Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Purple streak: round 2

Sitting in the salon in attempts to fix my faded purple streak. Apparently my hair is weird, cuz my hairstylist has never heard of dye fading even before the hair is washed. So we're now dyeing it a darker purple, so that when it fades it will be a purple that will stay purple. More updates later when I'm home.


I'm back home! Was actually back home several hours ago but I was busy, but anyway. PURPLE STREAK! :) Mom thinks it's way too purple now though. Oh well. Let's hope this won't fade off too badly.

Of best friends, writing and DIY projects.

So it's been almost half a year since I've been here. Lack of time? Possibly. Lack of inspiration? Likely. A found-again love for Tumblr? Definitely. Those are my excuses for abandoning my blog. Not good ones, but it's the truth.

So what's been happening? A lot. Am I going to write about all of them? Nope. I'll write about what matters, and what is on my mind now. So I'm officially in my very last semester of my degree. Shocking, I know. I'm still shocked myself, time passes by so quickly. My FYP is in progress, as are my other assignments. Got my semester 1 results back and I am pretty satisfied with them :) And of course, I am now writing about things that have got NOTHING to do with my title. Right. So, moving on.

I don't know if I've been watching too much Wong Fu lately (who am I kidding, this is almost definitely caused by that), but of late I've been thinking that I have abandoned writing for far too long. I found my old books as I read stories I used to write, and I must say I miss that old Amanda who just writes and writes and writes. I stopped doing that, and now I've decided I want to start writing again though it's going to be difficult what with this being my last sem and all. I think I'll also start writing things more related to short films? I don't know I feel like being able to have your work made into a video/short is really meaningful, especially if it's something that can really convey emotion. I suppose this is a very long term project but hopefully I'll be able to write something worth making into a short, and perhaps I'll start learning making videos/editing and such (Told you it's Wong Fu influenced), or I could get someone to make it into a short :)

Besides watching too much Wong Fu, I must admit I have been a little bit obsessed interested with Wes from Wong Fu and so have also been watching his #TheMakeShift videos on ISATV. They're interesting and he's super creative (not to mention super adorable + quietly hot), but I never really wanted to do any of the crafts, until I watched Episode 9 of it (Watch it HERE).

The Web-Site! :) And Wes, the mind behind it :)

I was so inspired I went and bought the materials needed to make this. Now all I need is just time to work on this. Over CNY when I'm too full to eat anymore perhaps. I have all these polaroids I don't know how to keep or where to put, I think this could be a great way of putting them up. New frames for the room soon! Pretty excited cuz I am usually not motivated to do anything DIY, but Wes might have just changed my mind!

Now, creative juices aside, I miss my best friends. Only 3 of us left in Malaysia now, Lis, Naim and me. Phoeb has officially left for UK and Renu is still in Aussie. I can't even remember the last time 5 of us were in the same room together. Being away from each other really sucks, but thanks to the wonders of technology (and also thank to the fact that Phoeb, Lis and I finally got our S3s), we now have a Whatsapp group where we update each other all the time :)

Not meaning to be sappy or anything, but I love the 4 of them to bits, and no one, literally no one, can take their place. In a world where so many things go wrong and where so many people let me down, they're the ones that have always been there for me :) Hooray to high school friendships lasting even now that we're all grown up.

Our latest "excursion" was a picnic in Putrajaya Botanical Gardens, where we cycled, prepared our own food, brought mats and the works. It was a legit picnic. Hot as hell and we sweated our heads away, but it was nice and different, plus the sunlight allowed us to take very pretty pictures :) Missing Renu though.

Okay this blog post turned out a lot longer than expected. Presumably, it is good, since I do want to start writing again. Lots of projects to begin, I just need to focus and divide my time and learn how to not do everything at once. And on that note, I shall leave you, but not before I show you an INCREDIBLY adorable GIF of Wes :)

Yourewelcomemmkthatsallbye :)