Friday, July 31, 2009

Ice-skating, Italiannies and rashes..

  • I know the title sounds so wrong.. You must be wondering how on planet earth does rashes go with skating and Italiannies.. LOL.. Read on, and you shall know the full story.. hahaha..
  • Finally I'm back home and I have the mood to blog.. this time with pictures, as promised!! =) So on Tues, I went ice-skating with Flora, Mark and Freddie.. It's a long awaited thing la.. 1st time 4 of us going skating together.. haha.. for Fred, it was the first time skating, full stop.. Naturally being a first-timer, he was worried, and scared, and nervous.. but also, SO paranoid.. haha..
  • Neways, straight to the day's proceedings.. I was in college counting down the hours till they would come pick me.. When they finally did, it was laughter, fun nonstop!! The minute we reach there, Mark was like "Ehh, I need to pee, see la Manda yr fault because have to pick you I can't pee oso k.. " =.= like as if it really is my fault that the boy can't pee.. lol..
~Flora and I, while waiting for Mark to go pee.. haha.. ~
  • Then, we proceeded to the ice-skating rink.. So happen they were going to resurface the ice.. So we took our own sweet time and talked la.. Fred was, er, way beyond himself with fear edi I think.. we got bored, so we started cam-whoring a bit with my phone..
~The expression says it all.. "OMG I damn SCARED!!!"~
~You see their expressions la.. LOL..~
~Who knows what Mark was looking at..~
  • After what seemed like an eternity, they finally opened the doors and let us in!! Freddie was just plain funny at that time, he and Flora were like wall buddies la at first.. But after a while, Freddie actually got the hang of it, and he was doing better than Flora.. That Godsis of mine, literally gave up after bout 15 mins.. She claims that she will stick with her decision that skating is not her thing.. *blueekkkk*
~Mark, Fred and me in the rink.. Flora took the pic from outside..~
~Omg bang bang.. Flattened Mark Lim's face, flattened Amanda Quah's mouth, and flattened Freddie Wee's errrrr, legs maybe?? (assume so, since can't see.. LOL)~
~Us in action~
~HAHAHAHA.. I was a bit hyper la that night..~
  • As a result of my hyperness, I fell for the first time this year on the rink.. Haha.. Mark and I were trying to brake, and me being me, I was damn eager la.. So we sped and went really fast, and agreed to stop in front of this sign that says "Sunway Pyramid".. The minute I came close to the sign, I attempted to stop, but I'm thinking it was too abrupt.. Cuz I immediately lost my balance, my left skate whacked the wall, and whoooshhhhh, I was on the ice.. haha.. I just lied down there, dunno why it felt kinda good.. Laughed like crazy obviously.. Mark said he was skating and he turned to find me and I was on the ice.. LOL..
~Mark and I seem to be having some sort of discussion.. haha.. Oh oh, notice the cute little girl in the pink everything!! She's so adorable, everytime I go skating she sure there wan.. She's my inspiration to send my daughter for skating lessons in the future.. =)~
  • At precisely 8 (that was the time limit given to Mark and I by Fred and Flora), we left the rink and headed for Italiannies.. I realise I always end up going there for dinner ahh.. haha.. But the highlight while we stepped foot in Italiannies was that I fell while getting up the stairs.. hahaha.. yes ok I know!! twice in one night is just so totally ......... But that's just me ok, can't help it.. haha.. So... We were one bunch of hungry people, so ordered damn a lot of food la.. haha.. The one thing I love bout Italiannies is that they know you're hungry so they always serve you bread first!!! hehehe.. But neways, we were bored, and so the cam-whoring again.. haha.. What's life without cam-whoring I ask you?
~Our yummy, yummy bread.. =)~
~Mark was asking me what "smile" would be acceptable but I found everything too funny.. So just laugh.. And it took us a while to actually take this photo.. Where Mark is, in fact, moving..~
~Fred and I.. And yes, I echo what Fred said in his blog.. we're not dating.. haha.. He's like family la.. it'll be so wrong.. haha.. very VERY wrong.. haha.. ~
~Flora looking very amused at something.. Fred doesn't seem to think so though.. LOL.. Maybe Flora was laughing at him!!~
~Mark immitating Flora's "merajuk expression" when she got the bad news of the night frm someone.. ahem ahem.. haha..~
~Flora again, laughing, and bout to smack Mark for immitating her "merajuk expression"..~
  • Then the food came!! Our 2 huge-ass bowls of Mushroom Soup, Carbonara, Grilled Chicken, and Lasagne.. even while eating oso we can do stupid things.. haha..
~Mushroom soup~
~Check out the size of the 2 spoons that Mark's holding!!~
~Oh-so-creamy Carbonara.. yum-my!!!!~
~Super awesome grilled chicken and potatoes.. And below, the sinfully delighting Lasagne..~
~Flora looking so happy with our food.. haha..~
  • That was a very good day la, I must say.. SO much laughter and fun.. we need to do it again soon, people.. haha.. But anyways, on to some slightly depressing news.. I din go college today.. Wanna know why? It's cuz, when I woke up this morning, my entire body was covered in red patches and splotches and I felt SO FREAKING ITCHY!!! was slightly feverish oso.. Called mom, and she told me to wait for her to come pick me, then go see doctor.. While waiting, I couldn't tahan so walked all the way to pharmacy to get Calamine lotion, mana tau they haven open.. sighhh.. desperate times call for desperate measures, so I bought mopiko from 7/11.. THEN, it started raining.. So by the time I got back to Myplace, was super wet.. not to mention itchy as well.. when mom came, went to see Dr. Ong.. And he jabbed me in the ass so that the itchiness and rashes will go away.. I'm 18 ok.. Haven been jabbed in the ass by a doc for dunno how long edi.. Sighhhh..
~My amazingly rashes-ified right leg.. gross, I know..~
~Right side of my stomach.. I dunno what's with the 4 red dots all lined up in a row.. haha..~
  • Ok, I think this has been a long enough blog post.. with pictures samore.. this should last me for another month or so, before another picture blogging post.. Haha.. In the meantime, you'll all have to deal with the words la.. I'm a very wordy person, sorry la.. haha.. Neway, till the next one, tata!!! *hugs*

