bigger fool if you think you can run from what life has to throw at you..
  • Many might not realise it, but life is no joke.. Life itself is a precious gift from God, a blessing.. Whether the blessing is in disguise or not, it does not matter.. Life might not always go your way, and life makes you cry a lot, but life teaches you valuable lessons, lessons that cannot be learnt anywhere else.. Each day of your life has something to offer you, if you would just open your eyes, reach out and grab it.. Life offers you the opportunity, you have to do something about it..
  • Mny things in life seem to be just to drive you to the edge.. But look at the whole picture.. If life were good and happy always, would you even know the meaning of happiness? Sooner or later, you'll be just an empty vessel, because life would be redundant.. When life throws challenges at you, don't you think you become tougher? You might not realise it, but trust me, you DO become stronger inside.. The next time the same challenge hits you, you'll know what to do..
  • Another example, perhaps one that really applies to many people put there.. When life takes away someone who really matters to you.. Either through death, separation of continents, or through the change of those someones.. Firstly, it's to toughen you up.. Secondly, it's to make you fully realise what you had.. Thirdly, it's so that someone new can come into your life.. You'll miss those someones a lot, but holding on will prove futile.. The reason life takes them away is because they have done what life wanted them to do in your life.. And so they leave because their jobs are done..
  • You have to let them go, because you need to embrace the next phase of your life without them.. You need to take whatever they might have taught you, and put it to good use.. Keep the fond memories, and the important teachings.. But let those someones go.. When they get off the train of your life, it's cuz they have other trains to be on.. You cant get on their trains anymore, your destinations differ.. So let go.. Remember them, miss them, cry if you have to.. But after that, let go, move on.. Life brings you its next gift..
And now I am finally in tears..

Sunday, May 24, 2009

boredom to the max..

  • Here I am, up at 12.44am, blogging.. I swear I dun hv a life la.. I should be sleeping.. But thanks to my almost 4 hours nap in the afternoon, I cant sleep.. So here I am, awake with nothing to do.. Saddest thing is no one is online now, so I can't even chat with anyone.. So I decided to update a little on life!!
  • So Tues, PE7 is going to have a little emo goth day.. And I dunno wat to wear!!I know it's pretty random, but it's just to make our lives a llittle more interesting la.. haha.. On Mon we're going bowling.. Another attemp at class bonding.. Hopefully this wan will have an even better turn out..
  • Now I dun even know wat to blog bout.. My hands damn lazy wanna type.. haha.. So i guess this is all for now.. Oh yea, I just watched X-men origins for the 3rd time in the cinema just now.. Still not sick of it.. haha.. Gambit is freaking awesome.. oookay.. shall go now.. tata..

Saturday, May 16, 2009

life became a whole lot more complicated when I turned 18

  • Life became a whole lot more complicated when I turned 18.
  • Studies became way harder when I stepped foot into college.
  • The people became very much different when I got pulled out of my comfort zone.
  • Time scheduling and prioritising became all messed up because of many new unforeseen circumstances.
  • Friends became further away.
  • Relationships became harder to define.
  • Mother getting more protective.
  • Feelings became more jumbled up.
  • I don't feel like I am myself at times, when I'm around all this "new" people.
  • I feel like I have to scrutinise people even more closely.
  • Gosh, things are hard la.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

boredom from college..

  • I'm so bored I have to resort to do things like that.. Well, I could very well be studying la.. But..... dowan la.. With my friends in the library now.. Another bout 10 mins to thinking skills class.. Den it's STARBUCKS!!! to keep me awake so i can stay up tonight.. stupid phy and chem tests tmr.. But at least there's things to look forward to after the test.. ICE SKATING on thurs with the class.. (that is, if everybody does not go ffk again la, like last time..)
  • I miss my bed.. wanna sleep.. Lol.. But at least i think im going back on wed.. The JPA thingy again la.. Appeal and all.. Oh oh, that day on sun played volleyball.. Pure bliss after not playing so long.. I'm missing it already.. Yo, vball ppl!! Dis Sun again ahh.. I got fats to burn, and balls to whack!! Hahahahah.. Ok ok, should stop crapping and contaminating my blog now.. till the next time, tata!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

the girls..

  • Decided to blog again now that I'm cooled down after the horrendous outburst ystd.. Because of the results ystd, I forgot to blog bout the GOOD thing that happened ystd.. Went out with the girls aka Naim, Renu, Lis and Phoeb.. All in all it was a really good outing.. We ate, talked, laughed, jacked ourselves, made complete fools of each other.. Typical us behaviour la.. Lol.. Haven done that in SO long, eberything that happened ystd felt SO good.. Even that one instance where Lis DROPPED my NEW phone on the table, and I burst out shouting "I have NEVER droppped my phone u ASSHOLE!!".. And mind u asshole was shouted really, really loud.. So everyone in secret recipe turned and looked at me.. Lol.. and I just laughed.. That felt DAMN good la k.. to be the crazy, laughing, childish me again..
  • Then we shared stories.. And as predicted, Naim, Renu and Lis got shocked when "Mother Mary" did her confession.. Lol.. Cuz our dear "Mother Mary" never did wat she did b4 so yea.. Then exchanged gossip.. Then Naim had to go off early, so the rest of her sent her off, then proceeded to watch X-men.. For Lis and me, it was the second time.. And again, it was awesome.. Gambit is super cool la.. His style, his movements, his looks.. haha.. Really miss talking to them man.. Anyway we took some pictures but I'm having issues putting them up now.. So dunno c la next time if I got mood.. But anyways, a little message here for Lis, Renu, Naim and Phoeb..
  • But although we'll be far apart, I KNOW our friendship will survive it..We've been through so much together, this will just be another obstacle that we'll go through again.. You guys have been there for me through thick and thin, and nobody else can be compared to you guys in my eyes.. At times when I laughed, you guys shared in my joy.. When I cried, you guys lent me shoulders to cry on.. Till now, haven found anybody who is even CLOSE to being anything u all are to me.. I'll be counting down to the days we meet up again, and I'll be keeping last nite safe in my memories, cuz it was a great nite spent with my fav BFFs.. Love u guys loads.. I'm missing u all already.. xoxo, we know we love each other!! Lol>

freaking jpa sadness..

