Monday, February 28, 2011

Wuthering Heights: Chapters 31 to 34

In these final chapters, Cathy and Hareton become closer. Cathy comes across as somewhat arrogant to me. She keeps thinking that Hareton is a dunce and that she does not like him reading her books. Despite that slight arrogance that she has, I felt like Cathy was a very nice and caring girl. She still agreed to teach Hareton to read after that and was significantly nicer to him. Her generosity in sharing knowledge was somewhat comforting to me because there was some sort of good in the novel, and not just cruelty and anger in the settings of the novel.

In addition to that, I realised in these last few chapters that Heathcliff lost his ability to be mean and cruel. He seemed to have lost all sense of living and was just going through each day just for the sake of it. Cathy and Hareton reminded him of Catherine and himself once upon a time and he didn't have heart to destroy what they had. I feel like the minute he lost that heart to destroy his enemies, he lost his will to live. This shows that Heathcliff really had nothing to live for after Catherine died.

He became delusional and kept saying that Catherine was with him and that he felt her presence everyday. At that point, it was very certain that Heathcliff was going to die already. Right at the end, I was reminded again by how much he loved Catherine. It saddens me to think that Heathcliff was so revengeful and cruel all those years simply because he didn't get enough love when he was younger. Right at the end, I felt pity for Heathcliff and Catherine that they never did get to be together at all in the entire story.

Wuthering Heights: Chapters 25 to 30

In these few chapters, Heathcliff's cruelty is further demonstrated. I was very angered with his plans to make Cathy marry Linton just so that he can gain Thrushcross Grange as his own. His scheming ways really shock me because I never understood how someone can have the ability to be so cunning and cruel. It really seemed like Heathcliff was not even human and it was as if he didn't even have a heart.

Besides planning such cruel things, Heathcliff even held Nelly and Cathy hostage just because he wanted Cathy and Linton to get married. That really was not just a cruel thing to do but it was in fact somewhat against the law. To top it off, Edgar was dying and Cathy really wanted to be by his side, and yet Heathcliff took comfort in the fact that his enemy was dying without his beloved daughter by his side.

To me, it seemed like Heathcliff was more vengeful than anything, He loved Catherine so much and Cathy was Catherine's daughter. But yet he was still willing to be so cruel to Cathy. It was as if the fact that Cathy's dad was his enemy, Edgar was more important than the fact that Cathy was Catherine's daughter, the one person he really loved. It showed how much hate there was in Heathcliff.

If You Come Softly: Chapters 19 to 26

In these final chapters of the novel, the most prominent thing to me was death. Firstly, it was when Miah was talking to his dad about his grandmother, who passed away already. Miah expressed that he still missed his grandmother and that he can still feel her around sometimes. Even his dad also expressed how much he missed his mother because she was so great and would understand all that was going on.

Miah then later on asked his dad about what would happen when people die. This part really hit me because I myself always ask myself that question and I always wonder what would happen when I die. It scares me that it is something uncertain and is something i do not know about, and when the book discussed this, it really did give me more to think about again.

Finally, when I read about Miah dying, I was very saddened by it. It really did show me that there is no certainties in life and that we can never be certain on what's going to happen. It made me realise that I need to appreciate each and everyday of my life, and I also need to treasure all those who are around me, because none of us really know what tomorrow might bring. It reminded me that there is nothing wrong to tell those you love that you love them everyday, because one day it might be too late for that "I love you" already.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

If You Come Softly: Chapters 13 to 18

In these several chapters of the book, the discrimination against black people was brought to light again. This time, it was among the students at Percy, where Miah and Ellie were studying. It was not so much of discrimination in the students' case, but it was more like they just didn't want to acknowledge that Ellie and Miah were together. They chose to ignore and just turn away and pretend like there was nothing.

It really is quite sad to read about things like that, that even students and school children have already taken a stand, where they seem to think that black and white people just cannot be together or even be friends. This is a classic of example where things that adults do are immediately picked up by children. Even at young ages where they are only just becoming teenagers, kids are already starting to act like adults and are already showing signs of discriminating against black people.

Adults should realise that children pick up really fast on what they do or think, and if they are not careful children are going to pick up even on things that they shouldn't. Discrimination should be stopped. One generation needs to stand up and say enough is enough. If no one does that, every next generation will keep picking up on this and they will never be able to stop it. Hence, a stand needs to be taken in my opinion.

If You Come Softly: Chapters 7 to 12

In this few chapters, the few things really stood out to me. The first one was divorce. Through these few chapters, it is clearly shown that Miah is extremely affected by his parents' divorce. His parents were not even really on talking terms anymore and that made him Miah really sad. He frequently kept thinking about the happy times and about how things were before his parents got divorced. At one part, he even cried after thinking about all that while he was alone at home.

