Wednesday, June 29, 2011


My weekend is never ending yo! Feels like everyday is a weekend since I'm on SUMMER BREAK! :) So far summer has been awesome. It's been a month, and usually I'll be dead bored by now but surprisingly, I'm not. I'm still enjoying it, things keep happening, lotsa things to do :D

And now tomorrow, ice skating with the girls! :) Minus renu that is, since she's still in the land down under :( But can't wait, I am SO SO excited! Been a while since we hung out together.

Expect more photos like this after tomorrow :)

And after tomorrow, it'll be Friday! HFC Youth Camp! Finally! Very very excited :) Nervous and scared, but excitement still the most. Can't wait to spend more time with the awesome committee and also to bond with all the participants in camp :D

Us butt-shaking during the sleepover (which I have yet to blog about LOL)

*jumpsjumpsjumps* Very excited! I'm semi-sick, but I'm still very high and very excited. And happiness PAWNS mood swings yo! :) Didn't have mood swings last week at all, super duper awesome! I am living life as an optimist!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Little things that make me smile :)

  1. Smiles :)
  2. Cute toys like Spongebob and my chipmunk, Simon
  3. Little kids
  4. The colour yellow
  5. Post-its
  6. Ice cream!
  7. Rainbows
  8. The moon and stars
  9. My piano
  10. Funny pictures
  11. Re-reading old conversations
  12. Rolling myself into a ball in bed
  13. Story books
  14. Music
  15. Talking to friends
  16. Hugs :)
  17. Random texts/wall posts on fb
  18. Good morning/ good night wishes
  19. Someone telling me they miss me
  20. Old couples who are still so in love with each other
  21. When people make wedding vows
  22. Puppies and kittens
  23. Funny lame jokes
  24. Knowing that I made someone smile
  25. Having fun with people who matter
  26. Getting acknowledged and being appreciated
  27. Feeling like I'm loved :)
27 things that make me smile because my favourite number is 27, and because if I don't stop somewhere the list will just go on and on. I'm a happy child! :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy 17th Birthday Dumbashell aka Greg!

Heh so malas to blog but NEVERMIND, shall overcome the laziness because I love my brother so much! :D
In case any of you didn't know, my baby brother turns 17 today! (Not so baby brother anymore heh) LOL. So here goes, a short post just for that dumbashell Greg :)

Family photo on the last day of 2010. Greg still has his bieber hair. LOL.


Have an awesome fantabulous day. Although you have to go school, but I'm sure your friends will make the day awesome :D Rock on like never before and we'll have an awesome dinner tonight! I'm BAKING YO! :)

This was during MY birthday this year.

Thanks for being such an awesome, supportive brother. For always being there, for making me laugh, for loving me but still teasing me, that's the ultimate relationship brothers and sisters have! HAHA. Thank you for hmm, being my personal coach in so many things. We haven't really got round to you teaching me DOTA yet though :P


Thanks for listening to all my rants, for dealing with all my mood swings, and for being an ever ready listening ear and for always being a shoulder for me to cry on when I need it. As much as you annoy me sometimes, I wouldn't trade you for any other brother in the world. :) Very proud to see how you've grown and how much you've learnt and how matured you've become. Who knew we would end up being this close? I recall the days where we fought all day and night, with you trying to KILL ME by chasing me with that metal stool.

Caroling 2010, red! :D

I love you little dumbashell, and I'm always here for you. *hugs* HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN! 

Lotsa love,
Your awesomest sister!  :D

Friday, June 17, 2011

Boredom leads to.... this.

It's been a while, I've been gone for too long. Not that I'm literally gone, I meant just gone from blogging at least. Lost all my blogging mojo, or rather, no longer feel like blogging here cuz all I ever blog about these days are private personal matters and Tumblr's much more personal =)

But either way, updates updates. I'm officially on summer break! In fact I've been on summer break for a good 3 weeks already. Don't ask me what I've done, cuz I've done literally nothing. Ok maybe not exactly nothing. But nothing major. Bbq party, movies, ultimate, dance practices, Melaka, youth camp prep, Family Day, shopping, some meet-ups and a whole lot of tv series+movies watching at home. Oh and reading too. 
Yeah sounds pretty boring thank you :D


Ultimate Gathering Bbq Party (Shaun's place)
One of my favourite bunch of people all decked out in white. Fred, Greg, Shaun.

Farewell dinner for the Engineering guys (Chilis, MV)
People who brighten up my uni life. Girl and Yeing.

On the way to Melaka (Tracy's Car)
Best committee members ever yo! HFC! Tracy and Glynn.

Ultimate Frisbeeeeeee! (Ultimate Field)
Greg's friend who became my friend, Tim.

Self-timer shots with the camera on people's stall! :D (Random bench in MV)
Catechism classmates since we were teeny tiny kids. Chris, Glynn and Colin.

Juan's surprise belated birthday! (Shaun's place)
Random self-timer shot. Again best committee everrrr, plus Saha! LOL.

Yeah that's pretty much what I've been up to =) Okay maybe not as boring as I described, it's pretty okay. But I think time to officially go get a job. And pssstt, results are out in 3 days on Monday. *scared* Please please let it all be okay. 

And random thought, according to a personality test I did few days back I'm a ENFP, the inspirer. Am I inspiring? Hmmm. If I really am that's actually a very impressive thing.

And another random thought, unreachable stars or heaven on earth? Sighh. If only I know what to do about you.