Friday, November 27, 2009

New Moon premiere screening thanks to Nuffnang!

  • On the 25th of November, I was given the opportunity of attending the premiere screening of New Moon courtesy of Nuffnang! I was so excited and couldn't wait the miniute I knew I won the tickets cuz it's NEW MOON!! Come one man, I'm a huge fan of the Twilight Saga k.. lol.. I'm not exactly in a blogging mood so I'll keep it short..
  • Skipped Malaysian Studies to spend the whole afternoon and evening with Flora lepaking at Curve, Ikano and Ikea.. We went and jumpa Sherie and also Jonathan.. Bought Christmas presents.. Yada yada, collected tickets, went Mcd for dinner with Flora, Sherie, Sam, Audrey, Suresh and Jac..
  • Audrey and I (picture credits to Audrey)
  • No other pictures cuz I din bring camera and we all seem to have forgotten about taking pictures.. haha.. So straight on to the movie synopsis and review..
Continuing where Twilight ended, New Moon started with Edward and Bella happily together.. But things went wrong at Bella's 18th Birthday, and Edward makes the ultimate decision to leave Bella so she can live normally.. But things don't go so right because Bella is incapable of living without Edward..
Pretty soon, she starts doing reckless, dangerous stunts just because she sees a hallucination of Edward when she does things like that.. She also spent more time with Jacob, her childhood friend and starts depending on him.. But things get weird and Bella finds out that her best friend is a werewolf..
Soon after, Edward gets misinformed thinking that Bella was dead and he set out to see the Volturi to get himself killed.. The Volturi refused to kill him but he wanted to give them a reason to.. Fortunately Bella got there on time to stop Edward.. But the Volturi wanted to kill Bella because they considered her a liability.. But Alice saved the day by saying that she has seen visions of Bella being a vampire.. And so they went back to Forks, and I'll leave the end for you to watch.. LOL..
  • In my opinion, this movie sure beats Twilight and it is way better.. I might be biased because I'm a fan of the books, but I really thought it was not bad.. And I must say I really understand how Jacob feels.. It's so heart-wrenching to watch the ending.. Where Bella actually tells Jacob that she loves him but that she'll always choose Edward.. sigh.. poor Jacob..
  • But enough of all that emoness.. Back to the review.. You should so catch the show, it is worth watching.. I'd give it a rating of maybe 7.5/10.. Was quite disturbed by the fact that they cut a lot of kissing scenes though.. But nonetheless, still good.. Now go and enjoy the movie.. =)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

[Contest] Free Web Hosting + Domain Name

  • So dear reader, are you a blogspot user like me? Well I wanna know, do you ever get a feeling of dissatisfaction when you look at your blog url, and you see there big big Argh, sometimes you can't help but wish it was something like haha.. Well if you ever had that feeling, I'm telling you that you can now do SOMETHING about it!!
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Saturday, November 21, 2009

