Friday, October 30, 2009

So totally hyped up I have to blog about it!!

  • I just realised I forgot to mention.. My last post was my 200th post.. and it was done and dedicated to The All American Rejects.. And I'm writing this now cuz I can't sleep, I'm so hyped up, and I am just SO excited.. LOL.. I just had to let it out, and since I can't scream in my room, I'll just scream here den..
  • Fuuhh.. Ok now that it's out, I can concentrate on other things.. really looking forward to tomorrow.. Meet and greet session in Pavilion at 11.. We're leaving Sg Long at 9.. Once I get there I'm gonna have to buy 2 AAR albums, so that they can autograph it.. And I am not insane k, buying 2, one is for me one is for Mark.. LOL.. Then we'll probably be lepaking in Pavilion.. Leaving for Bukit Jalil at 3 i suppose.. I'm really excited to meet the bloggers oso.. Erm, like Jackie, Sam, and especially Amanda!! (Yes we share the same name.. haha..)
  • Seriously I should be sleeping early cuz it'll be a long day tomorrow but I'm like just so so excited.. This is insanity really.. haha.. ohh and I just found out I'm in a different lab from all my other classmates for my Physics practical on Tuesday, but I dun even give a damn right now cuz I'm so super happy.. =)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Can't wait for the weekned..

  • Ahh I'm finally done with my Chem practical, that's my 4th paper done.. Which leaves me with 6 more, with the nearest being my Physics practical which is next Tues.. Then I have Chem2 on Wed, of which I have barely started studying for.. But shall not worry bout that first.. I'm finally free for this weekend and you guys wanna know why I'm so excited bout the weekend? *smiles* If you guessed The All American Rejects, then you are absolutely WRONG!! Ok who am I kidding, you're totally RIGHT!! haha..
  • Yes, the boys will be back on 31st October, Saturday at Carpark A, Bukit Jalil after postponing from their original date due to an infection that Tyson Ritter, their lead singer, had.. To those who do not have a ticket yet, I think you can still grab a Digi simcard for RM8.50, subscribe to Digi Unlimited Music and immediately get your ticket at Sg Wang, Sunway Pyramid or 1 Utama.. psst, I found out that you can even go collect them at Asia Cafe.. So what you waiting for people?
Go go GO grab your tickets!! =)
  • And if you already have the tickets and all, I will so totally see you there.. And we're gonna party all night especially because awesome local acts will be opening for The All American Rejects!! They are Pop Shuvit, Disagree and One Buck Shot!! And of course the boys themselves, The All American Rejects!! So I already have something to look forward to for my weekend, do you? =)

Monday, October 26, 2009

I wonder how.. Help needed!!

  • Mmm hmm.. I have been formulating this plan in my head since Saturday, and I'm wondering if it'll work.. I really, really feel like going on a shopping spree, but the problem here is that cash doesn't fall from the sky now, does it? haha.. So I was thinking, I have like RM450 from NS which is still in the bank and which I have not touched.. And to top it off I also still have the RM200 from the Archbishop Dominic Vendargon award.. So in total that's like RM650 u know..
  • If I work my way round it right, I could persuade mommy to lemme have the money instead of leaving it in the bank.. The problem now is, how do I persuade her? I was thinking things along the lines like "But a lot of my NS friend spend their allowance edi" or maybe "But I've never had my own cash to go on a proper shopping spree!" Ahh, I really need to convince her, I can already visualise what to buy with the cash.. haha.. So my dear readers, I am turning to you for help!! Anybody got any ideas on the perfect thing I can say to my mom so she'd lemme spend the money? Ideas and suggestions very much appreciated!! =)
  • P/s: On a completely different note, my Thinking Skills paper 2 is tomorrow and I still got time to do all this rubbish.. And I haven't started studying like anything.. I'm serious.. Procrastination is dangerous, I keep telling myself.. But I keep doing it.. Gahhh!! Everytime you see me online and I'm chatting with you, or I'm continuously tweeting, please kindly shout to me,

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kajang Satay!

