Saturday, July 31, 2010

My other blog

Well it's not really another blog, but it just sorta is. LOL. It's a Tumblr blog actually. I started it probably a few months back. And to be honest, I'm kinda liking it more than this blog now. Haha. It's just so much easier to update there, and everything looks so much more organised too. So in case you keep coming back to my blog, and still find it totally not updated and boring, you can check out my Tumblr! Cuz I think I update that almost everyday. Haha. =) Just wanted to let ya'll know. My Tumblr is

So till the next post, take care and tata! =) 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

2nd update after hiatus. LOL.

Like I promised, I said I'll do another update on why I've been on hiatus and what I've been doing while on hiatus mode, since my previous post was getting way too long. So here's the continuation la. LOL.

1. We went to Aman Suria for dinner! It was like a pre-farewell for my cousins and my other cousins who can't make it for the real farewell in my house. So they had a separate farewell instead. LOL. It took us forever to get there though. 1st, cuz my dad came back late and we had to wait for him. 2nd, cuz there was a huge massive jam and it just seemed to stretch on and on and on. When we finally got there the food was served, and we ate immediately cuz we were starving. After dinner we went to my uncle's house and lepak for a while and had dessert.

The adults table.

Half the kids/teenagers table.

The other half of the kids/teenagers table.

Some hammering dispute going on. LOL.

Amelia, Nadia and me.

Our STAR! Nice fingernails rite? I painted one! LOL.

It's all about the shoes! (I love my checkered flats btw. 15 bucks only from Cotton On)

Camwhoring with the boys in the car.

Being licked by Snoopy, my uncle's dog.

2. Amelia's 12th Birthday Party! She invited her friends over and Nadia and I were stuck being party planner/games organiser/decorater/photographer. Sucks doing everything yourself and NOT being paid man. LOL. 

Nadia, the unfortunate assistant. Haha.

Some of Amelia's friends.

Newspaper Dance.

After the flour game.

Amelia very focused on blowing the balloon. =D

Amelia's Birthday Cake.

Blowing out the candles.

Group shot of Amelia and her guests.

3. That same night, we had a huge family dinner/farewell for aunty and cousins who were heading back to States. Attendance was not really complete. A few cousins were overseas studying, a few had other plans, and my aunty and uncle from Teluk Intan couldn't make it back. But it was still fun and we still managed to take a family picture. =) And if you're wondering, the pictures look a lot better and prettier cuz I used an external flash. LOL. Borrowed it from Lis.

My 2 pretty cousin sisters.

Li Teng and me with our niece, Tracy.

My nephew, Ming Zhe.

Ali and Greg. ( I personally really like this picture. The background, the flowers, their smiles.)

Family shot.

Jump shot!!

Extended family portrait on Mom's side.

The night sky that night. Pretty, no?

4. Vanessa Gabriella Ong got confirmed! yes her confirmation name is Gabriella. Haha. So ironic rite. Vanessa, as in Vanessa Hudgens. Then Gabriella as in Gabriella Montez, the character that Vanessa Hudgens acted as. HAHAHA. But yeah, my new Godsis, welcome to the family. Congrats on getting confirmed, we're all very proud of you. And you looked so pretty that day. I quote my dad, "wear more dresses, Ness". Hahaha.

Ness getting blessed by the Bishop.

Ness with her family and her God family. =) (I have no idea where is my dad. LOL.)

Ha my dad is there! LOL.

My new Godsis! =)

5. One day before cousins were supposed to leave Malaysia, we decided to go catch a movie, either Inception or Sorcerer's Apprentice. Went to Mines and bought the last 4 seats side by side available for Inception. Haha. We had a good 2 hours to burn, so we decided bowl and play pool. And then after that we bought a whole lot of food and got so psyched for the movie, until we sat the wrong seats. (LOL OK yes it was my fault la! hahaha.) After the movie we met up with our families and had a steamboat dinner. =)

Greg the buffalo. Haha.

Nadia the slow and steady one.

Ali the superman.

Amanda aka me, the AWESOMEST one! Haha.

Our final score. From the top, Ali, Nadia, Amanda then Greg. (Greg you're just lucky) LOL.

Greg teaching Ali how to place his hand.

Miss Awesome in action. Haha.

What's an outing without a retarded camwhore picture? =D

Yeah we're so awesome till we camwhore in the cinema. =)

Ming Zhe happily drinking his soup. He DAMN cute la.

Funny faces and horns. Haha.

6. My cousins left Malaysia! =( so sad. I really do miss them. Anyway we sent them off on Monday morning. really really early. Left the house at about 6 plus. I was a total zombie. Not a morning person. Poor Greg and Melia din get to send them off cuz they had school. Not many people were there actually cuz it was a working day and it was in the morning. It was a good sending off though. No tears surprisingly. Even I could tahan. Haha.

