Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sick but excited

Greetings from a sick person lying on her bed :) I woke up this morning thinking I'll be better since I slept early last night, but apparently not. LOL. Was so in a daze that I went to class and only realised I didn't comb my hair till AFTER my classes ended. If you know me well you'll know that not combing my hair is a big deal for me k. LOL. Ayeing said that I looked sick and yeah, was walking around with that sick face of mine, and also that leaky nose. Thank goodness I saw no one but my classmates today :D

Right now I'm just waiting for it to be a little later then I'm heading to bed. The fever and headache kicked in already so from the way I see it, I can only get better from here on. The leaky nose is leaking more than ever, and at the same time it is also super blocked. But oh well, I'm pretty sure I'll feel better tomorrow. I kinda have to, if i want to go to Penang in peace and not be this sick person. So pray for me okay :)

Been happy these past 2 days, very proud of myself. Even with all that problems with the experiment and the difficulties plus being sick, I'm really doing good :) Optimisticism is the way to go. HAHAHAHHA. (Yes I realise the word is optimism, and yes I did that on purpose) Sleeping without the air con tonight yaaay me!

Lalallalala Penang on Friday! ROOOOAADDDDTRRRIPPPPP! with some pretty awesome people :) can't wait. ooohh and awesome fooooood! yaaaaaay! Too bad I'll need to bring some journals with me to read. But it's okay, that isn't going to bring me down. I is excited! :)

Tadaaaaa I don't look THAT sick right? :) Knew it :P

Oohhh almost 10pm. Bed time. :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hello world, I hope you're listening.

Nature at its best :) Calm and peaceful.

Sometimes life is a lot more beautiful than we give it credit for :)

I forgot how beautiful a sunrise is. Both visually and abstractly. It's so pretty to look at, but it also gives a sense of a new day, a new dawn, a new hope :) That, together with the rush of endorphins, very awesome indeed.

Almost on Broga Hill.

Slightly more than a month before Christmas comes again. So excited! Very busy, and a lot needs to be done. But I take comfort in knowing that once all that passes, I'll be singing Christmas carols, taking pictures with my reindeer antlers, spending time with family and friends, all together with good food, presents and of course a lot of love :)

The countdown begins :)

The little things in life, the little things in life.
Just need to keep reminding myself to appreciate all the little things in life.
And when I do, I sometimes realise that I couldn't ask for more :)


But on a random note, 
#songoftheday Come Home by One Republic ft Sara Bareilles

"But there's someone I've been missing, I think that they could be, the better half of me".

I still believe, that somewhere out there, my better half exists :) And I may or may not know him, but I miss him.

Friday, November 18, 2011


Our entire life is a paradox. It's a vicious cycle of circularity. 
Again and again.
Over and over.
Time and time and time again.
Everything we do, just seems to be so very contradictory.

What really hit me was how we strive to achieve happiness and yet, the path towards happiness leads us to resentment and anger, disappointment and hurt, fatigue and loneliness. Sometimes I wonder what we're all trying to tell ourselves. Are we just trying too hard to be happy? When what we really should do is just to live in each and every moment and to live it to the very fullest cuz that seems like the only way possible to find happiness everyday.

Happiness is a journey, not a destination.
I think we all forget that sometimes. 
And that's why, life becomes more paradoxical than it really is.
As if life didn't already have enough paradoxes in it.

Like time.
We all say time heals.
But does it really?
Maybe it does.
Let's say it does.
But time also breaks.
While it's helping you heal, it's probably breaking something.
It's like, something's gotta give.

Most of the time, what makes everything such a paradox is cuz 
what makes us happy is also what breaks our hearts.
It's kinda like saying,
humans were very much created to need each other.
But sometimes we reject the fact that we need people, 
because when you need someone, you pretty much put yourself in a position to be disappointed.
It is very much like saying,
the person whom you love the most will also be the person who hurts you the most.
Our life is a paradox.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Retail therapy

OOHHHHHYEAHHHH! Works every time. And when I say works I meant works in erm..... cheering someone up I guess. Not that I needed much cheering up, I was feeling fine. 
But shopping just makes me happier :) 
Plus I had the awesome company of Phoeb so it was really fun. We're a bad influence for each other. I keep telling her to get things, and she keeps telling me to get things as well :P

So the damage for the day is that I'm very much broke right now. o.O And taking into consideration that we might be going to Jogoya on Thurs, I really don't know where I'm gonna find money. Must go con dad again :P But either way it was worth it. 
From today's retail therapy, I have got.....