Ahh what a day.. Well technically only half da day is gone, but I dun think my night will be an eventful one so I'll just blog bout my morning, and my afternoon, which I spent with Phoeb, Lis, Harvinth and Aaron.. =) So this morning, got up at 7, met up with Phoeb and Aaron and we cycled to 7/11 to buy tuna, bread and stuff for a picnic! Then we met Harvinth and Lis in the park, where we had a fun morning of football, picnic and swings! Can u imagine us 3 girls playing football it was so freaking hilarious and yeah, we suck big time.. LOL.. and mind you, I cycled there, ran around and played football in my crocs..
Yes these crocs k.. And I actually managed.. Crocs rock man!! =)
  • Then at bout 12 plus, Phoeb picked us all and we headed to Kajang for satay! But we actually arrived at Samuri at 1.30 ok.. Why so long you ask me? Hmm firstly Phoeb picked us up late.. Then that smart Melissa Ong left her purse at the club so we had to go back and get it.. LOL.. After that, we had prob with ordering.. How many chicken, beef, some wanted to try rabbit *coughharvinthcough*, venison, perut and fish.. Mana tau wen Harvinth got to the counter, nth left but chicken, beef and perut.. =.= So much for all that arguing over how many sticks of different meat to order..
The rice, cucumber and kuah..
Our satay! 60 sticks for 5 people.. haha..
LOL.. Phoeb blowing the C-O-C-O-N-U-T!!
Wahh so focused on eating ahh Aaron! haha..
Watchu looking at?
Must be listening to Aaron talk while eating, I'm looking in his direction..
Mmmm, I like satay.. =)
2 captured together.. they look so carnivorous.. LOL..
Phoeb's face!!! lol!!
The 3 girls..
  • Ohh and while we were eating, guess what I did la.. I broke the stick.. Cuz I was trying to like push the meat forward at the side of the bowl, somehow the angle and way I was holding the stick made it snap.. Ganas I know.. LOL..
Wth, I broke the stick!!
The broken stick..
  • Ohh realise Harvinth is not in ANY of the pictures.. haha.. That's cuz the pictures were all taken by him.. (Thanks Harvinth) On his new phone.. N97.. (Ahh I hate you Harvinth, I want yr phone!!!) Anyway, after lunch, we sent Harvinth back to Cheras.. And of course the day is not complete without a few camwhoring pics in the car!!
1,2, 3, SMILE!!! (errr, harvinth's not smiling)
Oops, Aaron got cut out.. haha..
Stupidity.. Last shot of the day.. =)
  • It was a great, short lunch.. Thanks for making laugh my ass off, you guys!! Now to studying.. AHHHHH!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Phoeb's 18th Birthday Celebration!

  • My darling BFF turned 18 already!! =) Yes and to celebrate her 18th birthday, her bro Aaron and I teamed up to plan a surprise party for her.. I tell you this was no easy feat man.. I had to lie everyday, and not to mention act in front of her.. It's about time someone awarded me an Oscar in my opinion.. LOL.. So anyway her birthday was last Friday but to us, the party already started Thurs night.. She came over my house and we had a 2 person sleepover.. Wanna know what we did the whole night? haha.. They might seem lk boring activities, but I assure you we had LOADS of fun.. Here goes..
  1. Online
  2. Watch videos on Youtube
  3. Camwhore
  4. Watch The Proposal and gush over Ryan Reynolds' hotness.. =)
  5. Jumpshots
  6. Eat
  7. Talk and talk and talk obviously..
Phoeb's big chinese cock.. LOL..
First successful jumpshot of the night.. And it led to my mom coming and telling us to stop jumping cuz from downstairs it sounded like elephants were coming.. LOL!!
The big big mirror in my house is AWESOME!!
We like the mirror, it does wonders in camwhoring.. haha..
Trying to get the hang of the camera's timing..
Err too late.. I landed.. haha..
And we're off.. =)
Experimenting with the jumps..
Reach for the stars!! haha..
Hoola hoop poser.. lol..
Tired of jumping so we emo..
Ahh I love this picture.. Perfect emo spot la the staircase..
Phoeb's loving her big chinese cock and the princess bolster..
Certified camwhore!! =)
Awww Phoeb looks so adorable..
Phoeb doesn't look very happy with my expression.. haha..
  • And so we slept at almost 5 and woke up at maybe 10? haha.. And it was up to me to distract Phoeb the whole day while the preparations were done in her house.. We went to Mines, where I literally had to force her to watch 2 movies with me.. Surrogates and Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs.. Not bad la, worth watching.. And of course we shopped.. Or rather she did.. I was broke.. haha..
On the way to Mines..
Phoeb in her new Kitschen t-shirt..
I love their mirror! muaxxx!! haha..
Camwhores at work..
On the way back to Phoeb's house..
  • So the gang awaited our arrival and surprised her.. She was mightily surprised, good job people.. *smiles* I really lazy wanna explain further.. To cut a long story short, Aaron planned a treasure hunt for her, we all bbq-ed and ate.. And of course there was cake.. And Naim managed to get some on Phoeb's face.. Didn't break out into a food fight though, cuz Phoeb's mom told us not to create any mess this time.. haha.. After much camwhoring and talking,we all went home.. And Lene fit 7 people into her car.. haha.. I'll let the pictures do the talking..
Retard 1, 2 and 3..
Lis, Esther, me..
Lilian and me..
Phoeb totally engrossed in her treasure hunt.. Lis assisting..
Lene eating the chicken..
Yes I am THAT much taller than Naim..
Back row of random posers, front row of lala imitaters.. haha..
Lene and I.. With the disturbers at the back.. Ferlynne, Naim and Chong..
The next Titanic couple maybe? LOL..
We all taking pics while Phoeb trying to solve her clues.. haha..
Phoeb's task from Kim.. Stuffing a slice of pizza into her mouth..
The cake..
Phoeb with her cake..
Birthday girl with her cake and her present from parents and brother.. Ipod Nano..
Kim with the balloon that completely matches her top!
A proper decent group picture..
And the not-so-proper group picture.. LOL..
Naim and Phoeb at war trying to get cream on each other..
Phoeb succumbing to defeat.. haha..
Final pic of the night.. The 7 people in Lene's car..
  • So that wraps up this post I guess.. If you wanna see more crazy antiques of ours that were captured on camera, go check out my facebook k.. Click HERE