No Compromise For Mr Potato Fiesta 2009

  • Ahhh potato chips.. Our comfort food in every situation.. Whether watching tv, hanging out with friends, or simply looking for something to munch on.. But sometimes it can get SO frustrating buying potato chips, don't you agree? Some come in weird flavours and they taste funny, some are not crunchy.. But eversince I discovered Mister Potato, ahh I fret no more!! Simply because they NEVER compromise the quality of their chips.. And this year, Mister Potato is having the #1 Mister Potato Contest at If you want to win cash prizes totaling up to RM 10,000 I suggest you make your way there NOW!
  • The game consist of 8 stages, in which you must journey through to climb the corporate ladder and be the #1 man in the empire! And now I shall relate to you, the story of how I came to be #1 in the Empire of Mister Potato Chips!!
  • Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Amanda Janelle who aspired to be at the top of the Mister Potato empire.. But alas, she was only a small, insignificant potato peeler in the company..
  • Everyday she'd pluck potatoes and segregate between the good and bad ones.. Despite the lowly job, she was still determined to climb the corporate ladder, and that was exactly what she did!
  • She went online and did all the research that she could about bloggers' favourite Mister Potato flavours.. She even interviewed bloggers that she knew.. =)
  • Then came the slicing time! Amanda Janelle had to slice potatoes into very thin slices, and she had to do it within a certain time frame *gasp* Her being very accident prone, she cut herself many many times, but after some practice, she became a pro at it..
  • Amanda Janelle then realised that she had to know her Mister Potato facts well.. So she grabbed some of the canisters, and studied them all day all night like she studied for all her exams when she was in school..
  • Soon after that, Amanda Janelle remembered that the chips needed to be crunchy ALL the time.. So she set out to perform the "Crunch" test on all the chips..
  • Finally Amanda Janelle felt that she was ready to open Mister Potato's Book of Potato Chips Making.. Mind you, the book was mighty BIG but Amanda Janelle was so in love with potato chips that she finished reading it all in one day!
  • But then, Mister Potato's assistant Ortega got word of Amanda Janelle's slow but steady climb up the corporate ladder, and he certainly did NOT tolerate it.. He set out to torture her with his annoying laughter..
  • But Amanda Janelle was not one to give up. Oh no way, not after she worked so hard and definitely not when she's so close to attaining her dream.. So using letters Q, W, E, R, T she beat Ortega at his own laughing game and defeated him once and for all..
  • So at last, Amanda Janelle put on her hat, and smiled like she's never smiled before! She can finally declare herself as the #1 man (or in this case, girl) of the Empire of Mister Potato Chips!
  • And so that is my the story of how I journeyed to sit at the top in the empire of Mister Potato.. But hold onto your horses and don't leave yet.. I even wrote a song about my story! So sit back, relax and enjoy my "amazing" and lame song on how I came to be #1 in the empire! By the way I sincerely hope you enjoyed the post.. =)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Screening of A Christmas Carol(3D) courtesy of Nuffnang!

On Monday, 16th of Nov, I watched da premiere screening of A Christmas Carol, all thanks to Nuffnang, who gave me 2 invites to go for the movie.. After much dilemma bout not going and giving my tickets away, in the end, I invited my "cousin" Karel and he was my "date" for that night.. haha.. We were a bit late la, collected tickets at almost 9, and only had half an hour to eat as the movie started at 9.30pm.. Xin Yi came with us but she went shopping cuz she wanted to buy Xmas present for her Edwin.. =)
Karel Dharmananda Kosasih aka my "cousin", my guest for that night..
He tied up his hair using my rubber band to amuse us all.. =)
  • Ok to cut a long story short, here's the synopsis of the movie.. It's my own take on it la, cuz everything else that I found was so bloody long..
The movie revolves around Ebenezer Scrooge, a bitter and miserly old moneylender.. Scrooge hates everything about Christmas and refuses to even let loose to enjoy in the merriment of the holiday.. On Christmas Eve, he is visited by hos former business partner Jacob Marley, who has died 7 Christmas Eves ago.. Marley warns Scrooge about a horrible afterlife is he does not repent and foretells that Scrooge will be haunted by 3 ghosts who will guide him.. The 3 ghosts are Ghost of Christmas Past, Ghost of Christmas Present and Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come.. Finally, Scrooge awakens to find himself in bed on Christmas Day and he sets out to atone for his sins, making donations to the poor, attending his nephew's Christmas Dinner and raising Cratchit's salary so he can care for his family better.. In the end, Scrooge becomes a whole different person who embodies the true spirit of christmas itself..
Ebenezer Scrooge..
Ebenezer Scrooge again.. lol..
Scrooge and Tiny Tim enjoying Christmas..
Scrooge at his nephew's Christmas Dinner..
  • Overall I'd say it's quite a good movie.. It has a great meaning to it, and it really reminded me that Christmas is almost here! =) The movie is a bit dark at certain times, but it is nicely balanced out by a few touches of humour here and there.. A great one to watch with family, in my opinion.. I'll probably rate it 7/10 I guess.. It's worth watching, so go on and watch.. haha..
Karel and me..
Last picture of the night.. Karel, me and Xin Yi..

