Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bbq party at Esther's House.

Last Sunday, Esther organised a bbq party, so that we could all get together and also as a farewell for Shurraj, who will be leaving to Canada soon. I was supposed to be there early and help Esther cook and prepare stuff, but I only arrive d at 5 something, thanks to my parents who decided to send me later, just right on time for them to have dinner in Klang. I thought I was going to be the latest one there, but once I got there, Deiva was the only person who had arrived. LOL.

Nothing much to say bout that night. We ate like pigs, talked and laughed nonstop, played with water balloons and played with fire. Haha. Nothing special happened but it was a great night because we all got to catch up and see each other again. Feels weird though. I used to see these people everyday, now I don't anymore. Anyway here are some pictures from that night, in no particular order. =)

Shurraj the clown legs. And clown face too, apparently.

The guys starting the fire.

One sesat guy posing with Tani and me. Tsk tsk tsk Vee Yong.

In PE 6.5, this is how we get the fire going. LOL.

Nom nom nom. Hungry Esther esting after working her butt off the whole day.

Itu pro photographer, Kah Vong. =)

Vee Yong trying to dry his shirt and pants after Tani popped a huge water balloon on him.

All concentrating on the England vs Germany match.

And now some random pictures of me and everyone. And when I say random, I mean random. I just picked them from the album. If you wanna see more pictures, head on over to my Facebook k. =)

Tani, Miss Super Stoner.

Joanne, Miss Super Pretty.

Kah Vong, Mr Sarcastic-Bimbotic who likes to annoy me. Haha.

Chew Ling, Mrs. Shurraj Rao. (I like this picture, though it's too dark.)

Shurraj Rao, clown legs who STILL has my Angels and Demons book. Hmmph.

Chester, PE 6.5's elusive class rep who vanished after A-levels. Fortunately we found him again. Haha.

After the England and Germany match ended, everyone headed home except for those who were staying over Esther's house and they were Joanne, Andrew, Chuan Yang, Shimi, Tani and myself. It was a pretty boring night. We all just sat and waited for the Argentina and Mexico match, though we were all barely awake to watch it. Esther and I only woke up to when we heard the word "GOAL!" haha. Tani, Joanne and Andrew were sleeping already by then.

Next morning was hilarious. We all were super stoned and hungry. Yet took us ages to get ready and by the time we went out, it was 1 something and everyone was starving. Had Bak Kut Teh for lunch, since Klang is famous for Bak Kut Teh. Sorry there are no pictures by the way, I didn't bring my camera out. Haha.

After lunch we sent Andrew and Joanne to the train station and sent CY back to SS15. Then Shimi, Tani, Esther and I went to Sunway Pyramid and watched Nanny McPhee, The show was not bad, quite funny and cute. But 4 of us were dying in the cinema because there was barely anybody and hence the cinema was FREAKING COLD. The best part was that all 4 of us were in super short shorts and t-shirt, with no jacket, cardigan whatsoever. Haha.

Well I guess that's all to this post. It's a boring wordy one, I'm sorry. Not really in a mood to make my posts more interesting. Haha. Hopefully I'll get better blogging mojo back after this. Till the next post, tata!

P/S: Spain and Portugal tonight. 2.30am match. Please please let Spain win. We cannot lose, least of all to Portugal, the team I hate the most. Hmmph. España siempre!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

When the wind blows.

Sierra woke up with a start. The dream was so real, that she actually believed it. She recalled vividly in her mind, his smile, his touch, his presence. It was almost as if he was sitting right next to her. She sighed and stared at the ceiling blankly. She thought she had it under control lately, but that dream clearly proved that she was wrong. With a stab in her heart, she realized that she missed him.

Still, she had to go on with life. And life right now meant going over to Beth’s house to get ready for Caitlyn’s costume party tonight. Sierra dragged herself out of bed, took a shower and freshened up. Then she put on a pair of white shorts, a yellow tank top and paired them with her favourite flip flops. She grabbed her costume, her bag of hair accessories and make-up and drove over to Beth’s place.

