Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gone way too long!

  • It's been 2 weeks! omg.. can't believe I abandoned my blog for so long. Well the 15 days of CNY are almost over.. Only today and tomorrow left. I'm way too lazy to blog actually. I think I lost the mojo edi. But a lot has happened in these 2 weeks. First of course is CNY, and how I spent it. =) and then there's our LnL 09 Follow-up Camp. And yesterday was our Sport's Awakening, which was awesome. So yeah I feel compelled to at least put up a few pictures here la. So here goes.
  • 1. Chinese New Year 2010
Ermmm, this is a prob now. I have zero pictures from CNY. Cuz I have not transferred them yet. LOL. But anyway CNY was ok la, quite fun. Spent it with family, extended family, godfamily, classmates and friends.. =) and the gambling luck this year is so-so la. Win la but not a lot. haha..
  • 2. LnL 09 Follow-up Camp
Super awesome follow-up! It was great seeing all the LnL 09 family members again, though some were not able to make it, like my dear angel Isaac. =( but nonetheless it was a great camp. and our liturgy team pulled it off. we did great! haha. Aihhh this really makes me miss camp a lot la. The memories, the pictures. And oh the mini Malam Ria, HILARIOUS!! the performances were so freaking funny I was literally lmao. But enough blabbering, you see some pictures la k. =)
My camera buddy, Joel, Andy and me!
The liturgy team. Candid shot. Haha.
Camera buddy and camwhore buddy attempting to tie my hair. Tsk tsk.
The 3 musketeers. Female version. Haha.
My awesome Yellow group playing the sponge game.
My hoedown, thanks to Kevin and Adrian.
Friendship for 12 years, and still counting. Love you, Ann.
Glynn and I.. *loves*
My one and only camwhore buddy. =) *hugs*
The LnL 09 Family who made it to the follow-up. Love you all loads!!
  • 3. Sports Awakening
Our HFC Youth had our very first Sports Awakening and it was AWESOME!! My entire body hurts now whenever I move but I dun think that matters cuz it was all worth it. We had so much fun and I can see the youth really bonded. As my clown brother Shaun said, it was probably the best youth gathering we had so far, and I quote him "A youth team that plays together stays together". Something like that la. Haha.
Preparing the teams for the games.
Glynnie and me! =)
Annie and me. Haha.
The Cicakman Freddie and me. Lol.
Shaun shaun shaun.
And another Shaun. This one is that clown brother of mine. =)
We make an awesome team! 4 Jb students and 4 Convent students.
Me and my signature one-leg-off-the-ground-when-I'm-playing-sports pose! LOL!
The posing girls.. =)
  • And that's it for this post. Till the next one, tata!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day.. EVE!!

  • Just dropped by to wish everyone a very Happy Chinese New Year, and a very Happy Valentine's Day as well.. =) 2 celebrations in 1 this year.. Not for me la, Vday is like nothing to me. LOL. But to those who are doing a double celebration, good for you. To one and all, have a great great day, and happy holiday as well.. =)
Happy Chinese New Year
Happy Valentine's Day
  • Lotsa love and happiness, all year round.. =) *sunflower*

Friday, February 12, 2010

Of food poisoning and a missing laptop.

  • Yeah this week has not exactly been my week la k. I apologise for being MIA, because I've been busy, and caught up with so many things. So to summarise my week, let's see. Monday was awesome, because I spontaneously got picked up Esther and went for the Premiere screening of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. Awesome movie by the way, do go and watch it.
  • Now from Tuesday onwards it was pretty much crappy shit la. Got notice saying that Myplace won't have electricity, so I packed and decided to sleep at Esther's place. Only in the afternoon, we stopped by Peng's place, and I like freaking threw up everything I ate. And then started feeling really cold. At night in Esther's house, I was freezing even when I had my jacket on and I was under the comforter.
  • Fast forward to the next morning, I felt a teeny bit better. But after sitting in class a while my stomach felt weird, so I decided to head home and rest. Come afternoon, I was sorta ok again, so went karaoke then proceeded to steamboat with the classmates.. It was awesome and I had a lot of fun, but when I came back, I went to the toilet 3 times in 1 and a half hours. Lasted throughout the whole night. At one point I literally fell asleep on the toilet seat. So tempted to just camp in the toilet la.
  • So next morning I went to see the doctor and got like medicine and was ok edi. Afternoon had movie marathon planned, so it went on as usual. But when I got back from Sunway at night, my laptop was not on my study table and it was missing. Called the warden, she called the maintenance guy, called my roommate, but to no avail. Bawled my eyes out there.. Parents came and everyone was just talking and discussing, and me, crying.
  • So conclusion of the story is, it was not a good week la. Not a good week at all. I think the built-up to Valentine's Day is against me. As it always is. Lmao. Plus I found out some stuff, and also not good news. But I refused to be depressed la k. I'm gonna make CNY awesome. But I'm still missing my laptop, wherever it is.
  • And oh yeah to the person who stole my laptop, CURSE YOU TO INFINITY, EFF U EFF U EFF U, go die and burn in the underworld.. (ok maybe I didn't mean that, but I still hate u..)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Of being tired and of wanting to know when to give up.