That's it man, this is my emo post edi.. Finally after SO long of not emoing I knew it was too good to be true.. The last time I cried was wen I got my SPM results and NOW, I'm crying again after like 2 months, cuz I din get JPA.. I know I said I'll leave it to God and all.. But seriously la, y?? How is NOT getting JPA a good thing?? Do u really think my parents got ALL the money to blow on my studies to send me overseas?? And seriously, tell me where did I go wrong?? I din get enough As izzit now for SPM?? Should I have taken up like maybe 15 subjects den?? Or was I not active enough now?? MAYBE should hv participated in MORE koko activities.. Spend my WHOLE day in sch.. 24/7, 7 days a week!! Or was my interview not good enough?? Hmm let's see.. I fully recall the interviewer praising me like 3 times in the freaking room with the other candidates.. Not good enough?? Should have spoken more, stood out more?? ARRGHHHHH!! Tell me WHAT exactly did I not do or did wrong?? I dunno la k,, I hear so MANY ppl getting.. And it's not to say my results are worse den theirs.. Or I not as active as them in sch.. SO tell me wat's wrong?? Family sosioeconomy status ah?? Hello, Im not dat well-off k.. Gosh Im just so freaking emo n pissed off i dunno wat to say la.. Freaking freaking unfair..

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bliss with a tinge of sorrow.. Sigh..

  • Today so completely, totally rocked!! Minus the fact that I sweat like crazy and I'm exhausted.. But it was DEFINITELY for a VERY good cause and reason.. Lol.. Because... *drumroll* I bought 19 story books!! Hahaha.. Went to MPH warehouse sale and it was so totally worth it!! Almost all the Chic Lit books were cheaper by like 10 to 15 bucks.. Oh and in addition to that, on the way there we saw Voir warehouse sale.. So stopped there also.. And I got new pants, heels and belt!! Yippee!!
  • Ok so besides that, the weirdness of it all.. I should be feeling so on top of the world.. But that's not exactly happening now.. I spoke to Daryl in church just now.. And he got me missing my Ns frens and times.. Sigh.. I completely agree u know, those were the times I din hv to worry bout anything!! No emoness oso loh.. All fun, all laughter.. I really wanna go back to those times la..
  • In addition to all that, I just wanna rag on a bit la.. I mean like all this while I keep it in, and I know I can handle it, but I'd be lying if I said it doesn't hurt.. Cuz it does.. But I know I'm strong enough la.. Definitely.. But it's difficult.. I dunno la.. I'm one hack of a confused person now la.. It's like I feel happy, but with a tinge of emoness.. Yet I'm pushing it away.. So all that's left now is this weird, indescribable feeling..
  • And this weird feeling is leading to even MORE weird feelings.. I suddenly really really miss the other 4 clowns.. I wan my insane friends with me again.. and I wanna hang out in Dunkin Donuts like the good old days again.. The fact that I feel weird makes me realise that in those weird times, I always had them.. Not anymore.. We're too far and scattered away.. I hate changing and moving from my comfort zone.. I dunno how to end this post oso now.. I guess I'll just say bye..

Friday, May 1, 2009

Long time no blog..

  • Ok so I have been missing for wuite some time.. Lol.. So just a quick update on what has happened.. In accordance to my last post, I did NOT go ice-skating on Wed, instead went on Thurs with Lene, Kim, Shimi and Phoeb.. Very fun outing.. Phoeb, Shimi n I were trying to learn how to break and do those leg crossing thingy.. haha.. It was a crazy day cuz we came back, then went swimming.. Then went 7/11 in our wet clothes, soaking wet, carring towels, goggles and a float..
  • On Fri, we celebrated Xin Yi and Kah Vong's birthday.. Finally turning 18.. the 2 most baby-ish ppl in our class.. haha.. we bought cake, gathered at the gazebo in MyPlace and had makan there la.. Hmm.. Oh Oh, Sun was Easter Play.. A superbly fun event, a great success.. Mon nth much happened I think.. Tues oso no biggie.. Wed was Moral test.. Ok la I think.. Passable..
  • Den because Moral test finish, we went crazy!! Hehe.. No la, cuz Steph(Phoeb's hsemate) is leaving, we spend time with her la.. So went Snowflake at bout 9 plus.. Met Shimi there.. Was introdused to Claire and Ronald.. Den talk la.. till they close.. Then went to eat ikan bakar.. And sum Thai leaves thingy.. And Steph, Phoeb and I decided to go pool.. To learn from Shimi and Claire.. But a while oni loh..
  • Ok I think dat's it la.. Nth much to say edi.. So till the next time i blog, ciao people!!
*lotsa love*