Monday, June 29, 2009

Combination.. good or bad?

  • Combination of PE6 and PE7.. good or bad? too soon to tell.. But what I can tell is I'm pretty sure it'll be one hell of an interesting thing.. haha.. The merge of the 2 PE classes in March intake.. Interesting as it may be, I'd be lying if I said I was not worried.. Cuz u can bet I am.. I have this strange nagging feeling that tells me that when I walk into class tmr, there's gonna be 2 groups.. the ex-PE6 and the ex-PE7..
  • But oh well, we'll work to overcome that I'm sure.. Since now we're gonna be 1 big, happy class.. Though now I wonder what's our class name.. haha.. And good that I actually know 1 or 2 from PE6.. Guess that'll make it a lil bit less scary and weird.. Haha.. Must make the class have a big introduction tmr.. Got new teachers oso.. Sighhh.. I wan Ms Lim back..

Saturday, June 27, 2009


  • I feel beyond words insulted.. I can't say why here, but yea, I feel super insulted.. So much so that I just had to say it.. Expressing is the best way for me to release my anger.. And Fu Wai said that I DO have the right to feel insulted.. he said and I quote "Damn Certain".. So I shall feel insulted.. Damn u la u stupid idiot, U'll never see this post, cuz u dun know bout my blog, but

Friday, June 26, 2009

Harvinth shoe-shopping for Lis.. =)

  • Now u'll be wondering wat on planet earth is that picture doing in my blog post rite? haha.. well there's a very good reason.. I was looking through my pictures to find inspiration on sumthing to blog about.. And I saw the pic!! which totally brought me back to the day of the incident! haha..
  • This picture was taken by Harvinth when he was out SHOPPING for Lis's bday present last yr.. It was the most amusing scenario.. Cuz Harvinth had absolutely no idea wat to buy, and Phoeb and I had to assist him, prob is Lis was with us the whole time.. So we had to keep sneaking off to talk to Harvinth.. And then, Harvinth sent many photos of shoes la.. To see which ones are nice.. BUT, both Phoeb's phone and mine had issues, cant receive MMS.. haha.. So the poor boy had to stay there till we finish tuition n came back.. Den we went on9 to see the pic.. And mind u, he got weird taste la.. Everything that he said nice, Phoeb and I tot looked funny.. And he is also colour blind.. Haha.. So this is one of the pics he sent to us.. The rest all deleted..
  • And btw Lis, u realise yr prom heels r in the pic? Almost literally at the centre samore.. haha.. It din capture our attention that time.. So yea, just a random post.. To amuse myself.. And also Harvinth.. Lol..

Thursday, June 25, 2009

new blog look!! finally!!

  • Like finally la seriously.. I've been at it since 8 sumthing.. Took me 2 hours plus to find a nice blogskin, and then to edit the whole html and all.. and now, no more dancing to the sound of laughter.. instead, it has become a light in the dark.. hehe.. This definitely shows that I'm bored with nothing to do la.. LOL.. Cuz it is a very time-consuming thing to do..
  • Neways, since I'm here.. short update.. I cut my hair this afternoon.. But can hardly see the difference.. It's just been trimmed and shaped.. The hairdresser said if he cut any shorter, my rebonding will bo totally gone and hair will be very frizzy.. And so he adviced against it.. I was damn disappointed la, cuz I really wanted a different look.. And cuz I was not satisfied and he din cut much, the hairstylist gave the haircut for free wei.. haha.. So nice of him.. But got good news.. He having promotion on colouring, perming and rebonding.. So maybe, in August or so, when Flora goes to highlight and my mom goes to perm, mom will keep to her word and let me go dye my hair.. well, we'll see la k.. haha.. So I guess that's it for now.. Till the next time, tata all my little sun-shiny people!! =)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blogging is a result of boredom..

  • I cannot keep this up anymore.. seriously.. All I ever do is tags, blog, facebook.. I have got absolutely nothing to do.. I'm so bored.. Today was spent doing all dat.. plus driving.. seriously, that driving thing is so not meant for me..
  • U must know wat happened today.. and ystd in fact.. ok ystd first.. I was driving la.. den wen i bend and look at the gearbox, i felt like got flu running down my nose.. I'm driving cant exactly do much bout it rite? So I just sniff sniff and resume driving la.. Den after like damn long, we stopped and he went toilet.. So i took a tissue out and then.. I find DRIED BLOOD in my nose.. seriously..
  • Then today.. I was driving round la alone.. den my instructor got in the car and I again felt flu.. so I just took hand and rub nose.. And wen I put my hand on the wheel, my right hand seems stained red.. And I look down.. On my neck got 1 big red drop, and on my t-shirt a few small ones.. Like seriously..
  • I know it's probably my fault la for not drinking enough water.. BUT, I totally blame the place.. It's too hot, too many cars driving there.. Then they make us wind down the windows and no air-cond.. HOT like hell k.. like maybe this is Malaysia la.. weather sucks k.. If Aussie den nvm la.. so nice and cooling.. LOL.. So yea, I'm not destined for driving.. Lemme just pass it and get it over with la k.. Ok, done for now... LOL..

