Friday, April 23, 2010

Triple movie review. =)

  • So during my hols I manged to watch 2 movies, which I have not blogged about, and 2 days ago, first week back at college, I watched another one. LOL. So since I haven nothing else to blog about other than rants and I don't wanna do that, I shall blog bout the movies. Short reviews only la. LOL. And all my own opinions so don't judge and don't argue, thank you very much. =)
  • 1. Kick Ass
So this show is basically about people with no powers trying to be superheroes. It's actually not too bad, quite funny, but also sick. And yes the gore and the violence. But let me tell you one thing that is freaking awesome about the show. NO it's not Kick Ass, and it's not any random cute guy either. It is, in fact, a young cute girl who can literally kill you called Hit Girl. She's the It factor of the show. I can totally stand watching the killing scenes cuz she looks so freaking awesome killing people. Hit Girl is THE REASON to watch this show. =)
  • 2. Date Night
This movie's about a married couple who decided to make a little change to their boring everyday routine by going on a date in a newly opened restaurant. Only problem is, it was fully booked and so they took someone else's dinner reservation, and ended up getting hunted the whole night by some baddies. HAHA. This is a major MUST WATCH! I watched it with Freddie, Flora and Mark and I swear at one point 4 of us were just clutching our stomachs and laughing ourselves silly. I laughed till I cried. So go watch, I promise it'll make you happy! At least for that 2 hours. =)
  • 3. When In Rome
This movie is about a girl who takes 5 coins from the Fontana D'Amore from Rome, not knowing that that will make the owners of the coins fall under a spell and fall in love with her. I don't wanna say anything anymore because then it'll spoil the storyline for you and you need to feel the twists in the storyline for yourself. haha. But ahhh, it's such an awesome chick flick. The "awwww" moments really made me almost teary. And despite some certain lines that were stabs in my heart, I really liked the movie. Psst girls, Josh Duhamel is HOT! haha.
  • And that's all there is to this post. =) Till my next post, tata!! And yes i realise I didn't actually review the movies, more like just gave my opinions on them. SORRY LAH lazy k! haha.
  • ................................
  • All you have to do is ask and I'll be there for you.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

5 more days to go! NO!

Yeah I only have 5 more days of holidays before everything ends, and then it's study my ass off everyday, every night. LOL. I've actually been doing lotsa stuff (going out a lot more like it). haha. Don't feel like doing one LONG post bout each of them, so I guess I"ll summarise it all here. =)
  • 1. Mark's performance on 08/04/10 (Thursday)
  • Yeah that best guy friend/extended family of mine had a performance in his uni that day. And since Flora and I couldn't make it to the Talent Quest the last time, we thought we'd go see them perform. (They won the Talent Quest btw. And the band is called The Last Minutes) I must say that it was like torture waiting for them to come out and perform cuz they were like the closing act. Had to sit through a semi ridiculous play which gave me a headache. As it is, the whole event was outdoors, so it was freaking hot. But all worth it, The Last Minutes were, and still ARE, really good! =) My rocker best friend can scream on tune, so awesome. LOL. But boohoo, forgot to take any pics at all. But neway, I stole pictures from Mark's facebook to show ya'll. LOL.
The Last Minutes on stage during their Talent Quest.
Mark Lim before he chopped off his rocker hair. haha.
Flora and me! (I syok sendiri put our pic, this was taken last year in 1U samore. haha)
  • Then we headed off for supper. And boy was it a long supper. Haha. I was supposed to be home before midnight, I ended up going home at 1 plus because we sat there and blabbed for a good 2 hours. It was fun though. It's been a while since we yakked like that. haha.
  • 2. Sports Day 09/04/10 (Friday)
  • Yeah humans like me are totally into sports events, so I picked Lis and Anne up and headed to school, where we saw lots of teachers and juniors. And it was awesome to reach there and to find out that our dear Yellow House was back in the lead again. Cuz all 3 of us were in yellow, damn malu if we go there like that and yellow all losing. Haha. And so we were innocently watching the events and cheering, when Puan Chong came and told us the guests they invited from other schools didn't come, and she asked us to run 4x100 with the school team. Like wth rite, we were all in jeans n slippers. But we did in the end, cuz we were good sports. And we rock man, we could do it in jeans. =) Puan Pushpa, Puan Nirmala and Cik Azizah were quite impressed with us. And to cut a long story short, in the end our Yellow House won overall champions for the 5th year in a row. *smiles*
Me posing before the race. =)
My awesome team who got 2nd, losing to the school team. (Ok yes we got second because we had Kalai la k! haha.)
The awesome pawsome Yellow House. =)
  • 3. Jessie's Surprise 11/04/10 (Sunday)
  • Our dear chief faci turned 20, and so we decided to celebrate it by surprising her. She got kidnap by Joanne, and then we all gathered at Mid Valley to surprise her. It was so good to see everyone again, and just to sit and talk and laugh together. =)
Jessie blindfolded. lol.
Happy Birthday Jessie! *hugs*
Chilling in Starbucks.
Autographs from Justin aka "David Archuleta" HAHA!
  • I think this is as far as I'll go with the updates. More to come actually. Like how my classmates came to Sg Long last night, had satay, and went to Pasar Malam. But I'll save that for another post la. =) Till then, tata!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Holidays! =)