She arrived at Beth’s house and was greeted by frantic shouts from Beth. Sierra secretly laughed to herself, it was typical Beth behavior to be worked up so early in the morning over something that she suspected was not that big of a deal.

“Sierra I have a HUGE problem, we need to go to the mall right now, right now!” shrieked Beth.
“But why, I thought you already got your costume ready since last week?” questioned Sierra.
“I decided to change my costume last night. Instead of going as a Playboy Bunny, I’ve decided that I want to be Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. I have everything I need, except a pair of knee high socks. So come on, let’s go!” said Beth as she pulled Sierra out the door.

They spent hours in the mall looking for a perfect pair of knee high socks, with Beth claiming some were too low, too high, or not white enough. Then the girls decided to have lunch at the mall as well, since they were already there. They hurriedly gobbled down lunch because they were running out of time to get ready.

Once they were back at Beth’s house, Beth started working on make-up, while Sierra did their hair. It was a fun girly girl session but they didn’t have much time to enjoy it. Still, Sierra thought they both looked awesome. Beth was wearing a short denim dress over a white shirt, paired with her knee high socks and killer red pumps, with her hair done up in cute, country girl braids. Sierra, meanwhile, was in a black corset top and a flowy purple skirt, with stockings, black gladiators and shimmery wings plus wavy locks with glitter.

After a quick look in the mirror, they dashed out of Beth’s house and drove to Caitlyn’s. They arrived and realized that the party was already in full swing. Caitlyn’s house was located by the beach, with a big garden out front, so even with hundreds of guests, space was not a problem. They said hi to Caitlyn, and headed to the food table, occasionally stopping to talk to some of the guests. Beth spotted Ryan near the garden, and ran over to talk to him, leaving Sierra alone at the food table.

Sierra felt very distracted, her dream was still on her mind, but she knew better than to show that at Caitlyn’s party. She didn’t want to ruin everybody’s night, so she slapped on a smile and acted like her normal chirpy, happy self. She saw Zach walking towards her and she waved at him.

“Aww Zach, I’ve missed you,” Sierra said while giving Zach a hug.
“Haha Sierrieeeee I’ve missed you too” teased Zach while ruffling Sierra’s hair.
“Hey watch the hair, and stop calling me that you know I hate being called Sierrie”, answered Sierra. “Oh by the way, freaky arms, where’s your girlfriend?” asked Sierra.
“Oh she’s somewhere around here, probably with Luke and Hayley. She was looking for you,” Zach returned. “And Sierrieeeee, someone ELSE was looking for you too!” said Zach as he smiled slyly.
“Very funny Zach, I don’t know what you’re talking about,” huffed Sierra.
“Oh I think you know perfectly well who I’m talking about, not what. And speak of the devil, here he comes,” Zach said laughing.

Sierra turned to where Zach was looking and saw Caleb approaching. Suddenly, Sierra felt like she could not breathe. As much as she tried to run away from it, it just came back time and time to haunt her. The images from her dream flashed in front of her eyes. His eyes, his smile, his shirt that she dropped chocolate on. She could not bring herself to face him, not when the dream seemed so real, yet he was still clueless. But it was too late to escape, he was already less than 5 feet away from Zach and her, and he was waving.

“Hi Caleb, it’s surprising to see you here. I thought you were supposed to be out of town,” Sierra forced herself to smile.
“Hi Zach, hi Sierra. Yeah I was supposed to be heading to my uncle’s place but my parents decided to change that to next week. I didn’t tell you because I wanted to surprise you,” answered Caleb.
“Well it’s good to see you dude. And if you both will excuse me, I have to go look for my girlfriend,” Zach said as he winked at Sierra and walked away.

Sierra felt herself breathing slightly faster than usual, and also turning a little red. Caleb looked really good. He was dressed as a prince, and he had all the demeanour and charisma to pull off the look.  Sierra was at a loss for words, and she was glad that Caleb started the conversation.