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

27 dresses..

  • Just finish watching 27 dresses just now.. And watching it made me feel the need to blog.. The wonders of marriage.. Ahhh.. Makes u melt on the inside and makes you wish u'd have the perfect one someday in the future.. I dunno bout u guys, but I'm pretty sure the girls feel dat way.. To have the perfect guy, a beautiful place, the greatest dress that makes u look so good.. That feeling wen u say "I do".. Sighh..
  • AND back to the show.. To be a bridesmaid 27 times.. And to be pining for true love.. Poor, poor Jane.. (katherine heigl in the movie..) And when she found him, her guy.. sighhh.. my heart melted la k.. and those tears just came.. cuz it's so, so SO beautiful.. and I kinda agree with her.. that her fav part of the wedding is wen the bride walks in and the look on the groom's face shows that he's found the love of his life..
  • I realise NO ONE looks at the groom during the entrance.. and it is kinda sad.. I bet he would be looking so radiant.. his 1 true love comin towards him.. I vow to look at the groom's face at weddings now.. The power of true love.. So powerful it knocks u off your feet.. sighh...

Happy 15th birthday Greg!!

This goes out to that dear little annoying, but ever so helpful brother of mine.. Always ready to annoy the shit outta me, but yet whenever I need someone to talk to, or I need help, he never fails to lend a helpful hand.. And also for all the times he made me laugh, and cheered me up..
Dear Greg, finally.. U're 15.. The all important PMR age.. Haha.. Damn I remember u being like 6.. Heck, I even remember u just being born and dad asking me what to name u.. Just wondering, are u glad I picked your name as Gregory instead of Aaron?? haha..
Well Greg, I know this is 1 day late.. But better late den never rite? haha.. so little bro, Happy belated 15th birthday.. And as I said before, u only get yr present wen I get mine.. muahahaha.. Well Greg, now dat u're 15, pls do act yr age.. haha.. and dun make me feel like u so immature.. Like dat 14 yr old Ben I met, way more matured den u la brother.. LOL.. And PLEASE, dun dota so much la can not? u driving mommy bonkers.. and u needa start studying.. The straight As are beckoning la brother..
So again, I dun wanna get all mushy la little brother, but I love u aite? I might not show it, might not say it, but u should know I do.. God gave me a special gift wen he gave me u.. True, u annoy the hell outta me at times, but i cannot deny that u can be on hell of a kick-ass brother wen u want to!! haha.. Listening to me rant on and on bout my life, answering my lame ques on *ahem ahem* things.. haha.. know that I'll always be here for u k.. Anything.. All u gotta do is ask, and talk..
OOhhhh, and keep on camwhoring bro.. haha.. I'm gonna teach u on dat.. Improve yr camwhoring skills.. Look quite good wat!! haha.. With my phone samore.. Imagine how good it'll be if it's with the camera.. Oh and Greg, no more heart attack complains k.. If scared just say scared.. Though I think that won't happen anymore la.. haha..
And dun ever ever forget!! we got appointment with Lethal Weapon.. I dunno wen la, but we have to.. And we must go together k.. maybe in 3 yrs time.. haha.. Oh, and wen r we gonna start our band? the brothers and sisters band.. haha.. Gotta start learning from Aaron..
Well Greg, although I'm hardly home, know that I'm watching.. hehehe.. SO dun try to hide things from me all k.. And please, do takeover sum of my responsibility and be good at home.. Dun give headache to the entire household.. hahaha..
Lastly, once again Happy Belated 15th Birthday!! Keep being u aite, and keep rocking.. Love ya bro.. *hugs*
p/s: dun mind the horrible out-of-line pics.. I damn lazy wan change.. haha..

not emo, dun worry.. just expressing..