  • Yeah I am finally done with my stupid A2 trials and now I'm officially on holiday! *smiles* Super happy right now, it seemed like trials was never gonna end. Though I don't think I'll be this happy when the results are out. I don't think I have ever screwed up worse then this in any other exams. But still, at least it's only trials right? *defense mechanism speaking here* LOL. Yeah yeah I know one day I'm going to have to stop procrastinating and start studying early. I swear I will, once my holiday is over, I shall stay back in college every day and study. =)
  • But as of now, HOLIDAYS! What to do what to do? I plan to go for my high school's sports day tmr. But mom wasn't happy with it when I mentioned just now. And Mark Lim just asked me to go watch him perform tonight also. How to ask mom? wahhh, I wanna go wanna go. Mommy pls pls lemme go. haha. So much easier to say to it here then to say it to mom in person. Lol. Please let her say yes.
  • As for my other plans, I have no idea. We'll take it as it comes. =)
  • .........................
  • I'm sorry I had to say no.

Friday, April 2, 2010

I tried. At least I think I did.

  • It's been a while since I felt this way, and to be honest it's really frustrating. I hate being in such a state of confusion. Ever get the feeling like you want something but you don't want it at the same time? Yeah that feeling. It's like I wanna see you but when I see you I don't know what to do so I don't wanna see you. But when I don't get to see you I can't help but feel dejected. Pretty screwed up la.
  • I really don't know, maybe we're both just scared. Maybe just like how I want security, you want security too. And because of that this seems to be going nowhere. I don't even know if I'm reading the signs wrongly or not firstly. But assuming that I didn't read them wrong, I thought that I seem to be sending the right ones back. But maybe I misinterpreted everything, so the signs I sent don't even matter. If that really is the case, I deserve a slap. Really.
  • I don't know la. I was thinking back bout last time. It seems like the signs were stronger then. Maybe things changed, and I didn't realise that. Yet I keep trying. I don't know why. Maybe, just maybe without realising, I fell. Oh God I hate falling. No No, I did not fall, I'll correct that. It's not too late to put a stop on things. I'll just make myself, UN-fall. haha.
  • So yeah, I'm gonna stop trying. Or at least, I'm gonna try REALLY hard and stop trying. Cuz I think I've tried enough, you just don't seem to be capitalising on it. It sucks la, to be going through all this again. I vowed not to, but somehow I landed in it again. I wish I'd learn. And perhaps grow up. Sometimes my stupidity amazes me. All those As count for nothing when it comes to things like that. Now I deserve a good knock on my head.
  • But I'll never lose faith la, not completely at least. I'll never lose hope either, though hope is a dangerous tool. I know I'll get through this, because I've gotten through worse. I'm stronger than I think I am, I hope. I'll refocus on things that need to be focused on *coughA2cough* and I'll forget the distractions.
  • And one day I'm going to go to Italy, where I'll see this place, and I know I'll smile,
because even though you might make me cry, I know the sunflowers won't.
You won't bring me down.