Saturday, July 7, 2012

Because it was requested.

Yes, this update was requested. A few times I might add. By a certain someone with the name Justin. (Why am I bugged to update my blog again? LOL) Either way, I figured that an update IS due. It's been close to a month since my last update. More than one month of my summer break is gone! :O 
Okay more updates on what I've been up to since my last update :) I hope I don't miss anything out.

Firstly, Cameron Highlands! Was there to help out for the confirmation camp.

The one and only Martin Jalleh, their awesome speaker.

The "service team", as Martin liked to call us.

The 2 people I spent most of the weekend with, Juan and Vivian :)

The special sauce for my station during the station games. Chili sauce and wasabi, I swear it's yummy! :)

During the set up for the photo taking session, we obviously decided to take photos of ourselves too :P

The group picture in Barre Centre just before leaving.

And then on 19th June, I went for Jason Mraz's concert! :D :D :D OMG he is UHHHMAAYYYZINNNGG live, consistently good throughout the whole show, with great showmanship, getting the crowd to dance along with him. My current Jason Mraz addictions are A Beautiful Mess, The Dynamo of Volition, The Woman I Love and 93 Million Miles.

The concert gang for the night :)

The Jason Mraz crushers :P *coughnesscough*

And then that weekend, I went away again! This time to Melaka, for UTeM's Ultimate Open. But obviously not just for that. We also went a day earlier to, literally, eat all the awesome food nonstop. *disclaimer: I am not to be blamed if you feel hungry after the series of pictures about to be shown :P*

My travel/eating buddies :)

#1: Chicken Rice Ball

#2: Cendol

#3: One Bite Durian Cream Puffs (yes I have a small mouth -.-)

#4: Nadeje Crepe Cakes

#5: Starbucks Frappucino (okay so this isn't a Melaka specialty, but we just HAD to cuz it was Friday, meaning 50% off the fraps)

#6: Ikan Bakar (Greg didn't take a picture of it -.-)

#7: Satay Celup

And that concludes the food pictures I'm showing from Melaka. Yes we ate all that in one day, specifically from lunch to supper. Bloated, but gosh it was SO SO GOOD :) The next day was our ultimate tournament, but I really was too busy running, melting under the heat and hyperventilating to take pictures. (Yeah I kid you not I had an episode of hyperventilation on the field DURING a match cuz I couldn't breathe -.-) Only picture I have from tourney day:

The Oops girls + Kai Seng and our awesome two toned thighs :D

It was also Greg's birthday that Friday but we were too distracted by the food that we forgot or plans of buying a cake to surprise Greg :P Oops. Anyway, had Greg's birthday dinner on Sunday in Le Meridien, where we didn't get him a cake. My poor brother didn't have a birthday cake this year. LOL.

Ze siblings :)

And on 30th June, I auditioned for Splash Show Choir. Prior to that, awesome day out with Fred and Mark. We were shopping for Mark's working clothes, and also for Sandy's birthday present. Super eventful day, which involved hiding a dress, Fred and me bossing Mark around, and us going round and round trying to get to Broadway Academy (where my audition was), and eventually going round and round again trying to get home. That night, we went for Sandy's belated 21st birthday :) (I don't have a picture with the birthday girl yet, still waiting for her friends to upload cuz it's in their camera.)

The very beautiful birthday girl blowing her cake with her grandparents.

The one-heart partner/godsister/bunking buddy/best friend and me :)

LNL family (excuse my ugly fringe, just had it cut and relaxed the day before the party)

And on that same day, RENU CAME BAAAACCKKK! :) So overjoyed that she's back, I've missed her. No doubt only back for holidays, but still great to see her. Had a small high school reunion in Metro Point. We went crazy taking pictures, I kid you not :P

Those in attendance that Tuesday #5Intan2008

My current cover picture 

4 shots! :)

Because we can :D

I love how happy we look in this candid shot. My favourite girls 

Yeah that's pretty much what I've been up to. Of course in btwn all these are my movie watching moments, my naptimes, storybook reading times, and the usual weekend ultimate. All in all, loving my summer still :) Can't wait for Thurs, bbq party! :D 

P/s: Hope you enjoyed the looooonnnggg, picture-filled post. This post is long AND pretty enough to earn me AT LEAST another one month hiatus (unless I feel this irrepressible urge to blog), so goodbye for a month now :P