“Hey Sierra, you look really pretty. You just got here?” Caleb asked.
“Yeah Beth kinda had an outfit emergency, that’s why we were late. And thanks, you don’t look too shabby yourself either,” Beth said, smilingly shyly.

Suddenly the conversation didn’t seem so difficult to Sierra anymore, it just flowed. They were talking about everything and anything, and Caleb made her laugh so much that she forgot about being nervous in the first place. After what seemed like only a few minutes however, Sierra heard Caitlyn calling her from the other end of the garden. Sierra excused herself and went towards Caitlyn. 

“Sierra, you are not going to spend the entire night just talking away. Let’s dance!” said Caitlyn.

Sierra loved dancing, so she really couldn’t refuse Caitlyn’s request. Together with Caitlyn and Beth, Sierra danced around the dance floor, and threw her head back, laughing. She always had fun when she was dancing. It was as if she could feel the pulse of the rhythm in her veins, and she could not help but move to the beat.

Sierra turned her head to the food table, and suddenly she spotted Caleb being really chatty with this pretty little blonde. She had no idea who she was. Something tugged Sierra’s heart, but she refused to allow it to affect her. Instead she grabbed Beth’s glass of cocktail and finished it. Then she continued dancing, twirling and spinning, with no regard to the people around her.

*   *   *   *   *
Sierra opened her eyes and found herself on Caitlyn’s bed. Her head felt heavy and it was pounding. God, what did she do last night? She turned and saw Beth lying next to her, fast asleep. The door opened and Caitlyn walked in, carrying 3 cups of hot tea on a tray.

“God, Caitlyn, what did I do last night? I feel terrible, my head hurts like never before, and my throat is really sore,” croaked Sierra.
“You, Little-Miss-Crazy, have got a lot to explain to us. But before that, drink this,” answered Caitlyn, handing Sierra a cup of tea.

Sierra sipped on the hot tea slowly, while trying to figure out what happened. She remembered dancing and dancing, and also drinking a generous amount of cocktail. Did she get drunk? She looked down and realized she slept in her fairy outfit. Next to her, Beth stirred and immediately glared at her.

“What? What did I do? Did I get drunk?” asked Sierra.
“You sure as hell did! What was wrong with you? You refused to stop drinking, all you did was spin round and round on the dance floor, and the next thing I know, you were sobbing and throwing up in Caitlyn’s bathroom while I held you hair,” replied Beth with an almost furious voice.
“What, really? But how? I.. Oh gosh, guys I’m so sorry,” answered Sierra apologetically.
“Don’t worry, we forgive you for last night. But what we don’t forgive is the fact that something happened with you and Caleb, but you didn’t tell us. Come on now, spill. You were sobbing your eyes out about it last night,” said Caitlyn.

Sierra knew there was no way out of this one, so she told Beth and Caitlyn about her dream. The entire dream. About how he was all hers in the dream, and how he loved her, and held her. Sierra just couldn’t take it anymore. She genuinely thought that he liked her, but gosh guys can be so confusing at times. One minute he’s all warm and close with her, the next, he’s cold and distant and off talking to some other girl like she meant the world to him.

She really wanted to tell him about how she feel, but she just didn’t have the guts. What if she misread the signs and he didn’t like her at all? What if he likes someone else? She just couldn’t face all that, and that has held her back all this while. And besides if he really did like her, shouldn’t he be a man and told her about his feelings?

Sierra poured her heart out to Beth and Caitlyn, and they listened intently on what she had to say. They knew about her feelings for him, it had been going on for quite some time now. It was tough on her, and it made her really sad and she cried a lot, but always in secret. But now as she told them about the dream that was too good to be true, she sobbed freely. Caitlyn and Beth hugged her and just let her cry.

