Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy 26th Birthday Freddieeeeeeee!

Brother from another set of parents, 
May you be blessed in everything that you do. Thanks for always being there for me, even when it's being there to laugh at me and to make fun at my dumb blonde moments. Have a great day and enjoy yourself k! :) And hahahaha old man, 26 edi. But please keep having fun like a teen k. If you become an old boring uncle I'm not hanging out with you no more :P
Lotsa love Mr. Citizenship of Quah's Residence *HUGS*

Here's to being annoyed and irritated and teased and laughed at by each other for the next many many many many, did I mention MANY, years to come :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 1 of Year 2

My summer has officially officially ended. 
Today was the first day of my second year in UNMC! Say hello to Miss Psychology Year 2 :) Class today was cut short and it was actually pretty interesting. I'm thinking CHI is a class that I can learn to like.

Still readjusting to the fact that I'm no more on break. 
Very proud of myself today! 
I woke up early, made effort in dressing up! Wore a new dress I bought from Singapore, put on a necklace and even eyeliner and mascara. 
Tsk you should have seen me, I haven't made this much effort for uni since.... don't know. Probably during our last announced dress up day. LOL. 
Hmm I didn't bump into anyone today, that's sad. Oh only one person, Serene. Still sad =/

Class tomorrow is 9 to 1, bleagghh so long. Maybe I might bump into people tomorrow :)
What, I'm a psychologist-to-be so I'm a people person and I like meeting people k. LOL. Pretty good to be back, feels like about to make myself useful again. 
And on another note, I'm still free from ALL sorts of work so tonight I'm still free :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011


You'd think that I'll be able to let things like that slide but nooooooo, apparently not. I don't understand why it's still freaking bothering me. Really, I let myself get affected by things way too easily. So what if that name was brought up? What do I care anyway?

And urghhh in addition to that, I just had to get stuck with someone like THAT. Again annoyed. HOW am I supposed to deal with things like that ha? It is NOT FAIR. NOT FAIR AT ALL. Things just hit me all at one go and I'm supposed to just sit here and take everything like I'm okay with it and that I'm fine and it doesn't bother me.

WELL IT DOES. Of course it bothers me. If I could I'll tell everyone I don't wanna do any of it, and that they can just shut it and get lost cuz I don't wanna care anymore and I don't wanna do anything and I don't wanna help. But the biggest problem here is that I still care. If I don't I wouldn't be sitting here complaining about it cuz I'm worried I fail at things. Urghhh I'd slap myself now, really I would.

P/s: Really please just don't mind my rants. I don't know who else to say all this to, cuz at times it really feels like no one gets it at all. 

P/p/s: I hate that you mentioned that name. I really do. I know there is no reason for that but I just do. 

And now I feel mean and pathetic and totally like a useless loser, thank you very much.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

To do.

Because I'm online more than I'm not, figured it'll be wise to note down the things I have to do somewhere online. Was gonna write it on twitter but that plan in kinda flawed cuz I tweet so much it'll be hard to track the tweets.

  1. Go to the darn clubhouse (by tmr)
  2. Do mass slides (by Sat)
  3. Send a text out to the committee bout YA (by tmr)
  4. Find people for PKIK this Sunday (by Friday? or Sat)
  5. Prepare examination of conscience (by Sat)
  6. OHEMGEE video clip fslap (soon but don't know by when)
  7. Promote bake sale (ongoing till 15th/16th Oct)
  8. Register for uni and go for PsychSoc meeting this Friday
  9. Food and logistics for YA (before YA next Friday)
  10. Stop being such a freaking lazy pig and start jump starting to get back to uni (by this week)
And the one biggest to do that I must do, is to stop being dependent on people, start having some faith in myself and start believing that I can do things, I'm good enough and I won't be a total failure.


On a totally more sighhh note, watched the Britney episode of Glee on TV just now and listening to Rachel sing The Only Exception kinda made me wanna cry again like the first time I watched it. I really need to get a grip of myself sometimes.

Perhaps starting uni would be the best thing that can happen for me right now. It'll make me busy, take away my time and perhaps then, I won't spend all my time on things I shouldn't be spending my time on. (Yes I'm speaking like that because I am fully aware my blog is public and I don't exactly want the public to get what I'm saying. And also because I can speak like that. Hmmphh.)

Time to go. This sickening feeling in my stomach makes me want to puke. Something's just not quite right tonight, even though it should be. I should still be fine. But clearly maybe I really am not. They should name this "disease" after me.

"I'm not your princess, this ain't a fairytale." #nowplaying White Horse by Taylor Swift. 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thanks for the awesome 2 years :)

Read Christine's message and was compelled to blog, considering it's our last day as HFC English Youth Committee 2009-2011. Read her message and almost teared :( Tomorrow we'll officially be electing the new committee and that will mean the journey of the 2009-2011 committee ends. *sniffsniff* Ok I drama la a bit, don't mind me.

All that drama aside, I'd like to dedicate this post to all the awesome committee members :) Thank you so much for the incredible 2 years that I shared with you all. We've been through so much and it's really hard to believe 2 years just kinda flew by like that. I think I can still recall the election we had 2 years ago. And now today's our last day as the committee for 2009-2011.

All good things come to an end, but I take heart in knowing that even if this has to end, I take away so much with me. The memories we shared will always always be with me. I never thought we'd be so close and so tightly bonded, it's like I found another family from another group of friends. A family that I can be myself with, that I feel super comfortable with, that I look forward to seeing each time, that gives me so much guidance and support and that loves me for me :)

I joined the committee in 2009 thinking it's a responsibility and it's a job and a commitment, but I didn't know I was in for so much fun and so much love. All of you made being in a committee feel completely not like a chore and made every work I had to do feel so much lighter. Who would have thought we'd be so close now? Definitely not me. The best things happen unexpectedly :D

So now, I don't know how to use words to say anything anymore. Just that I know we'll all still be awesome friends and not being in the committee anymore after this will not change us. Let's have like a monthly hang out, shall we? :P Thanks for everything you guys, I love you all more than everrrrrrrr! *hugs*

P/s: Let's go walking down memory lane for a while :)

HFC English Youth Committee 2009-2011! 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Of the things I love :)

Just thought my blog deserves more pictures since all my posts lately have been long and wordy. BORING!

Mark's Birthday Lunch at Chilis 

My adorable niece Tracy :D

Part of the wedding singers :P

HFC English Youth Committee 2010-2011 + some other youths at go-kart

Karaoke with them high school friends :)

Tun, Phoeb and me. We're missing Renu who's in Aussie, and Lis who was busy assignment-ing.

Just some of the things I love. Food (that explains Chilis), singing (karaoke duhhh), weddings (wedding singers ftw), Tracy (I've always loved kids but lately that love seems amplified, no idea why), and of course all the people I share all these happy memories with. :)

P/s: The go-kart picture is really only there cuz I love the people I was with on that day, not so much on loving go-kart. It was okaaaay but I kept thinking what if I die o.O. And if I have to worry about dying I think I'd much rather worry about dying while flying across the sky in an awesome roller coaster :D

P/p/s: While in Chilis, I took a decent picture with Mark. Finally. It's been a year. LOL.

Hooray no more retarded, unfocused picture as the latest photo of Mark and me. :P

P/p/p/s: Phoeb is in Segamat for her rural posting. I swear Phoeb and I can stay up all night talking if only we're allowed to. I miss her already :( Current fb profile pic.

For friendship that never alters