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Counting down the hours..

My blog is getting very, very filled with word.. I myself look back I oso tak boleh tahan.. Sorry la k, I very lazy wanna upload photos, it takes a while and I got no patience.. The connection in Myplace here slow like shit.. Neway, counting down the hours till I step foot into that ice-skating rink.. I dunno why I'm looking forward to it so much, it's not like it's been that long since I skated.. and it's not as if I'm like those who REALLY love skating.. It's fun la.. LOL.. But shopping funner if got cash.. But either way, I think it's probably cuz it's the first time skating with those church buddies.. Been a while since we hung out la huh.. although tmr oni like few of us.. Neway, I think, after tmr, I should FINALLY be able to blog with some pictures.. HOPEFULLY!! *guys, remind me to take many many photos with the phone k.. LOL..* Neway, Maths test tmr before ice-skating.. Mood spoiler la.. Ok shall resume studying.. TATA and NITEZ!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mass at St. Anne, Port Klang..

  • Father's very interesting way of ending the mass.. (I swear I'm not lying, he actually said that.. Ask my parents, or my bro and sis if you don't believe.. LOL..)
  • Go and love everyone like crazy!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

141 and counting..

  • This is post number 141.. I know this is random, but I just wanted to keep track of my blogging life and see how often I actually do all this shit.. So my first post was dated 12th of March 2008.. Today is 25th of July 2009.. Give or take, my blog is about 1 year, 4.5 months old..Now let's do the math..
  • 1 year and 4.5 months is equal to 16 and a half months..
  • And I have 141 post, inclusive of this wan..
  • If we take 141 and divide it by 16.5, we get 8.5454545.. which we're gonna round off to 8.5..
  • This means that each month, I have 8.5 posts..
  • And if we take it that each month has 4 weeks, we take 8.5 divide by 4 and we get 2.1363636..
  • Which means, in each week, I have roughly 2 posts..
Whoa.. I'm thinking that's relatively a lot.. LOL..
  • No wonder I feel such a connection towards my blog..

Driving.. >.<

  • Yes I have just safely returned from my trip to Kajang.. =) First time driving today in my CRV.. Lol.. First mom, dad and I went breakfast.. And mom made me drive up and down Section8 first just to make sure I'm ok.. =.=.. Then we went to the shop la.. Mom gave me heart-attack la.. I was already turning out and she like shrieked at me cuz got 1 car and motor.. I saw them la k, and they were so far away, samore got bump there.. She was like "GIRL U CANNOT GO, stop STOP!!! got CAR AHHH!!!" luckily dad was there I just went anyway since dad oso ask to go..
  • Then, dad actually lemme drive to Kajang to pick Greg up.. This time without mom!! hehe.. We dropped her back, then we were off.. The trip to Kajang was fun la k.. Dad trusted my driving, and just guided me.. Din like make sudden shouts and screams at me.. LOL..
  • Then, we picked Greg up.. The minute he got into the car, he cannot stop commenting and talking and criticising.. At first ok la, I took it all as jokes and laugh along with him and dad.. Then we reach like the main road where there were so many cars, so I just kept left first and din cut into the lane la.. Was waiting for the traffic light to turn red ma.. Idiotic Greg just went "Go la, haiyo why u stop, you suck la seriously!!"
