Saturday, May 29, 2010

Shakespearian night.

"All the world's a stage."
-William Shakespeare-

P/s: was supposed to post this in my Tumblr but I can't seem to open it. Screw Tumblr.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I hate hate hate hate HATE Physics, I never should have taken this idiotic subject, never should have gone to a PE class, never should have dropped Econs, and never should have enrolled for A-Levels!! Miss Ng I can't do Physics without you, you're the only reason I got an A in Physics for SPM, now I know that. And heck, even for Add Maths for that matter. Basically, if I had you, I will be super prepared for my papers on Friday. Now I have to drag myself to the study room to study like crazy and FARK Mr.Vara's notes I can understand but when I try to apply them into past year, I can't cuz it's all calculations and examples NO explanation and stuff. AAAARRRRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Purchases of the day. =)

Sooo, if you've been reading my blog, or you've followed my closely on twitter and facebook, I have often expressed my utmost LOVE for yellow summer dresses. But it's SO hard to look for yellow dresses. Firstly, a lot of them are NOT summer dresses, their material is not cotton. Secondly, their shades of yellow are all usually freaking ugly. It's either too pale, or it's too bright, or it's an ugly mustard yellow. But today, I have found my yellow summer dress!! =) In the first place I had no intention on looking for a dress, I was just randomly walking around Mines with mom. But we went into Nichii and I saw the dress and couldn't resist! Plus mom paid. Haha.

So I got back and I'm just happy and excited so I thought I'd blog. Haha. And I bought other stuff too! A new hairband, and 2 new bottles of perfume from Body Shop, because they having super sale like mad. So here are my purchases for the day! Once again, you'd have to forgive me for the horrible picture quality, my phone's camera really kinda sucks la.

My awesome pawsome new yellow summer dress. =)

My cute starry starry hairband. =)

The 2 bottles of perfume from Bodyshop.

And yes I realised this is my 3rd blog post for the day. I don't know why today I got the blogging mojo la. Lol. So decided not to waste it. Maybe it's cuz I'm procrastinating, AGAIN. Anything is better than studying. Except maybe, going to the dentist. Hahaha. Ok but really, I should get to studying la. And I will. I swear. Like tomorrow. Haha. Now, I needa sleep! Toodles readers. =)

Random Question. Help?

Waiting for the little sis to finish bathing so that I can bathe also after this. So just thought of something really random. Need some opinion on something. LOL. I wanna do something with my hair after A-Levels. But I rally don't know what to do. I"ve been having straight long hair since I was 14. I'm 19 now k, wth rite. LOL. So yeah, was thinking wanna cut it all off, or maybe curl, or something. All I know is I can't cut bangs. Cuz everyone agreed I look stupid in bangs, even myself. LOL.

This is me and my straight hair now. Yes got the windblown effect by the fan while I took this. =)

This is that same hair of mine after I bunned it up for a day. So it became slightly curly and wavy.

Just by comparing these 2, which do you prefer? I got no picture of me with short hair la, too bad. hahaha. Or do you have any other suggestions because you think I look stupid in both? lol. SPEAK YOUR MIND!!

I cooked breakfast!! YAY!!

Yeap I cooked breakfast this morning. Like about 2 hours ago. To be honest I don't know why I'm being so random, suddenly wanting to cook breakfast and all. (Maybe it's cuz I wanna learn how to be a good house wife. HAHA) I went out to Jusco with mom and sis yesterday afternoon to buy all the required stuff like tomatoes, green and yellow peppers, mushrooms and all. And because I so semangat, I freaking woke up at 8 this morning although I slept at 3 just to cook with my sis, cuz she gotta go her friend's at 9 plus. Ok enough of yakking I show you pictures k! (Please forgive the amazing horrible quality of the pictures, I used my phone to snap them.)

Miss Amelia Quah aka my annoying amazing assistant.

Miss Amanda Quah aka me aka the chef!

Whose hands whose hands??

They're MY hands!! Haha.

My assistant taking over the mushroom cutting.

My assistant grating the cheese. I'll have you know that she damn gungho with the cheese, so much so that she grated a whole container full of it! Now still got remainder cannot use finish. LOL.

Chopping up the tomatoes. See the colourful food on the board! Orangy-red tomotoes, green and yellow peppers!

I was happily chopping up all the vegetables, without realising that there was probably too much. I used half a tomato, half a green pepper and half a yellow pepper. Actually it was just nice, but my assistant don't like those peppers so she got quite unhappy with me edi, asking why I cutting so much. LOL.

The assistant beating the eggs and STILL obsessed with her cheese.

Me pouring the oil into the frying pan.

