Wednesday, March 31, 2010


You really have no idea how my life is these days. I'm like a total wreck. It feels like I'm on emotional roller coaster. Trials started edi la and so far I managed to successfully screw up my Maths 3 and Physics 5. I guess I totally deserve what I'm getting, since I procrastinated in studying. Doesn't help that my mind chose this moment to go all bonkers on me, getting distracted easily, not focusing, thinking bout unnecessary matters. Someone should just slap me I think. 4 more papers before I get my holiday. Faster faster please!
You have no idea how unnerving my feelings are these days.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Date Night

  • Nuffnang is giving out premiere screening tickets to watch Date Night, and it's been a while since I blogged for a Nuffnang Event, so I thought why not? Sure beats studying. haha. And so I'm supposed to be blogging about my most memorable date.
  • Well, my most memorable date. Well I have to admit that I haven been on single dates k, so my most memorable date night probably isn't exactly a date. But the definition of a date is quite subjective right? LOL.
  • Well I guess the most memorable date night that I've had and that I can remember now would be the one I had with my BFFs in January. We spent the whole day shopping, talking, laughing and camwhoring, so I guess it's more of a whole day date rather than a date night. =) And there's nothing like a good "date" with your BFFs, because they're the people who understand you the most. PLUS they're girls so they totally get your obsession of walking around looking for that perfect pair of wedges/heels/flats! A guy probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference. haha. Christmas decorations were still up in Mid Valley during our date, so we posed with the deco of course. =)
We heart the pretty deco. =)
The stupid faces of us.
  • Of course as girls, we also took mirror pictures in the shops. I mean that's what the mirrors are for la rite? For us to take pictures with! Ok and obviously for people to look at themselves with when they're trying on new clothes but that's beyond the point here. haha.
The gallery of sunglasses.
Hogging the mirror at MNG.
Going gaga over accessories in Diva.
  • Then we headed to play pool. Just cuz we're girls that doesn't mean we don't play pool k. haha. Just so you know, we whack the balls, play with the sticks, pose and laugh at the same time. Beat that guys. lol.
Ratatouille, yes no?
Phoeb is smiling while playing. Natural model I say. =)
Wei likes her new found pogo stick! LOL.
The serious and the not-so-serious. =)
  • As all dates go, obviously we had to have dinner. And dinner we had indeed. We headed over to Chili's, where we had a whole load of yummy scrumptious food. We ate till we were stuffed and still couldn't finish the food. Haha.
Quesadilas, which went unfinished.
Buffalo over wings. SUPER good. =)
Chicken Crispers, fried to perfection.
  • After a long long dinner filled with a whole load of laughter, we finally decided to call it a night. It was one of the best "dates" ever and I had a lot of fun catching up with my BFFs.
  • Now I hope Nuffnang thinks this is good enough. And I hope I get the tickets for the movie. I wanna watch Date Night, Nuffnang, so please please let me have the tickets. =)
*fingers crossed*

Friday, March 26, 2010

I didn't know you were this big of a jerk, you bloody bastard!

  • This has been a week of discovery. In many many ways. Firstly I discovered that Maths is maybe not as bad as i thought it was. Haha. Then there's the serious things I discovered. Just as how I wrote in one of my previous posts bout the ironies in life, today I discovered something again. I'll be lying if I say I wasn't angry, because I was. I was really angry, and peeved off too. But then I realised that maybe it was a good thing. I can now learn from it.
  • But that doesn't mean that I don't need to rant. And so here's my rant about you. My final one actually. Because after this, there will be no more rants. Even my anger is not worth wasted on you ok.
  • You immature, idiotic bastard. First and foremost, please please PLEASE start acting your age. In case you didn't realise it, you're getting old. Maybe, just maybe, it's time to stop fooling around, no? If I were a doctor, I would diagnose you with severe play-atitis! There is no definite cure for your disease as far as I know, but a few slaps and maybe some screams and a whole load of knocks on the head will help.
  • Secondly, I'd like you to know that I contemplated forgiving you. Although you toyed with my feelings, I'm over you and that doesn't mean we can't be friends right? But after what I found out today, there is no way I can speak to you again. Not willingly at least. Because you didn't just toy with my feelings. You played with your girlfriend's too. She didn't know about me, and I obviously didn't know about her either. Just because we were young, that doesn't give you the right to string us along. You took advantage of our naivety, and that's just wrong. But now you don't have her, you don't have me either. In your face.
  • Thirdly, for the love of God please STOP messing with young girls' feelings. I hate the fact that you're manipulating their thoughts and feelings like how you did with mine. Cuz when we're young we're a little naive, and I have to admit that you can be quite a charmer, so we can't help but to fall for those sweet talk at times. But you as the older person, don't you know better than to play with girls' feelings? Sheeessh, stop hurting other girls ok. I'd hate to think of any other girl who has had her heart broken by you. FYI, having your heart broken is not exactly a fun thing, only people like you don't get it, cuz you're a bloody player.
  • Fourthly, I cannot believe that I fell for you. I squirm at the thought of how close we used to be, and how you managed to get me to like you. I find it a little disturbing to think that you've been in my past, but I don't think I would change things because at least I learnt something from everything. I learnt that there are many people like you in the world, and now I know better than to fall for someone like you anymore. I also know that you are not worth it at all, and that I have no problem not talking to you also.
  • So here's the last things I wanna say to you. I guess that's it. No more chances for you. You don't deserve any in the first place. Not gonna be hurt by you anymore. Goodbye.
  • ..........................................
  • I love that line that you said. It made me smile.