  • Boring, boring, boring.. Well, wat can I say.. I'd do anything for holidays but wen they do come, I complain and say they're boring.. But i'd much rather be bored here den sit in classes and have homework.. Haha.. But boredom is really bad for health la.. Whoever said u can't die of boredom is wrong.. Cuz u can.. Well, indirectly la.. U dun exactly die of boredom.. But boredom gives u time and space to think, and to ponder on stupid things, and to wonder why are there so many things in life that you want but cannot have.. And that can kill u.. for real.. I half wish that I was at good as Shimi at stoning, at least stoning just involves u being empty and blank.. I, on the other hand, fill my boredom not by stoning, but by thinking and analysing!! which is worst!! It freaking drains out my energy la..
  • Like I had a dream 2 days ago.. And I can't believe that I can even do things like that in my dreams la k.. I mean, I've tot and I've wondered wen I'll meet that 1 person for me.. But like no biggie la k, it'll be nice.. But I'm still happy that I have my friends even if I dun have that sum1 who'll love me.. And like 2 days ago, I had this stupid dream la.. No need to say wat izzit but to cut a long story short, the whole purpose of the dream seemed to be to rub it in my face that I'm single.. babi betul.. Lol.. Wtv la.. I dun feel like caring.. I've got better things to think bout.. Like those stupid driving issues.. haha.. Where I keep forgetting to change gears.. Dunno y Malaysia doesn't just have separate licence for auto and manual.. SHEEESSHHH..
  • And so, to stop myself from dying of boredom, I go tags.. haha.. doesn't even matter if they're fun, lame or just plain stupid, I do them anyways.. If not then, den I blog la.. But nth to blog bout.. Oohh i know, I can do a long, long post on Aussie.. Since I haven done dat.. Maybe I should.. Hmmm.. I oso dunno la.. Everybody who has tags, pls just tag me k.. no matter how lame it is.. haha.. Do me a favour and killl my boredom..

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Interesting ice-skating trip..

HELLO PEOPLE!! feel like writing bout today, so be prepared for lotsa words and no pics.. (all with Renu..) But was pretty hilarious, if u can stand reading through my words.. Lol..
  • So today, Renu, Lis, Phoeb and me went to Sunway to ice-skate!! Pretty exciting, considering it was the first time we all going skating together.. and it was Renu's first time.. (I figured there would be good falling-on-ass shows.. hehe..) Actually, lots happened since ystd.. Cuz they all stayed over in my house.. But the funny part is skating la, so we *eeeeeeee* fast forward there.. hehe..

  • Phoeb and I were like trying SOOO hard to do the crossover thingy, and Renu and Lis were trying how to skate properly.. Phoeb and I contemplated asking sum random pro stranger la.. So we were like "hmm, he look damn pro.. ehh, he looks nice.. he seems helpful.." But then, they had to resurface ice, so we went out.. and this guy in orange(one of the pros) walked pass.. So I nudged Phoeb la to ask him.. My idiot fren said "EXCUSE ME".. But when he turned, she turned and looked away.. Then Renu being typical her, said just ask la no big deal.. So she went over to him or sumthing (I'm not too sure I had my back turned, was trying not to laugh.. ) then he walked over.. Noticing the orange from the corner of my eyes, I turned away la.. Lis oso.. Phoeb was oblivious, she had her back facing him.. And while he was RIGHT BEHIND HER, she said "how to ask him laaaaa??" and he proceeded to say "later look for me in the rink" to us..

  • So wen they done resurfacing, we went back on ice.. And Phoeb and I felt damn weird la to go find the guy.. So we din bother.. But while we were with Renu and Lis, he seemed to be comin towards us.. And Phoeb and I damn chicken, we skated off.. But after that, I dunno wat happened.. we ended up talking to the guy la.. And so he ask wat we wanna learn.. Then Phoeb and I said we not even sure if we skating right.. ditto to Renu and Lis.. and this was our conversation..
  1. Lis Renu Phoeb The Guy(Ben) Me

  • U all just skate, let me see then I tell u wat's wrong.. *gestures to the space in front of us*
  • Err, wait what's your name ahh?
  • Ben.. *Phoeb and I stare at each other and gave weird looks*

  • Ben.. B-E-N, Ben..
  • Ohh ok.. * We all stare at each other in silence*
  • So go la, skate..
  • Ehh Phoeb u go first la, u had skating lessons before.. *proceeds to nudge her*
  • Ha why me, I had those lessons when I was 6!!! *shakes my hands off in protest*
  • Haiyo just skate la, just go do wat u will normally do..

And so in order not to further annoy our nice random pro skater, we skate off.. He comments on Phoeb and me, asking us to bend our knees.. And then it was 3 of us going round and round while he taught..

