Sunday, March 27, 2011


An obsession with my hair that is. Ever since I chopped off my long straight hair in June last year, I've constantly been having this obsession with cutting my hair. Chopped it off to shoulder length in June, bobbed it in August, got a side-swept fringe in November, trimmed my hair in January, got bangs in February, and now in March I trimmed my hair and bangs. LOL. See how often I cut my hair OMG.

Trimmed my hair and bangs today for annual dinner on Friday. =)

I wish hair stays nice and pretty all the time. But sadly it doesn't. The above picture can only be accomplished because I blew dry my hair and combed it straight. Now it's already doing that irritating wave thingy, curling out at the ends. BOOHOO. =/


On a random note, missing the girls. Wanna do more L.O.V.E shots but no time. Plus Mr Photographer aka CK Tay is also busy. So I guess that has to wait. Gahh needa start nerding, a lot of work due. Busy busy.

P/s: PBA= Pretty Banging Awesome! My car number plate. LOL.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

PDA =)

No, PDA does not stand for Public Display of Affection like how it usually does. Today, to me, PDA stands for Pretty Damn Awesome. PDA new acronym no? =) Well things are PDA now as well. My dear dumb blonde is happy and she's smiling finally. Makes me feel happy too, and makes me feel like all the time spent was worth it. 

I heart you Blondie. And I'm really proud of you. =) BTW psychic powers FTW!

PDA to have such loving people surrounding you everyday. Makes you feel all warm and tingly inside. Lunch today was EPIC btw. We had like 21 people having lunch together. No picture, but take my word for it, it was EPIC-LY PDA. =P

We're bringing sexy back yo! Cuz we're PDA like that!

I wrote a PDA note toooooo! But I didn't take a picture of it. But basically the note said "CLOWN *smiley face*" Too bad none of you can see it. LOL. Anyway, very berry happy today. ROFLMAO while talking to Blondie on msn. Makes me think we can be comedians sometimes. Anywaaaaaay, I'm a bit hyper no idea what I'm talking about so I shall go now.

PDA checked picture day. *loves*

P/s: I am a PDA person! =P

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Smile =)

Re-watching Car Jack's video from MTQ finals and it totally is making me smile again. =) The judge totally got it right when she said Justin and Geraldo were charming. Indeed they were and still are I think. Humble, nice and sweet too. Any takers, girls? LOL. 

Amusing to hear us Jackers singing out of tune in the background. Guess we kinda spoiled the video but totally not our fault, the key wasn't right for us girls to sing along to. =p I kinda miss the preparation towards MTQ laaaa. It was so fun, and I loved that we surprised the guys.

Anyhooooo, Charity Carnival today was somewhat a disaster. The fashion show got cancelled. =.= I dressed up, put make-up on for nothing. But still, it was fun to dress up and then take lots and lots of pics. =)

Before we found out the fashion show was cancelled.

After we found out the fashion show was cancelled.

Stayed for dinner and then went back to campus to take sunset shots! Kinda failed a bit cuz we were a bit late and we lost light. But still we had fun. Then experimented in the dark, in the corridor. Don't know what Ck was trying to do but it was fun. LOL. Waiting for pics still. 

That's all now I guess. Just wanted to blog bout how much I smiled watching Car Jack's video, and thinking bout our photoshoot session just now in uni. Till the next post, toodles! =)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Don't give a damn.

Screw all the haters. 
Now I don't really care anymore. Hate all you want, the decision has been made and you can't change it. SUCKS TO BE YOU! =P And mark my words, they'll be bigger and better and you're gonna eat your words. 

I feel loads better already. I know for sure I don't have hearing issues. LOL. And besides, looking at all the pictures really brought back fun memories. I had such a good time, we all did. Here's a look down the journey towards MTQ 2011, at least a journey of us Jackers, who were busy preparing boards and t-shirts to surprise Car Jack, who were busy preparing for their performance. 

Banners and t-shirt painting in Yeing's house.

All the t-shirts left for drying.

Car Jack rehearsing in their room the night before MTQ.

Jackers on the floor due to exhaustion.

All ready for MTQ =)

Our banners.

Hardcore Jackers!

Car Jack rocks indeed!

Car Jack on stage.

Justin and Geraldo

A very happy Justin after winning.

Music brings the world together. How we all became friends through MTQ is awesome. Music rocks. And now we're all closer friends. =) I can't help but feel very happy and satisfied. Can't wait for our celebratory dinner. Much ♥ indeed. =)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I wish I knew

Something isn't right.

Am I supposed to be feeling this crappy? I really don't know why I'm feeling that. I thought the happiness from last night would last WAY longer than this. I threw myself into it because I liked the distraction, I liked having something to keep me occupied. I'm happy they won, no doubt, but really I don't feel as satisfied as I thought I'd be. I don't think the circumstances are right. 

I'm worried we screwed it up for them. They're actually pretty good, and they're nice humble guys and if everyone is going to hate them because of how it all turned out last night, I don't know if I'll be able to forgive myself. I don't know if ANY of us realise what we did. I couldn't sleep last night, thinking about the consequences. I hope things won't be as bad as I imagine them to be. 

Please let things be alright.
Please don't judge them just from what people say.
Please let it be worth it.

Hope and pray, that's all I can do right now.

P/s: Stats test tomorrow and I am nowhere near ready. And I'm freaking irritated with my tutorials. I don't know why I ever chose to do Psych. Curse my damn decisions.

Car Jack!

Not much to be said. Too much to be said anyways. Congrats to Car Jack for winning. =) Thanks for including us in your exciting journey and for including us in all your planning as well. The songs you guys sang were awesome. =)

We heart you!

Justin and Geraldo= Car Jack

Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy VERY BERRY belated Birthday Shaun Lim Eu Chien? =)

Was talking to Eu Chien and realised I've never written him a birthday post before, EVER. in the 3 years that I've been bugging him to start blogging. So I proceeded to ask him to remind me to write one next year, but he don't wan. Then I said I will remember myself, but then he said still long way to go. 9 months and 9 days. SO FINE, I have decided to write one NOW! Belated, but who gives a damn? =P

So Eu Chien, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! I know your birthday this year was not all that BOOMS cuz had to study kan? But nvm I declare today your "birthday" also, so go have MORE fun today k. =)

Your epically funny face. =P

Thanks for the 4/5/6 years of friendship. Sorry I forgot how many years. I don't even remember when, why or how we met. But like this quote I saw from Tumblr, none of that matters, what matters is we did meet. =) So yeah indeed. Thanks for being such a great listener, and for constantly putting up with my ridiculous rants, mood swings, randomness and crap-ability. =P

Oldest picture I found of you and me. Dec 2008.

GOT NO PICTURE of 2009!! =/

Jan 2010. You look younger Shaun! And my hair was longer. =P

June 2010. My shorter hair. You still look damn young la Shaun. I beh song you edi.

Aug 2010. My even shorter hair. SHAUN, I really don't like you. (psssttt notice how many times my hairstyle change. =P)

Shaun's failed drawing. (take note of the ugly lines. LOL.)

Feb 2011. Shaun's apek look. Shaun I reckon you can pull this look off wei. =P

Here's to many many years of AWESOME friendship some more. But you better be NICE to me ah. LOL.
Happy Happy Belated Birthday Eu Chien!

P/s: I still owe you BR as yr birthday present la. WHEN you wanna claim? Got expiry date one ahh. LOL. 12th January 2012.

P/p/s: I have successfully wrote a LONG LONG post and now I am successfully tired and sleepy so yes it's bed time. =P GOODNIGHT!