  • Like wtf la k, the cars were coming at full speed and he say i suck cuz I din go!! I blew la k, literally.. I shouted back at him and he got the nerve to continue talking samore.. he said "fine I shall keep my driving instincts to myself''.. WTF la wei!! Then dad asked him to shut up la.. by that time I was shouting damn loud edi.. Dad told me to cool down and I continued driving la.. And I think it might be Pms la k.. Cuz after I finish my shouting spree, I burst into tears while driving.. I think I was just too pissed..
  • Dad like keep asking me to chill.. And I turned the radio on damn loud.. So the whole way when I was driving I drove back in silence la.. Fortunately for all of us, the idiot sitting at the back finally got the message and decided to remain quiet the whole journey back.. I swear, he's even worse den my mom.. He keeps this up, and I'm not driving him wei.. Screw our previous deals, like I give a damn.. Ask him to get his licence himself den ownself drive to Mid Valley la.. Since he say I suck so much rite.. den dun sit my car.. Ass.. Spoil my good mood.. I was so happy this morning..

Thursday, July 23, 2009

One more day..

  • The weekend is here soon!! woohoo.. one more day, one more day.. Can't wait.. hehe.. So anyway, I actually wrote a post ystd, but internet got issues so din manage to post it, and it was not even saved under my drafts.. =.= lk wth rite?? Well nth important bout the post la.. Just that I've made my decision to stay in A-levels after all.. LOL.. It is, ultimately, the best and the safest route I could think of la.. And I really don't feel like going to US, so yea, no ADP den.. All I can say is, I'm glad I don't have to leave PE6.5.. We can graduate together!! =) (haven even finish AS and here I am thinking of graduating.. haha..)
  • I'm just glad the confusion is over la.. It really sucked the past 1 week plus.. All I could do was sit there and think and worry bout the right move.. Felt so drained out and emo.. Thankfully everything is cleared.. for now at least.. haha.. An I know I already said this, but i'm so glad I'm not leaving PE6.5.. I've gotten used to the people.. It would have sucked having to go the a new class and fitting in again.. So many days there I was thinking I would be typing a goodbye post, and that there would be tears as I typed it.. But look!!! I'm typing this instead!! =) *all smiles*
  • On a more sombre note, I'm sick.. Stupid germs and virus.. Been having cough and flu since Sunday but din bother much la.. Until today.. A slight fever started developing, so no choice.. to the doctor it was.. Haven had to eat so many different types of medicine in a while.. No fun I tell u.. I checked my fever medicine and realised ot was 500mg of paracetamol.. U tell me what's the difference with eating panadol then? I might as well prescribe my own medicine la.. (To be perfectly honest, I dunno why I'm complaining.. I think it's just that I've got medicine to consume and I don't like it.. haha.. )
  • Neway, I've still got Maths and Tks work waiting for me.. Sighh.. Cant run from work.. Next week is gonna be pretty hell-ish la.. 2 back-to-back Maths test, and Maths assigment due on Fri.. But at least, going ice-skating on Mon!!! Can't wait!! LOL.. Till the next post people, lotsa love!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