Too HOT 2 Handle

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This is as ironic as it gets. For now at least.

  • I read something somewhere today, and it made me realise how totally ironic life can get. And I'm not making any of this up, it's all from real life experiences mind you. But I can't use real names in order to protect the privacy of my, erm, examples. So I shall give them new random names! =)
  • Ok we have Henry, Leah, Rachel, John.
  • Henry and Leah were REALLY CLOSE friends. I wouldn't say best friends because Leah was close to a lot of other people, but Henry was one of her close friends. Then there was Rachel and John, who were really literally like siblings. 4 of them knew each other, but in a very twisted way. Henry didn't like John, because he was jealous that Henry was so close to Rachel. The thing that Henry didn't know was that Rachel actually despised him. for some personal reasons.
  • Fast forward by maybe a year or so. Henry, Leah and John ends up in the same class. But Rachel doesn't. In this one year, John became close to Henry, while Henry and Leah started to drift apart a little. Nothing changes between Rachel and John, though.
  • Now let's fast forward the whole scene by another year. Leah and John started becoming good friends this year, because they were in the same club. Henry and Leah continue to drift further and further apart. And then towards the end of the year, John and Rachel also start to drift further apart.
  • Now it's 2 years later. And Leah and Henry no longer contact each other except when they meet each other at functions and things like that. Rachel and John are not even on talking terms due to a huge falling out that they had. Leah and John meanwhile, are really good friends. In fact, John has become one of Leah's best friends. While Rachel is now currently confiding in Henry about the falling out that she had with John.
  • Did you get that? LOL. Well if you read properly, I'm pretty sure you would have gotten that. And you would agree with me that the most ironic things really do happen sometimes. Makes me wonder what's gonna happen 5 years down the road. I might be friends with someone I totally hated, or someone I really despise could be my best friend's boyfriend. You know what I'm saying? It scares me a little to think that such ironic things might happen.
  • I can only wish that after many many years down the roads, I'll still be keeping the friends I love and are worth keeping. =) And of course still be in good terms with my family.
  • .......................................
  • I only wish you'd say something. All I need is assurance.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Boohoohoo. =(

  • I wish I wasn't so darn confused. Not exactly the right time to be confused, mind you. Not when my trials are a week away. And at this point, I'm struggling with Maths. Making progress, but still struggling. I suppose if I gave up sleep I SHOULD be able to get Chemistry. But I doubt there is any saving grace left for my Physics. Only God alone can help me with it. I hope he sends me a miracle worker. haha.
  • Ahh at this point my aim is to screw trials and work for the real thing. I mean, that's what matters right? Oh mom please don't kill me when I tell you I might end up failing my trials. *fingers crossed*
  • Yes and as I was saying, I wish I wasn't so darn confused. It's torturous. Especially since I'm already confused with my studies, and my future. All this unnecessary confusion bugging me. I think I might live for confusion. I don't ever recall a time in these past few years that I'm not confused.
  • But still I'm glad that in the midst of all the confusion, I can still be happy. =) I've been a bit random and high these days, but it's fun cuz I've been happy for no reason. And ok I'm blabbering again. Shall stop here. Till I have the mood to blog about something with more sense, tata!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I love my classmates, more than I myself even knew. =)

  • Yeah nothing like PE6.5. We're a good blend of mixtures I must say. And we never fail to put a little surprise into our lives. I honestly don't know what I'm crapping and why I'm crapping all this. But I really just suddenly feel like doing this. I'll appreciate these last 3 months we have together la. Cuz I know it's not gonna last long and soon we'll all go our separate ways. But we'll make this last months together awesome, I'm sure. I heart you, PE6.5!!
  • Oh oh but before I end this post lemme add a little something. Since we were doing it the whole of today, let me continue! We know you hate your job as the class rep, Chester. Thanks for doing all the photostating all these while. THANK YOU CHESTER!! lol.
The super efficient and stressed class rep. LOL.
Yeah take in all the madness, don't hate us cuz you can't be us. =)

Friday, March 5, 2010

I'm walking on sunshine!

  • Holla readers! Amanda Janelle apologizes for being such a bad blogger. Lately, I notice my posts are all just random, or short, and mostly just summaries. I seem to have completely lost the mood to care about my blog. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing. Haha. More good then bad though I think. Less blogging means more time for studying I hope.
  • I'm in a very random mood, so a very random post this shall be. =) I love Glee!! Glee is super awesome la k. It's like the chocolate syrup on marshmallows, the whipped cream on my caramel frappuccino! It makes me happy and it is totally inspiring. If you're in need of some endorphins, I would prescribe you a good dose of Glee. Haha.
  • And that of course is what inspired the title. Cuz in this episode of Glee, the girls sang a mash-up of Halo and Walking on Sunshine. And they wore yellow dresses, and yellow hairbands, and it was so pretty! That's when it hit me that yellow is actually a very happy colour. =)
  • It's no wonder that I love sunflowers so much. They're such a happy flower, because of the flower. And then there's that whole sunshine thing that's been on my mind ever since I watched Valentine's Day. SO basically, now I'm in love with yellow. And I am scouting for a yellow summer dress. If you do see nice ones, kindly alert me please and thank you. haha.
  • And I shall stop blabbering and filling my blog with psychobabble crap. LOL. Till the next time, (hopefully a meaningful post) tataaaa!