Sunday, February 19, 2012

Too much to say

It has been way too long. Way, WAY too long. Too much has happened, some good, some not so good and some I'd rather not talk about. But for now, let's just talk happy updates k :) 

I turned 21 :) In a pretty awesome party, in the company of family and friends.

Very first ultimate tournament. Played for Cheras Underdawgs :)


Cut my hair, changed my parting for the first time in so many years. :D

Valentine's Day in Ikea, eating and shopping. NOT alone :P

High school friends reunion. Small group, but a reunion nonetheless :)

It has been a good one month plus. Got my results and I did okay, so I'm relatively satisfied. Been keeping busy though, with classes, youth, psychsoc stuff. I'm happy being busy. Stressed as hell sometimes, but I like being busy. It gives me things to look forward to, gets me running around and keeps me preoccupied. Gives me less time to sit here thinking unnecessarily stoning my life away :P

Lotsa funny things have happened but I guess they're all for me to remember and not for you to read :P Too lazy, plus some are just too nonsensical, and too private. I will say that things are never really easy, but maybe they could be a little easier than what I imagined them to be :) So I'm optimistic, that things will be fine very soon.

On a randomer note, I finally tried macarons :)

Next up will be trying to bake them :) And another randomer random note, this random guy talked to me during the Wildcats tournament, and he actually was pretty cute, not to mention friendly :) On a sadder note, I found out he's Malay :( So we're good to be friends but that's it. LOL. (okay I can't believe I just said that, but it's my blog so yeah wtv I really don't care anymore :P)

And I guess that's enough of notes, be it random or sad ones. I think it's time for bed. Visiting ze brother at his NS camp tomorrow.  Okay one last random note before I sleep. 

I still believe :)

If you get it, then good. If no, then it's okay. 
And also, my tweets have been pretty UN-emo for a really long time :) 
Okay enough. Goodnight :P