18.. confused and indecisive..

  • OMG someone needs to help me la wei.. I am at my wits end and I dunno what to do right now.. I know I'm already 18 and I should be making good decisions bout my future but I really dunno what to do anymore.. I tot going to A-levels was supposed to be buying me time.. But now, I'm almost 85% sure I wanna do psychology.. What's the point in remaining in a PE class rite, since I'm not gonna be needing Chem and Phy anymore? PLUS they're so difficult to score in as well..
  • And so, last Thurs I already made the desicion that I will be going off to ADP instead, to start afresh and to pursue my dreams of studying psychology.. I tot I cleared things up, until I spoke to Jacob and he made me doubt my decision again.. He said that it's risky doing ADP, because a lot of the subjects you choose and do here might not be transferable to US.. In my case it's worse, cuz I'm planning to transfer to Aus and not US.. So the chances of my subjects not being recognised are even higher..
  • And now, what do I do? I just sent an e-mail to University of Queensland, to enquire bout the prerequisites and the list of recognised subjects so I can transfer there successfully through ADP.. If Taylors ADP does not offer their prerequisites, I'll have to go Help.. And if really Help oso dun have the subjects they want, what the HELL am I supposed to do then?
  • Stay in A-levels, suffer with Chem and Phy then do my degree? This option is highly possible.. The problem would be that if my results are not good enough, I might not even GET into University of Queensland and I can't even apply for scholarship.. Cuz seriously, A-levels is not a just a walk through the park la k..
  • Or another option I tot might be possible is to go and do Foundation in Arts for a yr, then go on to degree in psych? I know by doing this I dun save any time, and I would need to check if my scholarship is transferable.. But the pros are that it MIGHT be easier than doing A-levels, thus not so much suffering studying things unrelated to Psych and hopefully can boost chances of getting scholarship..
  • Pls someone, anyone.. If you really have any suggestions that might help me in ANY way, pls pls let me know.. Advice very much appreciated.. But if you wanna talk shit bout me being irresponsible for not making desicions earlier and being indecisive, don't.. I already feel very bad as it is..

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The road to Amanda's future..

Going and leaving? I think I really am.. It's my future.. I dun think I have a choice.. My future is my priority.. I'd miss a lot of things.. But I think I already know the decision I need to make.. So all I can say is, at least I'd really feel the break only from one half.. Good thing I have not gotten attached to the other half.. Goshhh... I have to do what's right for me..