  • It's not even 10 yet and I already feel like sleeping. That clearly shows I'm tired, does it not? I am nocturnal okay.. Sleeping before midnight is unheard of. And what more wanting to sleep before 10pm? It completely contradicts who I am. Sigh. But yes I am tired. Both physically and emotionally. It might be due to the *coughshoppingcough* but I'm putting the blame on many other things. It cannot be cuz of the shopping cuz shopping makes me happy, and makes me forget my worries. I come back, I stare at the laptop, and I worry. Tell me which would you rather do?
  • Anyways, I'm sidetracking la. Reason of this post is actually for.... nothing. I don't even know what's the reason of this. I just feel like I need to rant. I notice that recently all my posts are of ranting. The old me would have cared, cuz who wants to read a whole bunch of rants right? But the new me couldn't give a damn la. I blog what I want and if I wanna rant, that is exactly what I'll do.
  • I don't know if I should give up, cuz in the first place, it's not as if I made effort to try and get it. But as time passes, and the more I think about it, the more I think it's time I give up la. Better to give up now when I can pull myself out, rather than attempt to give up few months down the road and cry like shit again cuz it's been too long.
  • And here's something I know I cannot give up on. My stupid-bloody-effing-pain-in-the-ass A2. I just realised that I barely have 2 months to trials, and this time I need my trials results. The best thing is, I have become so so stupid. To top it off, I am a lazy-good-for-nothing PIG! SO the results? I am now totally lost in Physics, and I loathe it with all my heart. Not hate, but LOATHE! As for Maths, I barely know what's going on. At the rate I'm going, I might as well not sit for my A2 cuz I'm going to fail even if I sit for it anyway.
  • I feel like I need to do what Tani did, and do some soul-searching as well. Just take the train to somewhere totally random, and spend the whole day thinking. Seems like a good plan, I just needa pick a day to skip class to do that. It's either that, or a getaway weekend la. Maybe I just need to spend some time with the people who truly love me and get me. A girls slumber party maybe?
  • Aih I'm missing my girls a lot la k. College can get so unbearable cuz I don't see them everyday, the way I saw them everyday for hours when we were in high school. I really feel like I'm going to breakdown one of these days. It doesn't show cuz I don't wanna be all emo and sad in front of people. But I know it's going to happen soon, cuz I already almost cried today.
  • Dear God, please give me the strength to endure whatever comes my way. Everything that I have to go through, I know you have reasons for them. And I know that they are all your plans, I might not understand them now, but in time I will. But I beg you dear Lord, if I do have to go through all these trials and challenges, that you will grant me your strength.. That I might not breakdown and cry, rather I'll stand up and walk again despite falling. I can only do it with Your strength. So please, help me. Amen.
  • And Bffs, I miss you all. You have no idea how much I need US at this moment. This blog post took me longer than an hour to write, it is now already 11.30pm. I'm trying so hard to explain what I'm feeling but I can't.. I just wanna rewind time, I wanna go Dunkins again. I want this.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Of feeling guilty, yet proud of yourself.

