Friday, December 31, 2010

2010, thanks for the memories ♥

It is the 31st of December, the last day of 2010. I fully meant to go to bed, but it just suddenly hit me that I haven't done a recap post of 2010 the way I did for 2009, and I just really feel like I need to. And I know I won't have the time when I wake up later on, so I guess I'll do it now. =)

I really don't wanna do a detailed post. So it shall be a short summary of what happened.

  • I turned 19 on January 27th 2010
  • Attended follow-up camp in The Farm, and it was awesome
  • Camped out in Taylor's library and studied like a lunatic
  • Graduated from A-Levels
  • Stoned my life away for 3 months
  • Had a stint of hair-cutting because I was constantly bored
  • Got my heart almost broken again
  • Met my cousins whom I haven seen in 5 years
  • Had an awesome weekend at Summerset
  • Sent friends off because they were going away to study
  • Welcomed a new phase of my life, university.
  • Faith, Friendship and Freedom with Martin Jalleh and the HFC Youths.
  • Went for Paramore's concert
  • Became a facilitator for Love & Life 2010

All in all, I think it was an awesome year. There were the downs, like not getting straight As in A-Levels, or being bored dead before uni started, but the year was made awesome by my college friends, my uni friends, my family and "family", my BFFs and of course my LNL family. I was pulled in every direction this year, confused in what to study for degree, doubting myself about facilitating, falling for a guy. But nonetheless, I feel like everything happened for a reason, and I learnt a lot this year, and I really grew.

Here's a few things that I learnt and that really struck me for this year, as I'm typing this:

  1. It makes a big difference when you make a difference in someone else's life. When they tell you that you made a difference and that you helped them, the feeling really is indescribable. That's what facilitating for LnL 2010 taught me.
  2. When you want to do something, set your mind to it whole-heartedly. If you keep doubting yourself, you'll feel bad all the time, and things will never get done. Believe that you can do it, and you will be able to.
  3. Tell the people you love that you love them everyday. =) It makes people feel special and you really could be brightening up someone's day, no harm done in fact.
  4. No one can get you down if you don't allow them to. Stay positive, and optimistic and you'll be able to get by any storm, just have faith.
  5. We fall and we get broken but what matters is standing up and trying to fight and fix things again.
  6. Every minute spent bonding with a friend is never wasted, because you never know how much of a difference you could be making in their lives.
  7. It makes a difference to me when people say I've been a good friend and that I've always been there for them, cuz it proves to myself that I'm doing something right and I'm actually a good friend. =)
Ok getting a little wordy, but I just felt like I had to say all that. Someday if I forget all this, I could come back here and read them. 2010 was a year that made a real difference to me, one that I will treasure in my heart always. I only hope that 2011 will be even more awesome. But before 2011 comes, a trip down memory lane. ♥ 

*edited with pictures as of 1st Jan 2011. =) Enjoy.

Monday, December 6, 2010

No more domain. For real.

HELLO people in case you didn't notice right, my blog no longer says It now says 

Yeah my domain has officially expired. Booo me. Anyway, I really really wanna Tumblr now cuz I'm bored and I'm taking a well-deserved break from my assignment but Tumblr is down. AGAIN. Finished my essay and now gotta get started on my lab report. Sucks to be me.

On a much much brighter note, Love and Life 2010 is in 3 days people!! I'll be gone for a week. Really looking forward to it, after all the hardwork and stuff. Plus plus, BFF Melissa Ong is attending it this year. =) So excited. But arghhh, some work not done as well for L&L. Must get it all done soon. Wednesday gotta start packing. I still do NOT have an outfit for Malam Ria. Hmmm.

Ok, nothing much to ramble on about anymore. I am now going to go and get started on my lab report. Nerd nerd nerd me. Weeeeeeee!! (not) =.=

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

No more domain? =(

It's December darlings!! Christmas!! And and, sadly, it also means that my domain is gonna expire, and since I decided not to buy it back again, come Dec 6th I'll have to revert back to that irritating blogspot. Hmmmphhh. Now I'm really thinking I should go buy my domain again. =( So sad. 

And anyway, I ended my November with some awesomeness. It was a fusion of bad and good. Bad cuz I was in a car accident. Both my friends banged into each other's car and daaaamn it was bad la k. All cuz of a stupid cow. I'm tired of explaining what happened. Here's some pictures k. LOL.

Vivian's car.

Elynn's car.

And the reason I say it was good cuz after the accident I went to Curve/Ikea/Ikano with the "family", watch Rapunzel, had meatballs. But no pictures. LOL. So that was how my November ended. And now it's December. GOSH!!  Soon it'll be 2011. Someone slow time down please.