  1. Phoeb Ben Me
  • Ok first thing you must know is bend your knees, back straight..
  • *whispers to me* bend knees and back straight?? Huh??
  • Then remember u're never going in a straight line.. And when skating, NEVER look down.. U need to see where u're going..
  • *whispers to Phoeb* I think i look down a lot..

Then for some reason Phoeb and I tried to hold hands.. and then......

  • DON'T HOLD HANDS!!! when u hold hands, u tend to lean in to the person, and then u're not supporting your own weight properly..
  • *drops hands in shock* ohhhh ok(said in meek voice)...

Then he left Phoeb and me and went to teach Lis and Renu.. And while I was skating round and round with Phoeb, suddenly..

  • *feels someone push my elbow upwards.. looks at Phoeb, realises she experienced the same thing*
  • relax.. skating must relax.. *moves his arms in a "loosen up" movement..

After that he went off to teach Lis and Renu for real.. After a few rounds, Phoeb and I barged in to see their progress..

  1. Lis Renu Phoeb Ben Me
  • Ok so u keep doing this.. *takes up right and left leg alternately*
  • I'm not supposed to move while doing this ah?
  • Ya not supposed to move..* still doing the same movement*
  • K let's try..
  • Huh wat's this wat izzit for?? * no one answers her, least of all the "guru"*
  • *whispers to Phoeb* I think it's so they can like skate without holding each other la.. like the real basic..
  • K then when u can do that, do this.. *stands with his feet in V shape*
  • Ohh lemme try.. *looks down at her feet trying to imitate Ben*
  • *uses his finger to push Lis's forehead up*
  • Ohhh wth????!!!
  • *stares in disbelief at Ben's act*
  • NEVER look down!!
  • Ok ok!!

Then we all just proceeded to skate again.. Nth much edi.. Except that halfway while I skating, suddenly...

  1. Ben Me
  • Bend your knees!
  • *knees immediately bend due to sudden shock.. Realises too late that they were bent too much.. wobbles and almost loses balance..*
  • Not TOO much la..(in that LIKE DUH tone..)

Then when we going off edi, we decided to just say thank you la.. Since he was quite nice.. And I was the victim who had to skate to the centre and say hi while the rest wave from the side.. Luckily Phoeb came after a while.. Funny thing den was I pointed in Lis and Renu's direction to Ben, but he could not see so he just randomly waved.. And they oso could not see him.. So he tot he wave wrong direction.. He turn at wave in like the wrong direction!! Lol.. And that's it for the funny part of the day!!

  • P/s: According to Ben, he's 14.. LIKE WTH!!! damn young.. but he act like WAY more matured den Greg.. Lis thinks Ben is lying bout his age.. But I dunno y, Renu and I seem to get the impressioin dat it is true.. 14 year old tot me how to skate.. embarrassing.. Lol..

Thursday, June 18, 2009

exam finish!!

AWESOMENESS!! Exam finish.. Lol.. screwed up big time but I really couldn't be bothered edi la.. and so here I am, sitting in the library telling the world I screwed up.. haha.. Bored.. dunno wat to do!! I wan go shopping.. adn seriously.. anybody free tmr morning till afternoon?? I'll be in Subang with nth to do n no one to teman me.. cuz everyone got class.. haha.. So whoever wan lepak, CALL ME PLS!!!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

why do i keep blogging??

  • Seriously, my exam is tomorrow and I have not studied lk at all, and I just keep sitting in front of the computer.. WHAT is wrong with me? It's like I keep doing trivial things just to excuse myself from studying.. For example, the previous tag.. Izzit really necessary NOW?? gosh.. I need to stop finding random, useless things to do.. and get to studying instead..
slowly killing myself here by my procrastination..

doing tag cuz bored..