*   *   *   *   *
(A week later)
He was leaving. He was really leaving. It all made sense to her now. Him being so afraid to be close to her, being afraid to let her near him.  It was all because he’s leaving. She couldn’t believe he didn’t tell her about it. She heard about it from Zach. Sierra felt her heart being yanked in different directions as she stared out her window, and watched the rain fall softly on the ground. She touched her face and realized that it was wet. Without realizing, she had been crying, her tears falling softly down her face, like the rain to the ground.

She didn’t know what to do. He was leaving in a month. She only had one more month left with him. She picked up a photo frame from her shelf and stared at it. It was a picture of Caleb and her, taken during his birthday a few months back. Staring at the picture, it felt like a million daggers pierced her heart. Life was so unfair. She loved him, she knew that now, and yet he had to go.

Having a sudden stroke of idea, Sierra decided that she had to tell him. She had to tell him how she really felt about him, even if he was leaving. At least, she would be able to say what she really felt in her heart, and then move on. So picking up a piece of lilac paper and a black ink pen, Sierra sat down, and started writing a letter to Caleb.

*   *   *   *   *
(A month later)
Sierra grabbed her tote bag and ran out the door. Today was the day that Caleb would be leaving for England. The whole gang decided to send him off at the airport, and Zach was right on time to pick her up. She got into the car and said hi to Zach, Michelle, Beth and Caitlyn. Luke, Jared, Ryan and Hayley were going to meet them at the airport. Sierra looked into her tote bag to double check that the letter was there, the letter she wrote a month ago for Caleb.

She already decided that she couldn’t give it to him face to face, so she would leave it in his backpack, and he would find it in due time. Beth and Caitlyn were the only ones who knew what Sierra planned to do, and they were supportive of her decision.

45 minutes later, they arrived at the airport. Caleb was already there with his family, and they were just done checking in. Everyone decided to head to a restaurant to grab something to eat. Sierra knew this was her only chance. She sat next to Caleb, and when he went to the washroom, she pushed the letter into the front pocket of his backpack, and zipped it, leaving it slightly open so he could see the letter sticking out a little.

It was a quiet meal, at least for Sierra. She didn’t trust herself to speak, so she just listened and tried to laugh along while everyone joked and talked. Caleb looked at her several times, and it took all her strength to smile at him like she was alright.

Life was unfair, and time was cruel. In what seemed like no time at all, Caleb was getting ready to board his flight already. He said goodbye to his family first, teasing his little sister who was already in tears, trying to make her laugh. Then he turned and said goodbye to the gang, one by one, saving Sierra for last.

When it was her turn to say goodbye, she hugged him tight and it was as if she was trying to put every bit of emotion into that hug. She started tearing, and he looked at her and wiped her tears away.

“You look pretty when you cry,” Caleb teased her.
“Aww shut up, this is not funny,” sobbed Sierra.
“Really Sierra I’m serious. But you do know that I’ll be back every year right? And I’m only going to be there for 4 years! I’ll be back in no time, you wouldn’t even have realized I was gone,” Caleb continued.
“But I won’t see you all the time anymore, I’ll definitely miss you. Who’s gonna listen to all my rants now?” answered Sierra.
“Come on Sierra you have Beth and Caitlyn. And I promise we’ll talk online all the time alright?” asked Caleb. “Now I really gotta go already, so will you smile for me please?” Caleb said.

Sierra then smiled for Caleb and waved goodbye at him. He walked towards his boarding gate and waved at all of them one last time. They watched him enter the gate, and continued watching him till they could see him no more.

*   *   *   *   *
Caleb turned and stared at the group waving at him while he walked. It was hard saying goodbye to his family and friends, but not as hard as it was saying goodbye to Sierra. It broke his heart to see her cry, even more so when he was the one causing her tears. He wanted to tell her how he really felt about her, but he didn’t want her wasting 4 years of her life waiting for him. He was realistic, he knew that long distance relationships were difficult, and he didn’t want to put her through that.

