Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Not exactly the happiest of all topics to be blogging about after almost a year of not blogging, but this has been on my mind all day that I kinda have to. But before that, YES, here I am, very first blog post from the UK, after being here for almost... 7 months. I apologise. I just lost all my blogging mojo. LOL.

But moving on to the topic, cynicism. That's what's been playing in my mind all day. AND more specifically, I'm currently having very cynical thoughts regarding friendship. technically as a (possibly?) person-centred counsellor, I should really believe that everyone is good and that our default setting is to do good, but I just can't think that anymore. Right now, I strongly believe that people's default settings is to be selfish, and that's what makes us such bad friends.

It's not that we consciously CHOOSE to be bad friends or make selfish decisions, I think we're just predisposed to be that way at times. So yeah with that belief in mind, I'm currently wondering, am I just friends with everyone I know because our circumstances brought us together and mutually we stand to gain more if we're friends, or do we really have absolutely no expectations and are really selfless in our friendship? I'm really really being drawn towards the former.

Bash me, and say I'm cynical, I don't really care, many recent happenings have led me to believe this. For example, if we were all predisposed to be really good friends, why would Person A deliberately get in the way of a job she KNOWS her friend has been dying to get for months? Or another example, why would Person B go after a girl whom he KNOWS his friend likes? If we were all better, selfless friends, we would know how to avoid making such decisions. But the truth is we don't, and we all make decisions like that, albeit unintentionally, that end up hurting our friends, people who we supposedly care about and love.

So yeah, call me cynical, call me stupid, call me crazy, or call me a bad friend, but I absolutely think that maybe, humans are just not made to be friends, and that we're really all just friends because we both stand to gain something from the friendship. A lot of selfishness if you think about it. That's all for my AMAZING BLOGGING COMEBACK. Sorry if you're disappointed :P