Thursday, October 28, 2010


Yeah I'm going through a phase of extreme procrastination. So I'm supposed to have already blogged about Paramore and Youth Camp. BUT, I feel super lazy and I just don't feel like uploading any pictures whatsoever. So I guess that has to wait a bit more. LOL. Sorry if you're waiting for those posts. Wait longer aite? haha.

Anywaaaaay, I really need to get my act together. I have a test tomorrow, a lab report due in a week, an essay due in one and a half weeks and LnL deco due in about 2 weeks. I could kill myself. There is so much to do! Sighhhh. I can totally foresee what will happen. I'm going to keep procrastinating, and sooner or later my sleep is going to suffer. I'll be using all my sleeping time to complete these things I need to do. =/

I'm getting all these weird feelings again. Sometimes I really don't know what the hell is wrong with me and why do I feel the way I do, but I just do. Seriously, I have to finish reading that book that Edmund aka Boss lent me so so long ago. Maybe after reading that I will fully understand why I'm so screwed up. Haha. And this is all said in a cynical, whatever tone. Proves that something is definitely wrong with me.

On a lighter note, here's a pic of me on the "runway" from Psych Night. It was fun really. haha.

Excuse my errr, noobness la k. LOL. But I like this picture. =)

And please if you have 7 minutes to spare, go and watch this video. I'm not going to post the video here la k, I have better things to do. I'll give you the link, you make sure you watch it alright. I cried watching it. =(

Ok ciao readers I need to go take a bath and study for my test tomorrow. =( 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Come back soon?

Will you? Come back soon, I mean? Haha. Because I have lots to update on. But this week is still not over and I am still having a crazy schedule. I'll probably only be able to update like next week. And there's a LOT to update on!! =)

Like for example, my very first time on a runway as a model in a fashion show! HAHA. Ok I'm serious it was not a big thing but I did model, and walked the runway. I had fun too. And and, do you not wanna read about Paramore Live in KL?? =) Because I was there and it was crrrraaazzzzzeeeee awesome!!

Plus, all the minor minor stuff as well. Like my first frisbee session, and also my first salsa dance class. And then HFC Youth Camp coming up this weekend.

So like I said, COME BACK SOON!! =)

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Yeah that's what this blog is. Abandoned. LOL. I just have nothing to blog about here anymore. I mean I do actually but I just have way too much to do and I'm just way to lazy. And for some reason, Tumblr seems more fun now. So I've been updating there everyday. =)

A lot has happened and a lot will be happening. And I think the next time I blog here properly might be after I come back from camp next week, cuz my entire week to come will be REALLY busy.

Schedule for the week
Monday:  1. Collect Paramore tickets.
               2. Attend funeral mass
               3. Go uni for frisbee
               4. Stay back after frisbee for fashion show rehearsal.

Tuesday: Dedicate the whole entire day to getting ready for Paramore and attending the concert. =)

Wednesday: 1. Class in the morning.
                    2. Help out at Psych Society booth.
                    3. More classes.
                    4. Tutorial
                    5. Dance class
                    6. Fashion Show

Thursday: 1. Full day class
                 2. Possibly, praise and worship practice at night.

Friday: 1. Pack, pack, pack
            2. Class
            3. Rush from uni to church to go for camp.

Saturday and Sunday: HFC Youth Camp (praise and worship, plus games committee)

You see what I mean?? This week is going to be crazy. But I believe it will be crazily fun! =) Just gotta make sure I have enough energy to survive the whole week.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Need to know.

Uh huh. I wanna survive on a need-to-know basis. If I need to know something, kindly please tell me. But if I don't need to know, then don't tell me. I don't wanna know. I figured there will be drama if I didn't know so much. Yes I'd be lost and clueless, but hmm maybe that's not such a bad thing. 

On a randomer note, I miss my hair. I don't even know which one. HAHA. I'm so confused. One day I miss my long hair, the next day I miss my not-so-long hair, and the next I'm loving my hair the way it is now, so there's nothing to miss. =.=

My long, straight hair. I miss this on days where I feel like braiding my hair.

My not-so-long hair. I miss this on days that I think my current hair is too short.

My short hair. This I love, when it's in a good mood. (Ok it's not this short anymore it grew a bit)

I really don't know what I wan with my hair anymore. LOL. Might just let it grow again, but not straighten it. Shall witness it in all its glorious waviness. =)

I'll live.

Couldn't be happier. I finally realised that I'll be ok. Things will be ok. Not so hard to live once I see things clearly. In fact, these days I've been living in pure happiness, it's so great.

Mmmm I enjoy the moments in life where I live for no one but I myself. The times in life where no one brings me down because I'm just too firmly rooted in my own little ball of joy, which happens to be brought about by just about anything. I love it when God brings times like these in my life. =)

No more rain, here comes the sun.

Ohhh and 2 quotes stuck in my mind since just now. Numero uno,

A little faith goes a long way.

God takes that small tiny faith that we have and works wonders with it. A mustard seed sized faith is good enough. I'm hoping my faith is a little bigger than that, thank you very much. Haha. And I have faith that life will get better.

Now 2 quote was one I saw on Tumblr. 

Because you saw me when I was invisible.

Obviously this was directed to a significant other half. But I say I'm luckier. I can actually say this to more than one person, because I have this group of people who DID see me when I was invisible. They're the people I call friends.