Yeah how do you do that, ever wondered? Very simple, allow me to teach you. LOL.
  • Firstly, you go out on a Monday evening after class, and you shop with your classmate. You set your mind on buying a pair of wedges/espadrilles(note A PAIR, only ONE), and so you walk around Sunway Pyramid scouting for the right pair. After going from Vincci to Nose to Nichii, you get a little sad because nothing seems perfect to you.
  • As you decide to head on over to Viss, you see Voir. So you make your way there and VOILA, you see a cute pretty pair of black wedges/espadrilles that have ribbons! You try them on and they fit perfectly and feel comfy. But you hesitate because you worry you'll find something nicer in other shops. So you leave, telling the shop assistant you'll be back soon. Then you parade on to Viss but found nothing there.
  • However, as you were walking back to Voir, you see The Shoe Connection. And you see this pair of pretty white wedges/espadrilles. You try them on and once again, they're a perfect fit. You turn to your classmate, and ask her which pair should you get. She then turns to you and says, "If it's me, I'll get both"!
  • And so you being such a total shoe-addict, you buy the white pair, and then run back to Voir and got the black pair as well. Total damage done on the purse due to the 2 pairs of shoes=RM120. You have a remainder of 30 bucks for shopping, so you hurry over to Diva and buy a hairband for RM23. You feel very satisfied, but yet SUPER guilty, cuz including the 2 new pairs of shoes, you total "new shoe tally" for 5 months=7 pairs!
  • After you arrived at your apartment, you sit and ponder about what you have done. You tried to push it outta your head but you can't. And so you sms some friends, and get some random replies.
  1. Wth.. So I no need buy u present dy la.
  2. 1 edi worry bout asking mom, now you buying 2??
  3. U have too many shoes la wei. Too bad we different size, or not means surely I'll borrow edi.
  • However none of the replies make you feel any better. So you sms someone whom you know will be able to make you feel less guilty, and you get a reply like that.
  • No reason to feel bad cuz CNY is just around the corner plus you did well for AS. Humans need to reward themselves in order to be motivated.
  • Ohh now that made you feel so much better, and so you take out your Maths work. You hate Maths, because Maths has stopped loving you ever since you started doing A2, but you try anyway. You go to the extend of calling a friend to teach you, something which you usually couldn't be bothered with. And you ended up completing almost all your homework. You can't help but be proud of yourself for not being such a lazy ass for once. =) And so you head to dreamland feeling a little guilty still, but also proud.
  • TADA!! There you have it. The art of feeling guilty and proud of yourself at the same time. =)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Busy weekend.. OVER!! But Deiva this is for you!

  • Yes the most tiring weekend of the year so far is over. I wanna blog bout it but it cannot happen now because pics are not up yet, and I am sleepy. LOL. Just wanted to state that fact. To those who don't know, it was Mary and Damien's wedding this week. I've known Mary for like years, ever since I was 7 I think. She's been like an elder sis/ baby sitter, so her wedding was something very meaningful to all of us. I'll blog about it soon. Promise.
  • In the mean time, heading back to Subang tomorrow morning. Screw Subang la, it's not in KL and therefore I got no holiday. Grrr. Super lazy wanna go class tomorrow. But at least going shopping after class with Esther aka mommy, so got something to look forward to. =) But you know what, tomorrow will be the day that our dear Deiva is moving to a new class. Gosh I'll miss you la Deiva, really. This post goes out to you!
  • Dear Deiva, thank you for all those times that you were there for me, when I talk about all my crap and nonsense, thank you for listening to me. =) Thank you for being such a great friend, and for being such an awesome classmate.. *hugs*
  • I know your decision is for your future's sake but I wish it didn't have to be this way. I'll definitely miss you. But you know I support you, and I'm proud of you for not giving up. Work hard and keep trying, and you'll be able to achieve your dream. =) for sure..
  • Our class gonna kehilangan one stalker!! My sifu.. =( who's gonna teach me the art of stalking now? lol.. And the class is not going to be the same without you, our treasurer. Now no more Deiva's voice going "Ehh ppl you need to pay me RM5 for the Physics book k, so I can pay Chester back".. But I quote Vee Yong, once a PE6.5, always a PE6.5!
  • Good luck and all the best k Deiva. Pls pls come back and see our class every now and then. You know the door will always be open for you. =) Love u love u love u!! *hugs*
*my fav pic of you and me. I heart u!!*