Monday, July 13, 2009


  • YOOHOOOO!! I passed the freaking driving test.. No big deal I know, I'm just glad I dun hv to relive the torture and I don't have to see my instructor anymore.. LOL.. Assuming day seriously.. I freak myself out so much.. That dreaded bukit.. I so scared I'll fall off it that I stepped the accelerator like to the max.. And ended up literally flying ove the bukit.. But who cares man, most importantly is I got over it.. The rest all no prob la.. When I passed that, I pretty much knew I got my P edi.. haha.. Except that on the road I gto shouted at by the JPJ dude.. Nearly gave me a heart attack man the fella.. But oh well, OVER AND DONE WITH!!!! *smiles smiles..*
  • And now as I'm typing this I recall that I'm supposed to blog on behalf of Shaun bout him passing his test bout 2 months back.. He said to blog together when I pass my test.. But u know what, I very lazy to blog AS Shaun.. So I shall instead blog and dedicate it to Shaun..
  • Neway Shaun, since supposed to blog rite, congrats to u, and to me.. hahaha.. One day, I wanna sit in yr car when you drive.. And I let u have the priviledge of sitting in my car when I drive.. (But if you die I don't take any resposibility ah!!) So now u can stop asking me when I'm gonna get my P.. LOL.. And damn la, I'm a whole yr older den you but you got yr P 2 months before me.. haihhhh.. hahaha.. Neway once again, YAY US!!!! =) And just before I go off Shaun, for u again.. *pokepokepokepokepokepoke!!!!*

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Convent's despo carnival.. hehe..

  • Carnival today in Convent.. Never hv I ever seen such a huge carnival in Convent.. Norlia must be really desperate to get money for the PIBG.. Guys are roaming all over the sch.. Haha.. U think she'll ever let THAT happen if she's not desperate.. Neway, it was a very chaotic carnival la.. Our sch is not big enough in my opinion.. LOL.. But all the same, it was fun going back to sch, seeing the juniors and especially meeting up with the buddies.. And oso the 1 senior.. Tharsh the pathepastic case.. haha..
  • Neway, am exhausted now.. I lack sleep and the sun so totally zapped out the energy in me.. Malaysia's getting hotter and hotter la.. The weather is killing me slowly.. argh, driving test on Mon.. Sucky, sucky, sucky.. Tmr got class again frm 2 to 4.. The only brightside is that I get to skip college on Mon.. And I don't consider that such a big brightside, cuz i'll probably go back on Tues extremely stupid and lost.. I swear, it's no more lk high sch.. Missing that 1 day is enough to kill me at times.. In high sch, I could just randomly skip, yet still get through Spm.. Sighh.. Can I demand a refund? No one warned me bout this.. Lol..
  • Enough bout all that.. I'm in a relatively good mood today, and that doesn't happen too much.. haha.. not recently anyway.. So neway, tmr is Confirmation for the Form5 students..
So to all the confirmants, especially my clown brother Shaun, may tomorrow be a day u will all remember forever.. It's a very special day, and I guarantee that if u open yr hearts, u'll feel the Holy Spirit coming upon u.. So may God bless you tmr and shower u with the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit.. Enjoy the day to the max!! And advance congratulations to you all k..
  • So yea, this has been a very long and random post on so many different things.. haha.. And now I just remembered more things I need to say.. And this goes to my idiot of a friend Renu.. Though she dowan belanja me br, I still love her so here goes..
Dear Renu, I know u're probably now in Taylors registering, settling all yr stuff and the details.. Just wanna make u feel a TEENY WEENY bit better la k.. Cuz I understand how overwhelming the first day of college can be.. I can't teach you how to deal with it, cuz u have to deal with it yourself.. But seriously, just be yrself la k.. Remember that u cannot please everybody in life, and being yourself is the best way to go.. If they can't accept you, den screw them la rite? Why bother changing who you are for people lk dat? And know that whatever it is, I'll be there.. Just call, or come crash the apartment.. N Phoeb will be there oso.. LOL.. And we both love you for who you are.. So dun go changing, be the RENU that YOU are.. cuz the Renu that I know is a Renu worth knowing and keeping as a friend.. Love ya.. *hugs*
  • Hmm.. I think that covers what I have to say for now la.. LOL.. ohh no no.. I tot of sumthing else again.. haha.. Oso important.. I must write.. Dun mind me.. This wan goes out to a fren whom I've only known for 3 months or so.. Despite the short amount of time that I've known her, she's a great friend all the same and therefore, this goes out to SHIMI!!!
Dear Shimi, gosh I'm gonna be so lonely when you move to Inti to do yr Aup thingy.. I know we have only known each other for only 3 months but really, I feel like I've known you for so much longer.. I already feel so much more alone now that u're not in class anymore.. U might have originated frm PE6, but the minute u came to PE7, u made effort to bring us all together and I can truly say that u played a BIG part in making all of us so close now.. Sadly u have to leave us after achieving the results.. But all the same, u'll just be next door so make sure u call us up for lunch, and we MUST go skating together still.. And oso shopping and movie-watching.. And maybe we could try the Carrefour-trolley-stealing gig again some other day.. Haha.. And remember, remember, I'm always here if u do need anyone to talk to.. So all the best in Inti, u go there and u rock Inti to the ground k!! I'll miss u.. *hugs*
  • Ok I think THAT is finally the end of this long blogpost.. haha.. I'll maybe blog again tmr.. If I can take pics of Confirmation and if I have the time.. So till then, ciao people!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Broken and bored..