At this point my assistant got really upset already. She was unhappy that our progress was slow, cuz she needed to rush to her friend's house. To top it of, she REALLY didn't like all that vegetables. LOL. At that point even I got a little worried bout all the vegetables cuz it's like the first time I'm frying eggs with SO much vegetables. I don't really fancy peppers all that much either. Haha. But I was lecturing my assistant bout being a good sport and being more adventurous, and not to ruin our cooking excitement with her attitude. Quite funny actually now that I think back bout it. But the point is, after all that noise and argument, I finished frying them eggs! =)

TaDAAAAA!! Eggs with tomatoes, green and yellow peppers, mushrooms and cheese!

Then it was time for the eating! I was prepared for it to taste funny due to the overload of vegetables, but it was GOOD!! The egg and all that vegetable went really well together and I LOVED it! My assistant was quite happy too, cuz it didn't turn out as bad as she thought it would. Haha. But she still avoided eating the peppers. Mom came down and I made her try it. She said I didn't put enough salt, and then didn't say anything anymore, but she was eating quite a lot of it, so I secretly think she liked it too! HA! =)

It was a fun cooking experience. And now I'm inspired to cook more stuff! Haha. Shall experiment on different types of food, and I'll start baking also. Who wanna come experiment with me? =)

Friday, May 21, 2010

That FML story I couldn't tell earlier.

Oh yeah it's more than 24 hours edi so I can now spill and tell what happened. As I wrote in my previous previous post,  I had a super FML moment la during my Mechanics paper. Now here's what when down the day before exam.

In the afternoon....

I was doing all the past year papers and I came across this stupid question where 2 boxes were stacked onto each other and all. I didn't really get it at all, even after looking at the marking scheme. And so I asked Kah Vong, and he sorta explained to me but I still didn't get it. However I didn't really give a damn la. Cuz that paper was a 2004 paper, and I was thinking there is no way they'll bring back such old questions. Probably not in the syllabus anymore also.

At night...

I didn't understand some certain questions. So I called Vee Yong and asked him to explain to me. Then we were discussing bout the questions la. He brought up the very same question I asked Kah Vong earlier in the afternoon. Here's how our conversation went down.

Vee Yong        Me

Eh you saw that 2 boxes stacked onto each other that question? Hard le.
Yeah the older past years are harder la. In fact a lot of it not in our syllabus already also I think.
Ya some we also never learn edi la.
Anyway I'm pretty sure that box question won't come out la. Where got such questions wan we never learn before also? Samore it's so old edi.

So a bit more blabber blabber and that was it. And then came the next day, the day of our Mechanics paper.

During the paper....

We were asked to leaf through the pages to make sure our question papers were ok, with no missing pages, or words, yada yada and all. And when I flipped to the last page, I saw a picture.. Guess what was it.
It was a picture of 2 freaking boxes stacked on top of each other!!!

FML to the max right! At that moment all I wanted to do was turn around, look at Vee Yong and say Faaaaaaarrrrkkkkkk!!! But obviously I couldn't cuz exam was starting and I certainly didn't wanna be disqualified from taking the paper. In the end, I screwed that question up. Oooohh surprise surprise I didn't see THAT one coming. FML!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What's in my bag?

I was viewing Charissa's blog and saw her post Just Bag It and thought it was really interesting. LOL. So I thought I'd play my part in passing around this little thing for the girls (and guys) to do. It's really simple, and fun too. It's like a little spot check on what's in your bag, in case you've forgotten cuz you have too much stuff. It's also for other people to know what random stuff you put into your bag. Haha. Quite funny to see what others put in their bag. So here's mine. ENJOY!!

This is, my bag. A very used, and almost tearing one. LOL. It's black with brown lining as you can see. It's brandless, and cheap, mom bought it from like some wholesale place. =)

And tada! Here we have the things in my bag.
  1. My Nike hoodie, cuz college is freaking cold especially in the library.
  2. My pretty 700ml BROS bottle., cuz we all need a water bottle k.
  3. Hand sanitizer, I bought it when the H1N1 thing got bad. LOL.
  4. My BUM Equipment purse.
  5. My huge-ass Teddy Tales pencil case.
  6. Comb, because I'm vain and I like combing my hair, thank you very much. =)
  7. A packet of tissue, for all uses and purposes.
  8. My E71. Awesome for surfing the net. *loves*
  9. My ugly mugly apartment keys.
  10. Body Shop strawberry lipbalm.
  11. Lip Ice strawberry lipbalm. (yes I like strawberry flavoured lipbalms, and I happen to have 2 cuz I just have a lot of lipbalms. LOL.)
  12. Pink Bonita hairclip, for days where i feel my hair is just way too annoying. (that hardly ever happens though. haha.)
  13. My Nokia 6600 slide. My life and my tool to connect to the world. It's missing from the picture cuz I used it to take the photo of my stuff. Haha. (And yes I have 2 phones cuz I have 2 numbers.)