One thing that struck me was the fact that he never spoke to any of his parents about how he was feeling. It made me think about children whose parents were divorced these days as well. I wonder if any kids these days would actually tell their parents how they were feeling. It seems like most kids will just keep their feelings to themselves, and let the divorce get to them. I feel like parents should take the initiative to talk to their children about things like that. There might be a possibility that their children did not understand or were blaming themselves for the divorce.

Another thing that struck me was how much white people really discriminated against black people. The one incident in these few chapters that struck me was the on regarding the 2 old ladies who asked Ellie if she was all right just because she was with Miah, who is a black boy. It seemed to me like they were thinking Ellie was forced by Miah to be with him, because they wondered if she was all right. It is as if they really didn't think a white girl could just be hanging out with a black boy for fun. This really hit me because I never really gave a thought as to how white people discriminated against black people.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Ever felt like you just wanna be alone? Like you just don't wanna go out and hang out with people, or even go on facebook to talk to anyone? I occasionally get this weird feeling. Where I just don't feel like going out, don't feel like having people over, don't feel like socialising, meeting or talking to people. If you don't feel the way I do, then WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??

I don't know if I'm wearing myself out. I must admit, as much as it's fun having a fun-filled social life, spending time with friends talking and laughing, a part of me wished that I was back to being on holidays where I could just stay at home and not bother about anything outside.

WHY? =/

Lately the "stay at home, don't do anything, don't go out" phases have been increasing. I really, honestly have no idea why. I have theories though. But I honestly think I'm getting lazy. Being out with people means being a good sport, being fun, being upbeat and energetic, and generally being the fun, happy-go-lucky Amanda Quah. I guess being that person all the time is tiring. I just want some time off to just be contented and alone so I can just, simply, chill. =)

Still, I'd be lying if I said that I don't enjoy the company sometimes when I do go out. Like tonight. It was so much fun going out for steamboat with the engineers and the psychos. But I was crazy tired, and I got a feeling it's gonna affect me tomorrow. I already felt anti-social by the time I reached home.


OK I'm just weird. I know. Like I said, my mind does WONDROUS things after 2am. I apologise. AGAIN. 

P/s: On a randomer, happier note. Skytrex on Saturday. I CANNOT wait! =P

In a world full of wrong,
You're the thing that's right.
-Terrified, Katharine McPhee and Zachary Levi-

Monday, February 21, 2011

An Urge.

I just really feel like blogging. I think my blogging habits are such. When I start, I feel like I have to continually do it. But the minute I stop, it takes forever trying to get me to start back. So since I started blogging again last night, I feel this need to blog again today. Weird. But I guess that's me. 

So I just had this urge to blog about........ what this one particular song made me feel. I want to be able to sit there one day and say, I was enchanted to meet someone, just as much as that someone was enchanted to meet me. One day, some day, hopefully.

Original picture taken from HERE

In meeting that someone whom I'll be enchanted to meet, maybe there might be love. =) But really, who knows? Only time can tell. Besides, expectation is the root to all heartache. So no expectations, none at all. I really don't know what I'm trying to prove and what I'm trying to say. I guess all I'm trying to say is just that it was SO sweet that Adam Young sang back the song Enchanted to Taylor Swift. Where's MY Adam Young? LOL. 

P/s: My brains go into WEIRD mode once it's 2 am. I apologise that you have to read about me wanting to meet someone who will be enchanted to meet me.

This night is sparkling, don't you let it go
I'm wonderstruck, blushing all the way home
I'll spend forever wondering if you knew
I was enchanted to meet you too
-Enchanted, Adam Young-

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Blogging mojo lost.

Indeed. First post ever of 2011. And it's already more than halfway thorough February. Amazing, no? Well just in case you didn't know, I blog more often in my Tumblr now. Simply because Tumblr has more pictures and I like reblogging and it's just so awesome. =P Go see my Tumblr at AmandaJanelle♥ 

So anyway a lot has passed. I turned the dreaded 20. Watched movie with Greg, went for dinner with family and came home to a surprise birthday party. =)

Birthday Dinner at Prince Hotel.

Went for follow up camp the day after my birthday and I consider it my birthday vacation. So much fun and so much love to be with the LNL family.

Early in the morning, taking in the morning sun. =P

Chinese New Year came and went. It's the year of the rabbit!

My biggest angpau of the year, from mommy and daddy. (please excuse my retarded face)

Sent Ann off to the airport. She's now in Australia. =(

No Ann, don't go!

Celebrated Mom's 50th Birthday. =)

Le Meridien Lobby.

Sent Renu off as well. She is also in Australia. *sniff* (Tak ada picture cuz I haven't upload) 

Got my Semester 1 results back. On Valentine's Day. Took results and then camwhored in the lab, and then decided to spend it with the girls and went and caught a movie. =)

♥ for everyone! Happy Valentine's Day!

Stayed overnight in the lab finishing the bloody lab report. Loads of fun really, despite all that stress.

Some time in the morning. =P

I guess that's really it for now. Can't think of what else to update. I shall try resurrecting this blog of mine. Goodbye and till the next time lovelies. =)