Told you I was a zombie. Not kidding. My eyes were barely opened. Haha.

Nadia and her Cupipi.

Ali and his Pinky Pirate.

Group shot before they left.

Sisterly hug before leaving.

And they're off.

So there you have it. That's a lot of what I've been up to in my hiatus la k. Haha. I've really been busy. Going out of course and bringing cousins out and about. Now hopefully, my life will be back to normal, and my blog won't be so abandoned. Haha. And oh boy, A-levels results out in about 2 weeks. Very scared. =( Please pray for me and my results. Lol. Till the next post, tata! =)

Sorry is not the hardest word, goodbye is.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Hiatus. Again.

Yeah again, I abandoned my blog for 2 weeks. I really don't know what to say or do here these days, hence the lack of update. Still I can't help but feel bad when I look at my poor blog. There's actually a lot to blog about, but maybe it's just too much, I don't know where and how to start. Haha. 

I'll try to make this a good post la k. In the past month a lot has happened. I met up with the girls, my cousins and aunt came from the States, had sleepover with Phoeb and Lis, watched so many movies, went to so many malls so many times, went Sunway Lagoon. Haha. Just to name a few. So here goes. Get ready for it la k. =) It'll be long, trust me.

1. Can't exactly remember when but I met up with the girls, like finally! I think this happened in late June. Haha. It was a great outing as usual. Spent the whole day laughing, talking, catching up, gossiping. We watched Knight and Day too.

My support system for life. =)

The choking hamster and the ratatouille. LOL.

Our photo frame shot. 

Spazz Number1, Spazz Number2 and biggest sesat case ever! Haha.

BFFs. *loves*

2. Sunway Lagoon with cousins! =) Vivien, Li Teng, Greg and Amelia all skipped school so we can all go together with Ali and Nadia. Got sunburn and 3 bruises after that day but it was worth it cuz it was so much fun. Haha.

Posing with the Sunway mascot in Pyramid.

The 3 aunties doing trampoline jumps. lmao.

Up, up, up we go!

Amelia and Vivien pedaling their boat.

Nadia and me, Li Teng and Ali.

3. Our sleepover finally materialised! We had it in Phoeb house this time. Just Phoeb, Lis and me. With Jasper and occasionally, Aaron. Haha. And I swear everytime we have sleepovers, all we do is talk and talk and talk. And take lotsa pictures. And finally we slept at 6am. LOL.

Phoeb and me, with her big chinese cock aka Spongebob. LOL.

Jadyn and Janelle. =)

We're so alike yet so different. Haha.

Yes we like posing with and setting the camera on timer mode. =D

Monkey business. LOL.

Jump, jump, jump!

Car pooling Sungai Long secret club buddies since Std 5. =)

4. We celebrated Uncle Francis aka Godpa's birthday! So many guests, and way way WAAAAY too much food. No surprises there la huh? LOL. A lot of stupid camwhoring pictures, and hardly any pictures of the event though. Haha. Sorry la k I was tired I slept at 6am that morning, cuz the dinner happened the day after the sleepover.

Yes it's Lis again. Haha.

Stefan, Nadine and Amelia with their world cup t-shirts which they made themselves. =)

We've all known each other for at least 6 or 7 years!

Birthday cake!

Stupidity. LOL.

5. We organised a small gathering to celebrate Colin's Birthday. It was also cuz all of us haven't sat down and talked properly and met up since we got confirmed. So it just seemed like we needed it. =)

I like this picture! Haha. Despite my hair colour being ugly. (I dyed it already anyway! Haha.)

Birthday boy with his cake and his Strawberry Shortcake birthday hat. LOL.

Group shot in the mirror!

And he gets creamed. Hahahaha.

Lis, me, Chris. =)

6. We brought my cousins and aunty around KL since my uncle got us a free 2-room apartment in KL Plaza. BTW, do NOT stay there. It is ugly and freaky and the air-conditioning doesn't work.But KL was fun. Haha. Pavilion touring and photo-taking. =D

The dinner group.


Nadia with the super big ribbon from Forever 21. LOL.

Sunglasses and tags. =D

Aunty and Mommy. Look alike?

The supper group's group shot. Minus me, again. =(

And you know what? There's still so much more to update on. There's the crab dinner, then Amelia's party, then the family dinner/farewell. And then there was Ness' confirmation, and pool, bowling and Inception day. And also the day in the airport where we sent my aunty and cousins off, which was today actually. I'll update on all these, in the next post. Cuz this post is getting way too long. LOL. So till the next one, enjoy this post k. =)