So that's my bag. 
Now tell me, what's in yours? =)

Jinxed much?

ARGH I swear my mouth is super jinxed. And the words that I spoke of should NOT have been spoken. Guess what happened. Super FML moment man. 

Ok shit. I was about to like rant about my damn mechanics paper. But then I remembered that I'm not allowed to say anything bout the paper for a duration of 24 hours. LOL. Ok so I guess no update now. I'll update on this tomorrow, or the day after. HAHA. Stay tuned.

Monday, May 17, 2010

First blog post from the NEW laptop.

Uh huh uh huh, u read correctly. I finally got my new laptop, YIPPEE! And omg it is sooo pretty. Lol. I mean, it's not red like I wanted it too be, but still it's a very nice stylish glossy black. And I am one satisfied owner. =) Compared to my old laptop which got STOLEN, this one a lot wider. The screen so big, not used to it. Haha. Ok honestly I really dunno what stupid rubbish I'm crapping. It just feels a lot better than studying Physics. God so help me I don't wanna fail. I need, need, need to get like 3 Bs at least la k. If I don't get that 3 Bs Nottingham is not going to accept me, I will mati, boohoo.

Sigh since I'm blogging, shall just keep on going. On a more side topic, in this week I have dreamt of cutting my hair twice already. I am going to take that as a sign. Once A-levels is done, I'm most probably gonna chop off my long locks, and try some short ones instead. Haha. And re-dye maybe? My roots are showing and I didn't realise it would be THIS ugly. Sigh. Wish I can just chop it all off now. But I don't wanna go to prom with short hair. Oh the dilemmas. Hmm but then again, someone said to me the other day that beauty has always been skin deep. I KNOW that of course, but it's nice to be reminded sometimes. Stop myself from being so vain. LOL.

I miss the girls. A lot. I'm bored and my life is sucky without them. Girls I want PD trip laaa. Or Genting. Something has to happen k. LOL. And on another note, I wanna go clubbing. So badly. This want has been since forever. Screw you la A2. I can't go anywhere. I even had a dream about clubbing k. Not kidding. Well it'll be over soon. One more month. And then it'll be over. And I'll have to sit there and figure out how to say goodbye to my classmates without bawling my eyes out. =.= I hate myself sometimes.

And now I'll quit crapping and going on and on about random things. I really don't know why I like ranting so much sometimes. LOL. So here's to my new laptop, I love u and I promise to take good care of you. And my darling DSLR I know I abandoned you for a while now, but I'll bring you out to snap lots and lots of pics once my exam is done k. Please kindly let me know if you wanna go to my prom with me, I still don't know to bring you or not. And my poor piano, I miss playing you. I'll be back, wait for me. LOL.


Goodbye and goodnight. =)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Who am I kidding?

  • I really don't wanna be a buzz kill but sometimes I guess you just have to be realistic. Things get easier when you face up to the truth and realise that some things are just not meant to last. We would all love it if things go our way, but most of the times they don't. And we just have to learn how to accept it now rather than later, so that our hearts will be less hurt.

  • Gee it's ironic that I can say it so easily to people. What I didn't realise is I haven't been taking my own advice. So now I'm telling myself to do it. I no longer expect you to take a chance, cuz clearly you've looked at the realistic side of things, and all I've been staring at is the impossible. So here's to reality, cheers!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's not easy being a girl. =.=

  • Trust me, it is NOT easy at all being a girl. Ok I'm sure guys would say it's not easy being a guy too. But as of now I believe being a girl is worst. I'm just ranting actually, cuz I suddenly thought bout prom and got a little worried. I mean, I really, REALLY don't know what to wear. I bought a dress, but don't know if it's suitable for prom.
  • There's so much to think about for prom! Long dress or short dress? Is the dress too short, will it get in the way of me moving around? What heels to wear and are they too high? Do I go for a typical romantic look or a more rock-ish less prom-ish look? Will I look good in my dress? What if someone turns up in the same dress as me? *gasp* See what I mean? tension k. LOL.
  • It's times like these that I feel like NOT going to prom. But the girly-girl in me refuse to boycott prom and organise a morp. Haha. So booo to my stupid thinking, but I'm still going to prom. Only, I'll worry a lot on what to wear, how my shoes are, what hairstyle to do. But as of now, my biggest worry is whether or not my current dress is too short, and how high can my heels be? LOL. I don't wanna end up being taller than all the guys on that day. =.= blahh blahh blahh.