Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pitter patter

Because that's exactly how you make my heart go every time I see you. I've been smiling for so long, and it's really all because of you. I guess whatever happens, at least it did make me happy, even if it's for a while :)

Because stupid conversations make sense when you're talking to someone special.
I hope you know you're the only person whom I have such random conversations with.

And I also hope you know how they make me smile each and every time
*wide smiles*

Monday, May 23, 2011

One more

Regarding my previous post on all the things I have to be thankful for, I purposely left out one person. And that was cuz I was just too damn upset that night because of that person. But in all honesty, regardless of what happens, you're one person I definitely have to be thankful for. For always making me feel better, for knowing all the right things to say, for being randomly funny and for being a great friend. :)


18. You :)


On a randomer note, in a good mood today. Spent it with my blondies and we had loads of fun =) Supposed to study but we took pictures, ate, talked and watched HIMYM more than anything else :D

Doing what we do best. Camwhoring =)

Went and played with the puppies at Ronald's house! TOO adorable!

My new twitter and fb dp. :D

Much love people.
P/s: I'm happy I saw you today.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

All the things I have to be thankful for

Trying to CBT my way out of this shit hole. Cognitive behavioural therapy that is, not criminal breach of trust. So I've decided to just think of all the things that I have to be thankful for. Things that make me smile, things that help me through life, things that brightens up every day of my life.

  1. My family- Mom, Dad, Greg, Melia. People who will always be mine even if everyone else decides to leave
  2. My friends- Renu, Phoeb, Lis, Naim all the way since high school. We pulled through together through the annoying teachers, the bitches, the circumstances. Even when I don't see you guys for months I know we'll always be the same. Nothing needs to be said.
  3. My friends- PE6.5, especially the super close ones. Esther I miss you, my shopping buddy. Kah Vong the one who always makes me laugh but at the same time giving me a big wake-up call. Vee Yong, Shurraj, CL, XY, CY, and many many more.
  4. My "family"- Mark, Fred, Flora, Sherie, Greg (again). Through everything you guys were there, accepting me and never judging me, loving me for me =) Plus for being so damn awesome.
  5. My friends- the LNL family. For making me feel so much love, from people whom I barely see, people who are so far away. For making me feel like I have a big family where we're all with God, for being randomly surprising, for being warm and for always giving me the best hugs ever =)
  6. My friends- Yeing, Lynn and Girl, occasionally Ah Boy. LOL. For making uni so much more bearable for me. For helping me have something to look forward to each day when I go for classes, for sticking by me, for being my wake up call, for all the psychic moments, for all the tears and the laughs.
  7. My friends- Everyone else who I know will be there for me, who make me laugh, who I've shared awesome moments with. =)
  8. The sun- Because it makes me feel warm and it makes me feel like it's summer all the time.
  9. Stars- They're one of my favourite creations' of God. Every time I look up to the sky and I see stars, I remind myself that God made them and that all things beautiful came from God
  10. My house and my room- My safe haven. I come home everyday and have some place to just wind down and relax.
  11. Caramel- She might be emo at times and she might not bother about me, but my dog is awesome and she's so pretty and plus she's a good listener at times when no one else can listen to me
  12. Clothes, shoes, accessories- Trivial and materialistic, I know. But you have no idea how it makes me happy sometimes to put on pretty clothes and have them all matched up. Dolling myself up just for me, and no one else =)
  13. Food- Because without food I'd die. Nuff said.
  14. Flowers- They make me smile all the time cuz they're so pretty.
  15. Story books- Drowning myself into books is one of my favouritest things to do. I get so lost I lose track of time and I emerge myself so deep in it's like I'm in a different place
  16. Sports- Those that I like that is. Sweating is awesome, releases endorphins and I love the rush I get from just running around.
  17. Music- My one real passion in life. Without music my life would be meaningless, music just brightens up every dull moment, says things I don't have the guts to say, brings people together =)
I'll stop here for now. But yeah. I feel better. =)