  • Random post again.. Not that I have nothing better to do, cuz I do.. Just procrastinating as usual.. I think I'll start doing those important stuff after I'm done with this post.. I just feel like ranting out on stuff la.. there's way happier stuff to blog on, like Wen Yin's birthday ystd, but now no mood la.. When I'm bored and I dun feel very happy, dun expect happy, smiley posts.. I feel the need to just say things out..
  • As u r all well aware of, there has been a recent interesting event of the combining of PE6 and PE7.. And after 2 weeks, I don't feel like it is going on well enough to meet my expectations.. It doesn't feel like a class.. If I were to compare this to 5 Intan, it just feels so wrong.. I don't even feel like I belong now.. This is like square one all over again.. It was so difficult to get PE7 to feel and act like a class, and when we finally did, this happens..
  • It's like starting college all over again, but even worse... Cuz when we first started, everyone was new, we tried to get to know each other.. But now, it's like we already have our cliques.. And everyone just stays in their comfort zone.. I must admit that even I myself can't make the initiative to talk first, cuz it feels so weird.. I guess it applies to everyone la.. And please, don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to point fingers or blame anyone I'm just merely saying.. And I'm pretty sure a lot of u will agree with me..
  • College is nothing like high sch la.. I now finally understand what all my seniors meant when they said appreciate high sch.. College is fun la, but what it has is nothing like what high sch had.. GOSH, I miss Convent, can u believe it?? hahaha.. Not Norlia though.. *blekkkkk* can't ever miss her.. Dearest juniors in Convent, do take care of my beloved high sch for me.. haha.. And promise me u'll live every high sch moment to the fullest, and u'll appreciate it.. I miss u all a lot!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Quotations.. Meaningful and cute ones.. Joanne inspired me to go find for some to read.. hahaha..
  • When I first saw you I was afraid to talk to you, when i first talked to you I was afraid to like you, when I liked you I was afraid to love you, now that I love you I'm afraid to lose you
  • The less you open your heart to others, the more your heart suffers.
  • Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art... It has no survival value; rather is one of those things that give value to survival.
  • No love, no friendship, can cross the path of our destiny without leaving some mark on it forever.
  • No soul is desolate as long as there is a human being for whom it can feel trust and reverence.
  • One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.
  • As I grow to understand life less and less, I learn to love it more and more.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Mothers.. or more specifically, my mother..

  • Gosh I tell u seriously ahh, sometimes I dunno wat to sat bout her la.. my mother.. I love her and all but sometimes she drives me bonkers la.. She still thinks I'm 8 instead of 18 at times.. She controls me like nobody's business.. She assumes the worst of my thinking, even when she's not psychic and it is MY thoughts, not hers.. She thinks that I don't understand the value of money, and that I get everything I want.. Cuz obviously I don't la.. really, I'm just so annoyed and frustrated now I dunno wat to say.. But certainly not here cuz I know I'll say things I regret.. so yea..