He wished he knew how she felt about him. Maybe then he would have told her his true feelings too. But he was scared, and he didn’t want to put her in a difficult position, so he kept those feelings to himself all this while. As much as it hurt him that he didn’t have Sierra, he was happy that he was protecting her from long years of loneliness and pain from waiting for him. With that thought in mind, he walked towards his airplane.

As he was walking, he accidentally yanked his bag on a nail at the side of the fence. It broke his backpack’s front pocket zip and his things fell out. He cursed under his breath and bent down to collect his things. A strong gust of wind blew, and being in a rush, Caleb didn’t notice the small white envelope that flew under the fence. He quickly ran off towards his plane, boarded it and headed to England, 3471 miles away from a letter that would have changed his life.

*   *   *   *   *

Dear Caleb,

When you read this, you will probably be on the plane, flying towards England. And I will be sitting in my bedroom, probably reading, missing you. I know this might seem weird, and unexpected, but there is so much I need to say to you Caleb. It’s so hard, finding the courage to string sentences together to tell you how I really feel. And I’m sorry I didn’t have the courage to do it sooner. I was afraid, but not anymore. I learnt that if I don’t take chances in life, I’ll never win.

So here’s me taking a big chance. Promise me that no matter how you feel after reading this, we would still be good friends. I don’t know how it happened and when it happened Caleb, but somewhere along the way, I fell for you. I never thought I would, at one point I even tried to prevent myself from falling, but I guess what people said was true. You can’t fight love.

I love you Caleb. There I said it. I really do, and I really mean it. I don’t know if you feel the same way, but if you do, please let me know. If you don’t, let’s just pretend like you never got this letter alright? Because once I know that you don’t feel the same way I do, I promise I’ll move on. But please if you do, say something.
I know long distance relationships are hard, but if what we have is mutual, I would wait for you, Caleb. I would wait out those 4 years because being with you is all I ever wanted, and it’s all I ever dreamt of. The 4 years would seem like nothing, as long as I knew you loved me too.

If I could have things my way Caleb, I would have prevented you from going. But that would have been selfish and mean of me, and I can’t bring myself to do that to you.  You’re one of my closest friends, Caleb, and you know me. You know almost everything about me, and you understand me. I realized that there is no one like you, no one who would make me laugh or stop me from crying the way you do. No one who would make silly jokes about me at the most inappropriate times. Even when you annoy me and make me mad by being distant, I realized that it just made me love you more.

If I could have just one wish right now, I would wish that you were here to hug me, and to tell me that everything would be alright. But at the same time, I would give up all the wishes in the world, just to hear you say that you love me too.

I would wait Caleb. All I need to know is that you want me to wait for you and that you love me. That’s all it takes.

With lotsa love,

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Care to buy?

Hey readers, need some help from all of you. My classmate, Shurraj is helping his mom out by starting an online boutique cuz his mom wants to sell off some of her clothes. Majority of the clothes she's trying to sell off are clothes that she's never worn before and they're all quite new.

So please do take some time and drop by Care To Buy? to see if there's anything that interests you. Oh and honestly, a lot of the clothes are not really youngsters style la, they look more matured. But maybe if your style is such, you'll like it. So do take a look. =) And please please ask your friends to drop by and take a look too. Thanks so much ya!

So remember, once again. Do check out Care To Buy? ok. Thanks readers. Till the next post, tata! =)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New haircut from Toni And Guy Academy KL!

Yes I got a new haircut from Toni And Guy Academy KL. I found out about the academy from Samantha Chow. And I thought why not give it a try, since it's all for free. LOL. Yes I know, I damn cheapskate. But hello, it's free la k plus they are an academy, so no harm right? Plus from what I saw, all the volunteer hair models came back from the academy with nice, pretty hair. =)

So I headed there with Esther, picked her from Mid Valley's KTM station, and we arrived a bit late for our 11am appointment cuz we a bit noob with directions. LOL. Reached there and we were introduced to our hair stylist for the day. Esther's was Billy and mine was Gillian. (I hope I spelled their names right. haha.) Billy was super funny and talkative, and Gillian was very nice and easy to talk to as well.