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Family" outing..

  • Gosh it's only been 3 days that my blog's not updated, but I already feel like I abandoned it too long! So back to business then.. On Sunday, Flora, Freddie, Sherie and I headed out for a "family" outing.. haha.. To those who don't know, 4 of us are like family k.. Flora is my godsis, Sherie is Flora's godsis and Freddie is just like our long lost brother.. haha..
Camwhoring in my room before heading out..
  • First destination was Zouk, where the Chic Pop Street Market was going on.. It was very interesting, things were being sold at a cheaper price, and there was quite a lot of people.. and best of all, it's an air-conditioned street market k!! I like! haha.. I ended up spending the most, but NOT on my own accord k.. I initially only bought a tube top.. Then Flora put a bracelet on my hand, and Sherie n Fred said I should get it.. then they did it again with a tube dress.. haha..
The crowd walking about..
Some of the things being sold..
Sherie, who's been MIA for a while.. lol..
Family, family.. *loves*
  • Then we left, and it was raining.. So we ran like little kids under the rain back to Maya Hotel, where we parked the car.. And in Maya Hotel toilet, we did what we do best.. (minus Fred la since Fred can't come into the female toilet.. haha..)
Godsisters.. =)
Then we headed to Bangsar Shopping Centre for Chili's.. While in the car, Fred took out the wonderful t-shirt he bought and started flashing it at random passerbys..
yeah here's the great t-shirt!!
  • Once we were at Chili's, we did a lot of talking, a lot of catching up, and a lot of gossiping as well.. haha.. Not to mention a WHOLE load of laughter.. It was good la, cuz the 4 of us haven't hung out in so long..
Group pic while waiting for the food..
  • I was actually planning to take pics of the food, cuz as we all know, Chili's food looks really good and tastes really good.. but but, we were so hungry that the minute the food came, we all dove in and ate.. And silly me, was too busy sanitizing everyone's hands I forgot bout taking pictures.. haha.. But I did manage to take a pic of the oh-so-sinful-yet-delicious Molten Chocolate Cake!
Ahhhhh.. awesome.. *drools*
  • After much eating, talking, laughing and sampat-ing, we decided to leave.. But not before heading to the toilet, and again, camwhoring.. =)
We like full-length mirrors!!
Dun ask me why the toilet got panic button la.. haha..
  • After that we sent Sherie back home, then Fred, Flora and I headed to AC for pool.. Sam and Audrey came and met us.. Audrey didn't wanna play, so we split up into teams of 2.. Fred and Flora, Sam and me.. Simply because Sam is damn good, and I am damn noob.. Whereas Flora and Fred are not bad.. Sam and I were supposed to be Team A, and Flora and Fred were Team B.. But den, Sam was so effing good he seemed to hit everything in, every single time, I was da one who hit the black ball in.. And so they decided there was no Team A.. There was Sam and The Closure, and Team B.. (Yes they called me The Closure!!)
Team B members.. (Ok the pic is not from that day ahh)
Sam aka Mr Super Pro.. (picture credits to Audrey)
Amanda aka me aka Miss Super Noob aka The Closure.. Wtf I got so many names..
(picture credits to Audrey)
  • After that we all headed home la.. Sam and Audrey back to SS17, Fred back to Cheras, Flora back to Sg Long and me back to Myplace.. =.= It was a fun fun day.. but needa improve on my pool playing skills la.. haha.. Stay tuned for the next post.. Premiere screening of A Christmas Carol courtesy of Nuffnang!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Life After You

  • I'm so supposed to be studying.. And just this afternoon I was complaining that I had no inspiration to blog.. Which I guess considering the timing, was a good thing cuz blogging is just another way of procrastinating from studying isn't it? But then, just now on the way to church I heard this awesome song.. And I immediately knew it was Daughtry, cuz you can just recognise his voice anytime, anywhere.. And the song was just ahhhhhh... So yeah just wanna recommend it to you guys.. I honestly still have no inspiration to blog, in fact, I feel inspired to run to my piano and composing a song RIGHT NOW!! I got no time to put the video here and all, so if you wanna listen to the song click
  • My favourite lines in the entire song are the lines in the chorus..
"All that I'm after is a life full of laughter, as long as I'm laughing with you"