A new white top from Cotton On.
A new pink dress from Kitschen.
A new brown belt with heart shape details from Forever 21.
A new charm bracelet from Crafted by Mei at Offline.
A new bottle of pink nail polish from Rubi at Cotton On.

Too lazy to take pictures though so yeah, you'll just have to live with my descriptions :) kthxbai!

Friday, November 11, 2011


Ahhh the days where I waited for the clock to show 11.11 so that I can make a wish. Foolish days, truly foolish. I closed my eyes each and every time and said my wish in my heart each time I saw 11.11. With so much hope, and so much faith, I made wishes all the time. Today twitter and facebook is just going on and on about it being 11/11/11 and I've reached that stage in life where wishes just seem trivial, and pointless.

11/11/11 just seems like another one of our pathetic attempts to give ourselves hope for something, when there might as well be nothing there. In my opinion, it is a disguised masochistic act of breaking your own fragile heart cuz you build 11/11/11 up to be something so special and make wishes and all that, when all you're really doing is just providing life with another chance to tear you down and disappoint you.

Yeah sure, the date is pretty awesome and looks pretty darn cool but how is making a wish on this one day going to help again? Instead, you should put all this faith you have in something that won't fail you. 
Stop making wishes.
I have. 
Yeah so maybe I sound slightly cynical, but what I'm trying to say is, why make a wish, when you can pray to a God who is greater than all the wishes the world could ever offer you? 
We don't need wishes, we just need prayers :)


On another note, I need to fix myself. 
It's been long.
It's been way too long.
Way longer than I realised.
Time just kinda flew by. I didn't even realise I let so much time slip by. And I'm still like that.
In this same position.
In this same place.
In this same predicament.
In this same mess.
At some point in my life I'm going to have to learn to stop ending up in situations like that.
I'm so tired.

I'm very tempted to open up my Tumblr and just sit and drown in everything I wrote, but I don't see how that's going to help me. So I shall not. In fact I kinda pretty much gave up on Tumblr-ing. There is really nothing for me to write anymore. I don't wanna remember anything anymore. It's time for a different approach to things.

How long are we going to go on living like that?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I could.

I could wait forever.
I could sit and wonder.
I could long for the life I've always wanted to have.
I could dream about all that's still left.

On nights like these the quietness seems overwhelming.
On nights like these I'm left pondering.
If I could turn back time I would.
To relive the memories, if I could. 

I could pretend like I'm fine.
I could pretend like everything's mine.
I could pretend like I'm happy.
I could pretend like it's you and me.

But I can't, because it would be a lie.
Because we all know what's left here is what's left to die...

(written in 10 minutes with Just A Kiss and Marry Me playing in the back. I don't know what has gotten into me. I blame the music. Nuff said.)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy 20th Birthday Lis!

My Godsister/childhood friend/one-heart partner/bed-bunking buddy/gossip sleepover, sushi-eating companion turns 20 today! FINALLY! Welcome to the 20s Wei :)


Loving the weeeeeenies :P

From little kids who got to know each other through carpooling from when we were in Std 2, till now, being 20 and all "nerdy" uni gals :)
Thanks for all the lovely memories Wei. All the fun times, all the horrible messes we got into, the ones we stuck together and eventually pulled through and which we now laugh about. No one like you Wei, and you know how much I love you :)

Indian for a day :)

One of our many bed bunking camps :)
(Sleeping in Lutheran Centre for the past 2 nights wasn't really the same this time cuz I didn't have you to share the bed with :( I barely slept really. LOL)

The females of Awesome-4-FASM :)

Duck-feeding cuz we're awesome like that :D

Now go make sure you study hard, study smart and ace those finals and we shall go for your birthday celebration after you and Phoeb are done with finals :)

And here's to many many many many more years of awesome, fun-filled, never boring friendship. LOVE YOU WEI! :) *hugs*