Love love love. * I heart you guys (and girls LOL)*

So yeah I won't just BE ok, I AM ok. =) Life is awesome and I am all smiles.

P/s: My doggie makes a good candid model. She emo though these few days. =( I'll play with her tomorrow and make her happy again.

And it was wonderful
It was magical.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Need to write this down somewhere.

Now I have the strength
Now I can say
You can't bring me down
We've tried it your way
Don't know how
But I'm done being nice now
You left me hanging all alone
You never came around
So I'm telling you now
I'm moving on

Does that sound good enough as a song chorus to you? Sorry for the randomness, was on the piano and the words and tune just came so I just gave in and tried writing a song again, although in my opinion all my songs sound like crap. LOL. I honestly think I make a better lyricist than a composer. Sadness much? All that years of studying music yet my lyrics are still better than my compositions. =.=

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Dear readers, I need a favour. Please please please I would REALLY appreciate it. Go to this link

And "LIKE" the photo pretty pretty please!! I really really wanna go see Paramore Live in KL and I would really really appreciate all your help. Thank you. Do help spread the word to your other friends and ask them to "LIKE" it as well ya. =)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

So tell me

When will I ever find true love? Sounds corny I know, but seriously, I'm serious. Cuz I've had this conversation with Naim before and it just feels like we're getting old with on one in our lives. LOL. Pretty bizarre thing for 19 year olds to say, but that's us. Paranoid, worrisome idiots who DO NOT wanna end up alone on this piece of land we call Earth. =)

(credits to Sammie)

So tell me, where is love? 

Swing swing

Ohhh yeah swing swing indeed. And I'm talking about my mood that's swinging, in case you're wondering. I was ecstatic this afternoon, couldn't stop laughing or talking. And now that it's night, I feel..... a deep emptiness I would say. 

Random I know. But that's me. I wish I can figure out why, but again, I don't know. I think it's just cuz it's night time and there's no sun. By moonlight, I lose all positivity. HEH. Nahh I'm just rambling. (I don't make sense =.=)

I wanna dance so bad. I don't know why. Anyone with me? Just feel like there is a tremendous need to let loose.

OHHH and on a much happier note, my classmates are awesome. 10 of us went for lunch together this afternoon and it was just SO easy to talk and get along. Things are easier when you have people like that in class, makes me NOT dread getting up in the morning and heading to uni.

And ohhh, the dance studio in Nottingham is sooo pretty!! I am in L.O.V.E with the dance studio, I like how it's just built with glass almost all the way, and how we can see the view outside, and of course the mirrors. =) Waiting for CS fair so I can register with the dance club. Can't wait.

P/s: Missing the people I love. A lot a lot. Don't know why. I guess it's just comforting to be around ppl whom you know really loves you, and vice versa. Can't wait till it's Friday, it's the LnL gang I'm meeting. Then the weekend the church gang. *loves*


Do you remember you at all?
Another heart calls.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Birthdays and awards. =)

Let's start with the birthdays first aite. It's still 3rd October and today, Edmund turns 23!! =) HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN BOSS!! I know you had an awesome one, so no point going through the usual and wishing you had a good one. HAHA. Thanks to our awesomeness I know your birthday was awesome. Neway boss, thanks for being a great friend all this while. (not even a year yet can you believe it, feels lk ages already) You're one of the people who can put up with ALL my nonsense, so thank you. Cuz I know, how I can be. =) *hugs*

Super old photo of Edmund and me la, I haven't upload the latest ones. LOL.

Ok next up, Miss Charlene Tan!! Once the clock strikes 12 you're gonna turn 19!! Finally. Haha. So here's an early birthday wish k. Happy Birthday LENE!! Hope you have an awesome awesome fantabulous one. =) Be good la k, and start acting you age. lol. Missing you edi, hopefully we meet up soon k. Yr post-birthday meet-up perhaps? Take care k. *hugs*

Lene and I at Naim's Raya open house. =)

Finally for the award. This poor someone always wanted a record from Guinness World Records la, but they just refuse to entertain him, and they even rejected my plea to give him an award as the biggest clown ever. *emo* But anyways, because I'm so nice, I came up with the Amanda Prestigious Awards, and since he seems to like these awards so much, I'm gonna award him another one. He previously already won the award of Certified Photogenic Poser. This time he gets the award of Person Who Puts Up With All Of Amanda's Nonsense And Makes Her Laugh All The Time. (yeah long award name, I don't know how to shorten it. lol.)

So Shaun, thank you thank you, for allowing me to bug you all the time, yet never getting annoyed at me. And as usual for making me laugh. I sometimes think you're being too nice to me, but oh well, don't stop k. LOL. I promise I'll try not to bug you about you-know-what until end of Oct. And thanks for not avoiding me. *hugs*

One award Shaun will never get is Camwhorer. tsk tsk. You cut me out of the pic, Shaun. But I still kinda lk it for some reason. HAHA.

P/s: And the award of the greatest BFFs on planet earth goes to the 4 whom I speak of so much I don't think they need mentioning anymore. =) I miss you guys. A lot a lot. And FYI, I have gossip and I have stories to tell so we needa meet up. HAHA. No meet up no stories. =) *blekkk*