Dinner with Stef, Ng and Phoeb..

So ystd night, Stef came to Subang to look for us.. So we decided to meet her in Sunway and go for dinner.. After much deliberation, and time wasting, we proceeded to Italiannies.. Since Ng din feel like Japanese, Phoeb din wan fast food and I din want anything spicy.. It was fun la.. We all dressed girly-girly in skirts all and go.. haha.. Hardly ever happens.. We damn jakun la I tell u.. So not made for fine-dining despite our pretty outfits.. haha.. Order oso took us so long cuz we could not make up our minds.. And we like asked for more bread cuz we damn hungry, but at the same time the bread came all the other food came oso.. And in conclusion there was no space on the table and we had to squeeze everything in.. Olive oil kinda tertumpah a bit on the table.. Ooops.. LOL.. But it was great food, as usual la.. And we were so freaking stuffed.. It was almost a 2 hour dinner.. Some pics la that we managed to take..
This wan is the ONLY group photo we took yet it is so super failed.. The guy la haiyo.. Ask him take den he could not.. I told him he has to press and release the button and while I was talking he took!! Sheeshh.. As a result, Phoeb looks like "Omg how long more to take this pic", Stef is closing her eyes, I am talking to the idiot guy la.. Oni Ng looks good and ready for the pic.. (hate u la, Ng y u so photogenic wan?? Lol..) Sexylicious Ng and me.. So many ppl call her sexy, and Phoeb and I keep telling her she is, she dun wanna listen.. tsk tsk tsk.. This is Stef.. The girl who got Jpa and ran off, deserting us in Taylors.. haha.. But now I'm taking her place in 195U la.. Her bed, her desk.. haha.. This wan needs no introduction la.. Itu gila case Phoebe Lim.. Now her hair so different from mine.. Mine's like pin-straight and hers is curly.. Though not very la, I think sumthing went wrong with it.. haha.. Ohh Ohh, Phoebe is single ya.. Any1 interested? I can intro to u.. And I can put in a good word for u oso..
  • So yea I guess that's it for this post.. till the next, bye!! lotsa love..
  • Life's a climb, and they say the view's great.. But I've been climbing and climbing, I still see no view.. It's tiring.. And I finally fell down.. And I got scared of climbing.. But now, I found out there's a something good if I do get to the top.. I wanna start climbing again, but the fall made me scared.. Tell me what to do..

Friday, July 3, 2009

1st week of 2nd sem..

  • Hello world.. It has been 1 hell of week la.. the combination of the classes.. LOL.. class now so huge.. we used to have like 15 or so.. now got 30.. very freaky la, need time to get used to it.. I dun really know wat to say bout the new class.. I miss PE7.. sighh.. I mean, it's like I was so used to it edi, now gotta readjust all over again..
  • N i feel very much more stupider now.. haha.. Cuz PE6 ppl like damn smart n ask a lot of ques, some of which makes no sense to me.. n things like dat barely happened in PE7.. So yea, quite weird.. need time to get used to it.. LOL.. But other den dat nth much la..
  • Today was class rep appreciation day.. Unfortunately it did not go quite as planned cuz Chester found out and he din come.. But we got Alex there la.. and wat was supposed to watermelon eating session became a watermelon throwing session.. Those wearing white all had red stains on their tops.. haha..
  • And ystd, Joanne, Chew Ling, Xin Yi, Shimi and me had slumber party in Joanne's place.. Very fun night.. had dinner, den swimming and played basketball in the pool with a beach ball.. and then we PRANK CALLED!!! woohooo.. Our 2 victims.. Shurraj and Kah Vong.. Then stayed up till 3 plus trying to upload the video.. go watch it on facebook!! Neway, tonight out to Sunway.. Meeting Stef.. Tmr Parent Teacher's Meeting.. God so help me..