Friday, November 13, 2009

Audrey Chew Ernern

Yes, if you read da title, you'll know the post is bout Audrey.. LOL.. And if you've read her blog, you might wanna opt out on reading this post cuz it'll be da same stories, da same pics.. My delayed "telecast" is cuz I have A-levels exam, and that girl has finished her PMR.. (The injustice, tsk tsk)
Yes that is Little Miss Audrey posing in Kitschen latest collection in hopes of winning Kitschen's competition.. Please go and vote for her once everyday.. Click
  • So yeah, back to the real story.. Met Audrey at AC for lunch yesterday.. To cut a long story short, the weather was very indecisive.. It didn't know whether it wanted rain or storm, sun or clouds.. It's like as if the weather didn't want Audrey to go home.. Everytime I was about to suggest that she started to head home, the rain poured down as if there was no tomorrow.. So we ended up talking for a good 5 hours.. I must say it was very fun though.. =) A lot of getting-to-know you and girl talk kinda thing..
Decent photo of us before parting ways..
NOT so decent photo of us before parting ways.. LOL..
  • P/s: Audrey, I help you promote your Kitschen thingy k!! So if win, must remember me.. ahem ahem.. LOL..

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My sister!! Walao eh! Grrr!!

Goshhh.. After studying until I so tension, I thought wanna rest a while la k.. So I went into my room, all ready to flop onto my bed and rest for bout 10 mins.. But I walked in, and guess what I saw?
In case you're extremely daft and don't know what's on my bed, I'll tell you! It's my sister's masak-masak things la.. All on my bed!! Wanna flop oso no space, no mood edi.. Grrrrrrr.. And you know what's worse? She went out with mom to BUY SHOES!! So i can't shout and ask her to clear it up.. ARGH!!

Physics is killing me..

Oh yeah I'm supposed to be studying.. That's for sure.. But at times I wonder, what's the use.. Nothing is going to rekindle my love for Physics anymore.. It has just become beyond words boring, not to mention completely nonsensical.. Decided to just do a short update on me, studying Physics.. So that you'll all understand the situation here, right now, in my study room.. haha..
I am not kidding those are ALL my Physics book.. Got so many books oso tak ada guna.. Tak masuk otak wan.. Hmmph..
My trusted side-kick.. My mug which I am constantly filling with tea and coffee..
Yeah.. Fugly hair, fugly face, fugly picture!!! That is what Physics does to me, ladies and gents!
  • P/s: My mom is evil.. She called me at 1 plus and said,
"Ehh girl ah.. My shoes all lk spoil edi, I wanna buy new shoes.. Come we go Mid Valley want not? Ohh wait, you need to study, got exam.. Nevermind la then.."
*gives sad face and goes off to study Physics again..*

Monday, November 9, 2009

Teaching a 5 year old the art of camwhoring!

If you've been following me on Twitter, you might remember that 3 nights back, I tweeted on teaching my 5 year old cousin how to camwhore.. haha.. Her name is Annabel and she's just so adorable, I must say that she looks better in the photos den me.. =( And she just seems to love the camera.. Couldn't stop making different expressions because prior to camwhoring, she and I were coming up with silly expressions and faces.. I had to do like 20 for her k.. (talk about demanding..) So here are a few photos, on me teaching my 5 year old cousin how to camwhore.. I can totally see that she'll grow up to be one good camwhorer.. LOL..
  • Supposed to do "headache" shot, but she got confused and did da "shocked" pose.. LOL..
  • This is her favourite.. Our "flower" pose.. haha..
  • That's her doing the chicken pose..
  • We merajuking la.. haha..
  • Eeee, u see how happy she is cuz she got to camwhore? lol..
  • I conclude that kids are DAMN adorable before they're 7.. Once they hit 7 and go to school, ermmmm, not so cute edi la.. LOL..