  1. Name - Amanda Janelle Quah Yu-Li
  2. Male/Female - Female la..
  3. Were you named after anyone? -No
  4. Does your name mean anything? - Amanda means worthy to be loved and Janelle means God is gracious..
  5. Nick Name(s) - Manda, Manda Panda, Yu-Li, AJ, pig, babi, I dunno la so many..
  6. What do you think you look like name wise? - Amanda Janelle =)
  7. Date Of Birth - 27th January 1991
  8. Place of Birth and Current Location - Bangsar and Kajang/Subang
  9. Nationality - Malaysian
  10. Astrology Sign - Aquarius
  11. Chinese Astrology Sign -Wild and free, the horse..
  12. Religion - Catholic
  13. What’s your favorite smell - FOOD!! haha..
  14. Political Position - nada..
  15. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? - water
  16. Hair + Eye colour? - Black but slightly faded by the sun.. Light brown..
  17. Do you look like anyone famous? - Nope
  18. What do you look like? - Like myself la
  19. Any unusual talents? - Define unusual
  20. Righty, Lefty, or Ambidextrous? - Right
  21. Gay, Straight, Bi, or Other? - Take a wild guess la.. I THINK I'm normal.. Lol..
  22. What do you do for a living? - Study la den?
  23. What do you do for fun? - Music, shopping, hang out with buddies, etc etc..
  24. What are your favorite art materials to work with? - Hate art but paint la.. messy.. hehe..
  25. What kind of materials would you like to work with? - Materials for wat?? sheeshhh..
  26. Have you met your grandparents? - Yea..
  27. Boyfriend /Girlfriend? - tak ada..
  28. Crush? - Tak ada rasanya..
  29. What celebrity would you date if you could? - Orlando Bloom, Chace Crawford, Steven Strait, Taylor Kitsch, shall I go on? haha..
  30. Current worries? - Exam..
  31. Favorite online Guy/Girl: errr, Alex(cuz he actually talks to me on9.. LOL..), Shimi(can talk nuts on9), Shaun(clown.. Lol..)
  32. Favorite place to be? - Home
  33. Least favorite place to be? - Home also.. depends on the mood la..
  34. Do you burn or tan? - Tan
  35. Ever break a bone? - No
  36. What is your favorite cereal? - Honey Stars
  37. Person you cry with - BFFs..
  38. Any sisters - ya
  39. Any brothers - ya
  40. Any pets - ya
  41. An illness - If u consider insanity an illness..
  42. A Pager - Nope
  43. A Personal phone line - Nope
  44. A cell phone - Ya
  45. A visible birthmark - Yes
  46. A Pool or hot tub - Neither
  47. A Car - Got but no licence.. Lol..
  48. Personality - Ask my frens..
  49. Driving - NO LICENCE LOH!!!
  50. Your clothing style - Casual and comfy usually..
  51. Room - Purple
  52. What’s missing - Too many things..
  53. School - Awesome when there's no hw..
  54. Bed - COMFY!!
  55. Relationship with your parents? - Like any parents and daughter I guess..
  56. Believe in yourself - Most of the time..
  57. Do you believe in love at first sight? - Used to, now I dunno..
  58. Consider yourself a good listener - When I wanna be, yes..
  59. Have a future dream that you would like to share? - I dun even know what I wanna do after A Levels ok!!
  60. Get Along with your parents - yea
  61. Save your e-mail conversations - no
  62. Pray - ya
  63. Believe in reincarnation - no
  64. Brush your teeth twice a day? - ya
  65. Like to talk on the phone? - depends on the person I'm talking to..
  66. Like to eat? - HELL YEA!!
  67. Like to exercise? - Depends on wat type..
  68. Like to watch sports? - Football
  69. Sing in the car? - I sing everywhere..
  70. What is a dream that you have all the time? - Getting married to the right guy.. haha..
  71. Dream in color? - yes..
  72. Do you have nightmares? - rarely
  73. Sleep with a stuffed animal - no
  74. Next to you - the wall?? and the window..
  75. On your favorite coffee cup - "Wear pumps and take taxis.. hehe.."
  76. On your mouse pad - No mousepad..
  77. Your favorite flavor of gum? - Mint
  78. Favorite deodorant? - No fav..
  79. Your dream honeymoon spot - Europe
  80. Your dream husband/wife - is a complete mystery to me..
  81. Hiding in your closet? - when I played hide and seek last time..
  82. Under your bed - filled with dust..
  83. The name of one of your best friends? - I can't pick.. I name all!! Renu, Phoeb, Lis and Tun!
  84. Your bad time of the day - mornings..
  85. Your worst fear(s) - dying
  86. What’s the weather like - sunny yet cold enough that I don't sweat.. aka Aussie!! hehe..
  87. Your favorite time of year? - December
  88. Your favorite holiday? - Christmas
  89. A material weakness? - Shoes
  90. The weirdest food or drink that you like: - Dunno..
  91. At the top of your “to-do list”? - study
  92. The hardest thing about growing up - falling for the wrong people...
  93. A pet peeve? - Asians who can't speak English..
  94. Your scariest moment - no idea..
  95. Your attitude about love? - crucial in life..
  96. The most outrageous, desperate thing you’ve done to attract the attention of the opposite sex? - tell the guy I like him?? dunno la..
  97. The worst feeling in the world - Feeling alone..
  98. The best feeling in the world - Happiness
  99. Who sent this to you? - Becky
  100. Tag more people? - lazy.. do if u want to..