Esther getting ready. LOL.

Seriously, I have never had such a technical haircut before. LOL. My hairstylist was like talking to her trainer, and I heard things like "square layer, point cut", something bout some "profile and radio visual". LOL. Then there was a whole 90 degrees thing. Sounds a bit like Physics to me. haha.

Me getting my hair cut. I look ridiculous. LOL.

Oh my hair stylist, Gillian is 14 by the way. Damn young rite? But she really knows what she's doing and even when she's not sure she asks her trainer, which is GOOD!! Better than just simply guessing. After bout 3 hours, my haircut was done. And I like it! Haha.

Yes it is now short, and not straight anymore. =)

What do you think of my new haircut? Haha. You like it? Well if you do, or if you wanna try out something new as well, head on down to Toni And Guy Academy KL for a haircut as well! You can start off by joining their Facebook Page, then you can volunteer to be a hair model and set up an appointment with them. They do dyes for hair as well. So what you waiting for? Go go GO!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sex and the City 2 + 28 bucks cupcakes. LOL.

So yesterday, which was a Friday, I met up with that annoying-but-I still-love punya friend, Charlene Tan Wei Ai. It was a very spontaneous thing, we only decided to meet up the night before. But I guess that's the funny thing. All the spontaneous planning always works. Haha. 

So I picked this woman up, and we went to Mid Valley, and I swear I thought we were not going to get a carpark, it was so freaking packed. But luckily we did, and just in time for our 12pm movie too. We watched

and I was honestly pleasantly surprised by the movie. I didn't watch the first part, so I thought I would be at lost as to what was happening, but I was not. And the movie was funny, with a few emotional scenes too. And the shoes in the movie are AWESOME!! I can't say I love ALL the clothes, cuz some were a bit too over-the-top for me, but there were some that I really loved. =) If you haven't watched the movie yet, go check it out, it's very worth your time. But I'm warning you it is a bit long. 2 and a half hours for a romantic comedy/chick flick is a tad too long in my opinion.

After the movie, Lene and I went and met up with Jun Li because she was there with her family. Ended up talking for about 20 minutes and I think most of the time it was more like Jun Li and Lene kutuk-ing each other. LOL. And then of course there was a bit of camwhoring and picture taking. =)

Jun Li and me.

Lene and Jun Li.

Decent picture of 3 of us. Haha.

Becoming a bit retarded.

There's actually another picture of us imitating the lala people, but ewww that picture is just so degrading to me that I can't even bring myself to post it here. So if you wanna see it go to Charlene's facebook. It's all her fault anyway, asking us to do the lala pose. Maybe she secretly wants to be one. hmmm. LOL.

Then we went said goodbye to Jun Li and I convinced Charlene to buy this pretty little purple dress which she will be wearing to some wedding. I got good taste k, Lene, trust me. Haha. And then we headed back cuz I had to be home by 4 sumthing. And as we were going to our carpark, we passed by Delectable, the cupcake shop in Gardens. And the cupcakes were so pretty we got distracted, and we decided to buy to try them. 2 for 28 bucks, I feel like such a sinner. LOL.

The box that our cupcakes were in.

Our pretty cupcakes. Can't really remember which is which, but I know there was peanut butter and chocolate, coffee and chocolate and vanilla and macadamia nuts.

We gobbled up them cupcakes on the way back. Lene fed me while I drove. Haha. And man they were awesome. My personal favourite is the peanut butter and chocolate one. Expensive but everything should be tried at least once, no? (except for drugs and smoking k, those are exceptions. LOL.)

Well that's all for our short, spontaneous meet up. As short as it was, it was great and I had a lot of fun. We did a lot of catching up, told stories, gossiped. Haha. And now Lene's going back to Singapore edi. =( To continue being a lawyer's secretary. HAHA. I'll miss you babe, we'll meet up again when you come back in August k. *hugs*