Tuesday, July 5, 2011

To Believe And To Live

To those who didn't know, I was away for the weekend for HFC English Youth Camp 2011 in El Sanctuary, Malacca. Went with pretty much no expectations cuz I didn't wanna be disappointed but came back feeling pretty darn awesome :) Camp was super awesome yo!

No doubt, sessions were a little bit deep and dry, but nonetheless, I learnt a lot and I genuinely found the CCC pretty interesting. And the group skits GOSHHHHH! Who knew out youths had such talent? Some super funny actors, and some I'm pretty sure will make great scriptwriters and directors as well :D

A big shout-out to all the participants. Thanks for signing up, for coming and participating so well, and for really being such an awesome group and for having so much fun! It's really great and makes me so happy to see the way you guys are spamming facebook saying how much fun camp was :) And all the testimonials given are really inspiring too. And I'm pretty sure I speak for the whole committee when I say that we feel really glad that somehow we have made a difference in each of your lives and especially if the camp has touched you in one way or another :)

And to the committee. Goshhhh you guys are like the best committee ever! Seriously. I never thought we'd end up being this close and this comfortable working with each other, but we really are. It was so much fun planning the camp with you all. Right up from all the meetings to the sleepover and to the camp itself. Each moment I had with all of you was a real blessing and they're all irreplaceable moments. Love you all loads :)

And another special shout-out to the pnw team yo! :) Awesomest pnw team everrrr! Juan, Fred and Shaun, when are we going to have our random online convo some more? We should have random jam sessions also, think of it as practicing in advance for the next YA or something like that :P And also thanks to Valerie and Kim for playing, Chris and Pam for helping out with the singing and Tracy for being our penjaga slide. LOL.

And oohhh ohhh my darling bunk bed buddy! Melissa Ong. It's been a while. Ok la actually only half a year, but still it feels so long! I miss bunking with you missie! And I still feel like we didn't get much time to talk this time around during camp but oh well, you're on hols we can still have our sleepover :)

And last but not least, all praise and glory goes to the big boss up there :) Dear Almighty God, thank you for making the camp a success and for being with us through it all. Thank you for giving me courage to lead pnw that night, for giving me a voice to sing and for using me as your instrument that night. It was all you, Lord. Never would have been able to do it without you. :)

Ok enough of talk. Here are the pictures. Enjoy! :)

The pnw team in action! :)

The participants during pnw

One heart partner, gossip buddy, godsister, bunk bed buddy and bff *loves*

My awesome group, FLASH! :D

Freddie's trademark sign and expression the whole camp. LOL.

Man and Candy from Sheena the She-male. LMAO super epic funny stuff. They won best skit btw. And also best group.

Joel as Letchumi. Best entertainer of the night! I laughed till I almost cried.

Them awesome godsisters :)

Friends who are literally like family :)

Everybody's so happy :)

Residents of Chalet 16 in the house yo! :D

EPIC PICTURE YO! Check out the rockstar singer. LOL.

Best committee ever!  ♥

Picture didn't focus properly cuz I forgot to off the timer and moved after I pressed the shutter but still, SO CUTE! :D

Our decent "Herald-worthy" group picture :)

Our Dynamite moment! " I throw my hands up in the air sometimes"! :P

I dare you to tell me we're not cute. LOL. Current fb and msn dp yo! :)

Camp t-shirt from the back! To Believe And To Live! :)

For more pictures kindly head on over to my facebook. I can't post everything here, got like 300+ pictures. LOL. I miss camp and I miss everyone already. :( The weekend away was so good. Place was so pretty, food was SUPER good. We're gonna have a follow-up gathering! To see everyone again. Ok officially done blogging! :) till the next one toooooodles!


No camp will ever be like any other for each camp is special in its own way. Each one offers a new experience, and new things to be learnt, new friends to be made, new moments to be shared. Thank you to everyone who gave me another wonderful camp experience :) Much love people! *hugs*